PHOTOS! We Tried the Olaf Holiday Tradition Scavenger Hunt at EPCOT’s Festival of the Holidays!

We’re FINALLY in the full holiday swing since EPCOT’s Festival of the Holidays has officially kicked off!

Olaf’s Scavenger Hunt!

From food to entertainment and even merchandise, the Festival of the Holidays is a must-see event during its run now throughout the Christmas season. Although there are a lot of returning experiences that are coming to the park this year, the brand new Olaf’s Holiday Tradition Expedition has arrived for the very first time! And, we’re giving you a full look at our scavenger hunt around EPCOT!

Olaf’s Holiday Tradition Expedition will be replacing Chip and Dale’s Christmas Tree Spree this year as guests go on a wintery adventure around the World Showcase. Fans of all ages can help Olaf find the holiday traditions he has misplaced during his sleigh-ride through the park.

Scavenger Hunt Map

Guests can pick up a special Scavenger Hunt Map and stickers for $7.99 to help Olaf search for his sleigh at each pavilion. Maps can be purchased at Disney Traders, Mouse Gear, World Traveler, Port of Entry, Stroller Rental locations, and the merchandise cart in Canada. Guests will then need to match the traditions on our sweet snowman friend’s sleigh to the locations on the sticker map.

Holiday Tradition Expedition Map

After all the traditions have been found in the World Showcase, the completed maps can be taken to Disney Traders, Mouse Gear, or the World Traveler for a holiday gift!

SPOILERS AHEAD! Here are a few places we found Olaf in EPCOT!

We first found Olaf outside the World Showplace Pavilion. He’s pretty tiny so keep your eyes peeled! He’s celebrating Kwanzaa by carrying the kinara and representative candles.

Outside World Showplace Olaf!

Inside World Showplace, an entire winter display features Olaf and Marshmallow!

Olaf Decorations

Canada is the first stop for many when visiting World Showcase. You can spot Olaf hanging out on the rooftop on his sleigh.

Canada Pavilion

Olaf has his sleigh loaded up with yummy gingerbread men!

Olaf in Canada

Olaf then took a sleigh ride on a window sill of the UK Pavilion.

His sleigh was decorated with holiday crackers (traditional UK gifts) that are “cracked” open on Christmas!

Olaf in the UK Pavilion

We then ventured to France where saw Olaf peeking out behind a lamp post.

France Pavilion

Olaf was carrying a haul of Yule Logs for the fireplace!


In Morocco, the Olive Festival is celebrated during the month of December. Olaf is carrying an olive branch to celebrate too!


Olaf is also perched on top of the L’Chaim Holiday Kitchen! He’s toting around a ton of dreidels here!

L’Chaim Holiday Kitchen

Let’s head to Japan and see where Olaf is hiding!

Japan Pavilion

Near the Koi Pond, Olaf is carrying Kagami Mochi that is created to decorate for the New Year. The decoration is made from mochi and rice cakes.

Olaf in the Japan Pavilion

Now we’ve made it to the American Pavilion! Olaf holds sheet music as he prepares to sing a few traditional Christmas carols.

Olaf Singing Carols in America

Olaf is a little tough to spot in the Italy Pavilion. Let’s zoom in and see what he’s carrying!

Olaf in Italy

Olaf has a holiday goodie on his sleigh! Italian bakeries prepare a fruitcake called panettone every season.

Olaf in Italy!

Willkommen from Germany! Olaf is hiding out among the garlands and decorations…

Germany Pavilion

…where he’s picking up a load of candy canes!

Olaf in Germany

Moving towards China, Olaf is hiding in the grass where he’s letting the floating lanterns signify the Chinese New Year!

Olaf in China

Last on our list of stops is Mexico where Olaf found a beautiful poinsettia for his travels around World Showcase!

Olaf in Mexico!

Now that we found ALL of the Olaf’s we’re finally ready to redeem our prize! We received a cup inspired by Frozen! There were three designs to choose from and Olaf was naturally the star of all of them.

Scavenger Hunt Prize

We’re finding Olaf hiding in all sorts of areas around the park! This is definitely one of our favorite ways to explore parts of EPCOT we wouldn’t normally see. As we continue to make our way around the Festival of the Holidays, we’ll share the rest of the goodies we find in EPCOT!

We’re LIVE from the Festival of Holidays today! Check out the eats and entertainment here!

What are you looking forward to seeing the most at this year’s Festival of the Holidays? Let us know in the comments below!

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