Why Didn’t You Tell Me About These Disney World Packing Hacks BEFORE?!

We all want to find ways to save money while traveling, right?

Flying can be stressful!

One effective method is to forgo checked luggage and rely solely on a carry-on. But fear not, fellow over-packers! We’ve got some fantastic travel hacks that will help you maximize your space and pack everything you need, even in a super tiny bag!

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Don’t let the size of your carry-on stress you out. We’re here to help! We’ve got some travel packing hacks for you. Let’s get ready to embark on a journey of efficient packing!

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Packing Hack 1: Start Packing Early

Say goodbye to overpacking woes and say hello to early preparation. Start by pulling out your suitcase a whole week before your trip. Next, get that packing list ready, highlighting the absolute essentials you can’t live without.

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And here’s the secret sauce: as you start packing, keep reassessing your choices and make sure you’re only bringing what’s truly necessary.

Packing Hack 2: Roll Your Clothes

Here’s our second trick to optimize that suitcase space—rolling your clothes! By rolling each item, you’ll eliminate excess air and shrink their size.

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Worried about wrinkles? Don’t be! This method ensures your clothes remain wrinkle-free during transit. Here’s a freebee: you can save even more space by tucking smaller items into larger ones, like slipping socks inside your shoes. Every inch counts!

Packing Hack 3: Use Vacuum Seal or Compression Bags

Say hello to the superheroes of luggage space conservation: vacuum seal bags like these ones!


These magical bags allow you to remove excess air, granting you all the space you need for additional essentials like shoes, gifts, or even more clothes!

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Packing Hack 4: Use Travel Bottles/Containers for liquids

You can lighten your load by ditching those full-sized products and opt for travel-sized containers instead. These also make it so that spills won’t ruin your trip.


This set has got you covered with all the essentials. It has a wide variety of containers and handy tools for easy transfers and cleaning. Pro-tip: lock those lids tightly, and for an extra layer of protection, pop them in a plastic bag.

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Packing Hack 5: Make the most of your Personal Item

Unlock the hidden potential of your personal item! Alongside your carry-on, many airlines allow an additional personal item at no extra cost. Make the most of this opportunity by utilizing a tote bag or backpack like this one.


It’s the perfect space to pack items that might not fit in your small suitcase. From electronics to an extra pair of shoes or a captivating book, the possibilities are endless. Just double-check your airline’s baggage regulations for size restrictions.

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Additional Travel Accessories:

Portable Luggage Scale

Avoid the stress of overweight luggage by bringing along a portable luggage scale. No more using bathroom scales at home, only to be surprised at the airport.


This handy device allows you to weigh your suitcases accurately, ensuring compliance with airline weight limits. Stay worry-free, even after adding a few souvenirs to your collection.

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Airplane Phone Mount

For flights without built-in screens, take entertainment into your own hands with a handy phone mount.


Attach it securely to the fold-down tray and enjoy your favorite shows or movies comfortably. It’s an inexpensive way to enhance your in-flight entertainment experience.

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By incorporating these travel hacks, you can wave goodbye to excessive baggage fees and embrace a more streamlined and budget-friendly approach to your travels. In the meantime, keep it here and we’ll keep you updated with more travel hacks and more!

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What tips and tricks do you use when packing? Let us know in the comments.

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