New Stroller Rentals Now Being Tested at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

If you have traveled to Disney World with kiddos, then you probably know about Disney’s stroller rentals.

Stroller Rentals at Animal Kingdom

But… get this! This service may be experiencing a few changes  — at least when it comes to the style of the strollers.

Today, Animal Kingdom began testing a few new stroller rental options. Yes, new strollers!

The new test strollers feature padded seating and pouches, which are perfect for small items.

Animal Kingdom Test Strollers

By the looks of it, the new single and double test strollers seem like a comfier alternative to the hard plastic strollers (which are still being offered).

Animal Kingdom Strollers

Though they seem super cozy, we suspect that they will be a bit more difficult to clean than the hard plastic Disney strollers we’re used to!

The strollers being tested cost the same as a standard stroller rental.

Animal Kingdom Test Stroller

Since this is just a test, Disney is offering limited quantities of these newer strollers, which means they’re only available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Animal Kingdom Test Stroller

Yesterday, these new strollers were not available until 9:45 a.m. — though this may change throughout the test. We aren’t too sure how long this test will last and if it will spread to the other parks, but as soon as we know, we will be sure to provide an update! Stay tuned for more stroller info!

And for those of you who are planning to bring your own stroller, remember that Disney recently changed its stroller policies! You can view the updated stroller guidelines here.

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3 Replies to “New Stroller Rentals Now Being Tested at Disney’s Animal Kingdom”

  1. So if the seats are padded does that mean they are cloth? If so how in the world will they keep them clean and not smell like monorail?

  2. Disney should just rent regular shopping carts with the built in kid seats. Kid gets a free ride and mommy and daddy have room for all of their “can’t live without it” Disney purchases.