FOLLOW-UP: New Smoking and Stroller Rules Now In Effect at Disney Parks

The new smoking, stroller size, wagon ban, and other rules went into effect at Disneyland and Disney World parks earlier this week.

On our visit to Epcot yesterday we picked up a map and saw the new rules in effect.

New Park Rules in Park Maps
New Park Rules in Park Maps

Epcot has two smoking areas; one outside the main entrance, and one outside the International Gateway entrance.

Epcot Map 5/2/2019

We highlighted the new designated smoking areas with a red box on the park map we received today.

Epcot Map 5/2/2019
Epcot Map 5/2/2019

Here’s a look at the smoking area at the main entrance to Epcot. As you approach the park from the parking lot it is to your left, after bag check and security. Therefore, you do not need to be re-checked by security to re-enter Epcot at the main entrance when you use this location.

Epcot Smoking Area at Main Gate
Epcot Smoking Area at Main Gate


However, the International Gateway smoking area is before bag check and security. Therefore, you will need to be re-checked by security to re-enter Epcot via the International Gateway.


Epcot’s International Gateway Smoking Area


Epcot’s International Gateway Smoking Area location

At Hollywood Studios the smoking area is near the Friendship Boat Dock area — outside of bag check and security. You will need to be re-checked by security to re-enter Hollywood Studios.

Hollywood Studios Smoking Area at Friendship Boat Dock
Hollywood Studios Smoking Area at Friendship Boat Dock

This is the only smoking area for Hollywood Studios.

Hollywood Studios Smoking Area at Friendship Boat Dock

We have learned Disney resort hotels and park security are informing people of new stroller rules and enforcing the size restrictions.

The sign below was posted at the BoardWalk boat dock. We saw similar signs posted at some of the resort bus stops as well.


New Park Rules Posted at Resorts

In talking to Guest Relations at several locations, Cast Members told us very clearly that smoking was not permitted in any of the parks. But when we asked about how to find the smoking locations, only one pointed us to the park guide map.

As for enforcing the new stroller rules, that responsibility seems to be falling on the cast members at the security checkpoints, although the Disney hotels are working to inform guests of the new requirements before the reach the parks. In addition to signage around the resorts, a screen with the new rules pops up when you open the My Disney Experience app.

My Disney Experience reminds you of new park rules


What do you think of the new rules — a welcome change or too much? Let us know in the comments.

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10 Replies to “FOLLOW-UP: New Smoking and Stroller Rules Now In Effect at Disney Parks”

  1. Hi,I am just curious to know how long it takes to get out of the park and back? I have heard that animal kingdom is the longest or most difficult.I don’t mind the ban too much.I am a considerate smoker and feel awkward when non smokers glare at me so if I am hidden in a corner somewhere all well and good. Can anyone advise me please? Don’t advise me to give up…I get that from my daughter 😀

  2. I have been visiting Disney my whole life and my father worked at EPCOT for 30 years. Contrary to what a lot of people are writing I rarely ever saw someone smoking outside of the designated smoking areas. I feel like Disney should have just re-worked the smoking areas so that they went into a separate area in the back lot and weren’t even exposed at all to the regular visitors. Having to leave the park to smoke I think is way too restrictive. Just like the other poster wrote smoking is legal. They could have handled this a lot better with some imagineering. Especially at EPCOT where alcohol consumption is so prevalent.

  3. Doe this new smoking rule include vaping as well? In October when I was there, I saw a TON of people vaping in the parks… trying to do it slyly but still none the less vaping right in the open. If I had a young children still, I would be incensed!!

  4. The real test will be to see if Disney actually enforces this. In the past, I’ve seen a number of folks smoking as they walk places. Unless they have people around to enforce this regularly with some consequences, I don’t see it being terribly effective. I don’t care if people want to smoke, but I really dislike when people try to skirt the rules or see what they can get away with.

  5. I am thrilled with the No Smoking including No Vaping! I hated being near a smoking area! The stroller restriction seems very reasonable we always rented one when our children were little.

  6. I am excited for the changes. I am excited to go up the semi-hidden nature trail in AK that will not longer be full of smoking.

    Strollers, just thinking might help with traffic within parks as well as transportation. Not sure how families with twins or triplets will be affected.

  7. This is an EXTREMELY welcome change. I have said since the smoking ban AND the mega-stroller ban was announced that this is something Disney should have done a long time ago.

    1. The last I heard smoking was legal but I haven’t heard that drinking and driving is legal and that is exactly what Disney is promoting many people are drinking throughout the day especially at Epcot and then leaving the park driving and during the day people are renting motorized scooters and drinking the last I heard you can even be on a bicycle under the influence but this is okay with Disney because they’re making money off the alcohol sales as a smoker I have no problem with the designated area I have always followed the rules