How to Make Having a Stroller at Walt Disney World Pain-Free

Walt Disney World is a magical place for the whole family, and thousands of families share the magic with their little ones every year.

The Walt Disney World Railroad Station welcomes families! 

With a day in a Disney park often meaning many miles of walking, little legs can easily tire. That’s why strollers are a common sight (and a serious necessity) for families at Disney World. But navigating the World with a stroller — no matter how small and agile the model — is often a challenge.

Here’s How to Make Having a Stroller at Disney World Pain-Free! 

Animal Kingdom Strollers

Be aware of Disney’s stroller policy.

There’s a handful of rules that help to keep things running smoothly for guests in Disney parks, and the stroller policy is an important one. If you’re traveling with a stroller, it’s a must that you understand the rules at Disney.

Stroller Parking

Whether you’re bringing your own stroller or renting from a third-party, Disney has established standards for the size and design of your stroller. Stroller wagons are not permitted, so you’ll have to bring or rent a push stroller!

Stroller Rental

There are size limitations, too. A stroller must be no more larger than 31×52″. At Disneyland Resort, we’ve seen stroller measurement outlines, but Disney World has — thus far — been seemingly more flexible. However, because the policy exists and can be applied at any time, it’s safer to ensure your stroller is the correct size before you attempt to bring it into a park.

Stroller Rental

Strollers are subject to inspection, just like your bags when you enter the park. Expect to have your stroller searched and to open any pockets or under-stroller storage. Bags you have in the stroller will need to be removed to be searched, too.


Check out our answers to the stroller FAQs at Walt Disney World here!

Bring your own stroller or rent off property.

Renting a stroller in the Disney parks can be convenient, but it can also be pricey. The available strollers aren’t always suited for younger kids (though the recent pilot run of softer strollers may help alleviate this problem). A single stroller is $15 per day when paid daily or $13 per day when paid in advance for length of stay. A double stroller is $31 per day when paid daily or $27 per day in advance.

Stroller Rental

This charge can quickly add up, and oftentimes it may be easier to rent a stroller more suited to your needs from a third party vender. There are tons of third-party services around Disney World that rent you a stroller for similar pricing (Scooterbug is the current Disney affiliate), and renting off property means you can take the stroller out of the parks, too. No more lugging a tired kiddo ALL the way to the bus after a long day.

Click here to read about recent changes to the pick-up/drop-off procedures at Disney World.

Stroller Rental

If you have the option, it may work best to travel with a personal stroller! As long as it fits Disney’s requirements, you’ll likely feel more comfortable with a stroller that you’re familiar with — and one in which your child may be more comfy taking a nap!


A final option is opting to buy a cheap stroller when you arrive in Orlando. Oftentimes a cheap stroller from Walmart, Target, or Amazon can be less expensive and more practical than renting in the parks. Amazon can even deliver to your Disney World hotel (though you may need to be present to accept the package). At the end of your trip, see if you can pass the stroller on to another traveling family.

Stroller Parking

Add a distinguishable decoration. 

Whether your buy your stroller, rent it, or bring your own, it’s a good idea to add some kind of distinguishable decoration before you head into the park.


This decoration could be something big like a Disney balloon or battery-powered Christmas lights or something as small as a colorful ribbon. The point is to make sure that you can quickly pick out your stroller in what could be a never-ending sea of similar strollers. Remember that sometimes cast members will reorganize strollers while you’re away experiencing attractions, so your stroller isn’t always where you left it when you return.

Stroller Parking

So get creative! Add some personal flair to the top of your stroller, and spotting it will become a lot easier.


Be weather ready! 

This is another big tip. You’ll want to be prepared for those Florida weather-changes which can be drastic and unpredictable.

Weather Vanes

It can be hot year-round, so it is usually a good idea to make sure your stroller has some shade (and maybe a fan) for the kids. Consider clipping or strapping a battery-powered fan to the side of your stroller to keep young ones cool.

Even more important though, is to prep for rain. In Orlando it can rain at anytime — sometimes even without warning — so it’s a good idea to have a waterproof cover for your stroller or at least a spare poncho you can drape over top to keep kids and belongings dry.


Park and walk to parade areas and firework shows.

It can be tempting to want to bring those strollers right into the crowd for parades and fireworks shows to give kids a comfy seat, but maneuvering a stroller at these super crowded times can be difficult.

Festival of Fantasy Parade

Park your stroller nearby when headed to parade routes or to the hub for the nighttime fireworks. This way, you can carry your little ones in and out with ease and not have to worry about maneuvering a bulky stroller through a massive crowd. Just be careful where you park it; follow guidelines so you won’t have to wonder where in the World (literally!) your stroller has gone.

Happily Ever After

Consider parking it closer to the exit in a designated stroller parking area so that you can stop by and grab it on the way out and only have to worry about the kids themselves in the denser crowds.

Hollywood Studios Fireworks

Traveling with a stroller can be a life-saver, and if you prepare and know what to expect, it can be relatively pain-free.

Did we forget a stroller tip? Share your thoughts in the comments! 

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  1. Here’s my pain free method. Leave the kid at home and fill the stroller with a case of your favorite adult beverage and snacks and enjoy the day.