What’s Happening With the Walt Disney World Railroad Right Now

It has been literal years since we’ve been able to take the Walt Disney World Railroad around Magic Kingdom, and we miss it!

Walt Disney World Main Street Railroad Station

The train has been closed due to construction on TRON Lightcycle Run, which has had construction delayed several times. But, things seem to be moving along rather swiftly over at TRON — we’ve seen the canopy be completedride vehicles testing, and we now have an opening timeline. So, we can’t help but wonder if this means we’ll get to see the Railroad open up again soon. Let’s take a look!

The Walt Disney World Railroad runs all the way around Magic Kingdom with stations at the front of the park (Main Street, U.S.A.), in Frontierland, and in Fantasyland. All of these have been closed in the past few years due to TRON construction.

We miss the train!

But, we’ve seen some encouraging signs of the train possibly nearing a potential reopening! Back in March, the train was testing near the Fantasyland station.

Train testing!

And, we also saw the train testing back in February! But, Cast Members said this was a routine trip to keep the engines in working order.

Still closed!

Not only have we seen testing, but we have also seen that a tunnel was built over at the TRON construction site for the train to run through it.

A look at the tunnel under TRON

And, we saw Cast Members building railroad tracks over there in Tomorrowland.

Walt Disney World Railroad Construction

You can get a good view of the new tunnel on the PeopleMover or in the queue for Barnstormer.


Near Barnstormer in Fantasyland, you can see where the tracks end near the TRON construction, so it still seems like there’s a good amount of work to do to connect the tracks.

The tracks stop!

Disney even shared an update on the train back in November of 2021. They revealed the newly refurbishment train during Destination D23. It’s all shiny and looking like brand new. So, does this mean the reopening isn’t too far away? We sure hope so.

Refurbishment update on the train

But, the closure was extended into 2022 and remains closed. On Disney World’s website, it’s still listed as “not currently circling Magic Kingdom park.”


However, TRON Lightcycle Run has moved into its next phase of construction, which closed Tomorrowland Light & Power Co. We’re hoping this progress means the construction will be ending soon.


We’ll be sure to keep an eye on construction and share any updates we see with you. Hopefully, we might see the train return sooner rather than later, but Disney is keeping people in the dark on any kind of potential timeline!

Train in Fantasyland Station | Photo from 2020

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4 Replies to “What’s Happening With the Walt Disney World Railroad Right Now”

  1. Dont get me started about Tron….huge roller coaster doesn’t belong here…not Disney…will hate hearing the roar of this when entering my be.over Magic Kingdom….Walt would never have allowed this.

  2. I have been to Disney World several times and never rode the train. Have a trip planned in August and am disappointed to find out that the train is not running as I planned to ride on this trip.

  3. I won’t visit the Magic Kingdom until the trains are back up and running! It’s an iconic part of the Magic Kingdom experience and a visit just wouldn’t be complete without it… crossing my fingers it’ll be back in operation soon!!!

  4. to heck with Tron- get the railroad up again so we can ride it in November. Husband loves rr and dislikes rollarcoasters