Carry On vs Checked Luggage: What Works Better for a Disney World Trip?

We all have different strategies when it comes to packing for a Disney trip. There are plenty of elements to consider, like bringing enough necessities so you don’t have to pay extra for the basics in the parks while leaving room for souvenirs!

The ultimate luggage battle!

But there is one decision that can either save you some extra cash or leave you with a ton of headaches: to check or not to check?

That is the question we posed to our readers! There are benefits (and drawbacks) to both, so we were interested to hear from you on why you choose to stick with one or the other. So here are some of the answers to this query: Do you check your bags when you fly, or can you fit everything in a carryon?

The comments were pretty split! Many said they could never imagine fitting everything they need for a Disney trip into a carry-on, while others prefer to pack lightly and avoid checking bags. Those who prefer to check bags agreed that the main thing holding them back from becoming carry-on-only people are the souvenirs. One reader suggested packing TWO carry on bags in one to accommodate all her purchases!

Souvenirs can add some weight!

For those who think they couldn’t manage without checking a bag, one read her a great strategy: they packed their items into a carry on and a backpack as a personal item, then when it’s time to do laundry, they relaxed by the pool while waiting.

Lots of options!

Another one of our readers has another tip for travelers. They preferred to travel to the parks with a carry-on, then check bags on the way back! Souvenirs can definitely add some weight, so as long as you’re under your airline’s weight limit you can pay a small fee to save yourself having to lug those heavy bags around the airport.

Would you rather check your bags?

Other commenters prefer to go halfway — when traveling with a partner, friend, or family member, they share a single checked bag to give themselves some extra room while cutting down on baggage fees. Then they each bring their own carry-on. It’s the best of both worlds!

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2 Replies to “Carry On vs Checked Luggage: What Works Better for a Disney World Trip?”

  1. You can also ship a box of clothes or souvenirs home via UPS for sometimes the same as checking a bag. Convenient locations close to WDW. An article on this topic could be helpful to others.