The Things You DREAD Most About Disney World — And What To Do About Them

Disney trips are magical…except when they’re not.

Cinderella Castle

Disney keeps us coming back, thanks to the unique attractions, shows, character experiences, and…well…magic! And while the good far outweighs the bad, some of us still find ourselves dreading running into the not-so-magical moments on a trip. So we took to Facebook to ask our readers what they’re dreading about their next Disney World trip. (Suffer in solidarity, ya know?)

We asked our Facebook readers, “What’s something you’re DREADING about your next Disney World trip?” Here’s what they said!

Orlando International Airport

Yep, we felt this one in our bones. We had a couple of readers specifically point out Orlando International Airport as the thing they’re dreading about their next trip. And with how chaotic the airport can get, we totally understand.

The Orlando Airport can be BUSY!

But if the long security lines are the biggest issue for you, we may have some good news! Orlando International Airport has launched a TSA PreCheck enrollment initiative at the airport. It allows travelers to opt to enroll in TSA PreCheck, without an appointment, and should only take 5 minutes or less.

Orlando Airport

You can opt to enroll when flying out of Orlando International Airport by visiting the IDEMIA TSA PreCheck Enrollment Ambassadors in front of the security lines for gates 1-59. They operate Monday through Friday from 5AM to 11AM. If you want to enroll when you arrive at the airport, you’ll need to exit and re-enter the check-in area to get to the enrollment station.

Authorization takes 3-5 days, but it’ll allow you to use the TSA PreCheck line the next time you fly — saving you a ton of time!

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Again, you’re not alone if this is your response. One reader specifically said they dread the “flight that might be canceled.”

The travel industry is a little all over the place.

To make sure a canceled flight doesn’t ruin your entire Disney trip, try to book your flights as early in the day as possible — that way, you’ll have a better chance of getting seated on another flight that same day.

Air travel is getting more difficult.

Weather also usually gets worse throughout the day, so flying out as early as possible is a great bet if you’re hoping to avoid weather-related delays and cancelations.

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No Dining Plan

We know — this is a pain. A couple of our readers shared that not having a dining plan has created some dread around meal times.

Be Our Guest

As a temporary fix (until the dining plan returns — fingers crossed) we recommend grabbing a prepaid card! Our readers shared this hack in the past — just buy a gift card and use that to pay for your meals. You’ll still get the relaxed experience that comes with prepaid dining, and our readers often spent less than they would have spent on a dining plan. And the best part? You just use that leftover money on your gift card for merch!

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One reader summed up what many dread perfectly — “The heat. Always the heat.” With several heat advisories hitting the resort throughout the summer, this one is probably dreaded by maaaaany.

Don’t forget: you can get cups of ice water at Quick Service spots for free!

While we still struggle with the heat as well, there are some ways to help. We’ve created a packing list for the summer, which has helped us get through even the most brutal summer days. We also keep in mind where the water stations are throughout the parks.

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And that’s what our readers shared! To join in on the next discussion, follow our Facebook here. And for more tips, check out what you need to know about flying with a baby. Or check out our general packing list for Disney World. 

And, as always, stay tuned to AllEars for the latest Disney news!

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What do you dread about going to Disney World? Let us know in the comments!

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