VIDEO: Watch the New ‘Encanto’ Spaceship Earth Show in EPCOT!

Spring is slowly but surely blooming, and we are only a few short days away from the official kickoff of the 2023 International Flower and Garden Festival at EPCOT!

Flower and Garden Festival

One of our favorite things about Flower and Garden is getting the chance to see all the beautiful topiaries that are scattered throughout the park — displaying characters and scenes from fan-favorite Disney movies. So far, we’ve spotted adorable topiaries from movies like Toy Story, Peter Pan, and even Frozen! However, the main entrance of EPCOT has been empty… until now. So, which Disney characters are the stars of the entrance to this year’s Flower and Garden Festival? Let’s go check it out!

The main entrance of EPCOT has been decorated with topiaries designed to look like the characters from Encanto!


Luisa Is Super Strong!


Isabela Making Some Magic

…Mirabel and Antonio all greet guests as they enter the parks!

How Fun!

Plus, check out the beautiful and colorful florals that surround them.

The gang’s all here!

It seems that Isabela might have used her magical talents to help really bring this year’s Flower and Garden Festival to life!


We can’t wait for Flower and Garden to officially begin! Soon enough, we’ll be strolling through EPCOT with delicious food in hand and taking in ALL of the stunning topiaries created by Disney’s talented florals team.

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