TRON Coaster Construction Shuts Down Store in Disney World

TRON has been under construction in Disney World for years now, but it looks like some big progress is being made.

TRON construction

The canopy is done and we’ve even side ride vehicles testing, so we hope we find out an opening timeline soon! We’ve been regularly checking on construction to see how things are going. And now, TRON construction has shut down a store!

Tomorrowland Light and Power Co. in Magic Kingdom is temporarily closed due to the construction.


The side of the store has been closed for a while, but now the whole store is closed.

A look at construction

This is the store you exit out of when you get off of Space Mountain. So now, Space Mountain has a new temporary exit that will take you right outside without going through the store.

New exit

There seems to be a lot of work being done on the side of the store.

What are they doing?

We saw ladders propped up against the side of the building along with some workers.

Store construction

TRON construction is moving along though!

Here’s what TRON looks like right now

Disney hasn’t given any indication on when the store could be back open, but we’ll keep an eye on it and update you if they do!

No store for now

To find out more about TRON, check out more details on the ride, a construction update, and ride testing video.

Stay tuned to All Ears for more Disney news and updates.

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