2 Actually Innocent Things That Will Cause You Trouble With Disney World Security

Imagine — you’ve made it to Disney World and are walking up to the gates to start your perfect vacation.

Disney World

You walk through the security scanner, not thinking anything of it because you don’t have any prohibited items in your park bag when all of a sudden — BAM! “Excuse me, can you come here so we can search your bag?” It happens to the best of us, but these are the two innocent culprits that might cause you some gruff.

Going through Disney World security can be an arduous process. Depending on what time of day you arrive, what time of year it is, and even how you get to the security stop — you could be faced with a seriously long line. It typically isn’t more than a few minutes overall and certainly won’t be the longest wait you have that day, but it can be frustrating when you’re ready to go!

Security line at the TTC

We’re in the Disney World parks every single day and that means that by now, we’ve learned what is more likely to set the security scanners off and what’s probably safe to keep in your bag.

If your goal is to make it through Disney World security as quickly and painlessly as possible, you might want to make sure you’ve already taken these out of your park bag!

Line for security

Some of the biggest culprits of lighting up the scanners are glasses cases! Yep, we know you probably need those bad boys to see, but the security scanners are likely going to be set off thanks to that hard outer shell. In our experience, it’s usually the hard shell cases and not the softer ones, but your mileage may vary.

Take those glasses and sunglass cases out!

Along the same lines, if you’ve got any sort of metal (or other) mint tin in your park bag, you might be more likely to set the scanner off. Chances are this is for similar reasons to the glasses cases, but if you’re trying to stay fresh in the parks, we’d recommend taking mint tins and containers out of your bag before passing through.

50th Anniversary Celebration Peppermints

Of course, there are other items that will set off the scanners like prohibited items, water bottles, and umbrellas, but mint tins and glasses cases might not be quite as obvious!

Taking them out of your park bag before you pass through the scanner lessens the chances that you’ll trip the scanner and have to be pulled off to the side for a full bag search. They usually don’t take long, but every second counts in Disney World!

What’s in your park bag?

Stay tuned to AllEars as we continue to bring you tips, tricks, and news that will make your Disney World trip even better!

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One Reply to “2 Actually Innocent Things That Will Cause You Trouble With Disney World Security”

  1. Just visited WDW. And it took me a couple experiences to get me with the program. If you have a hard glasses case, take it out before you get to the security area. Then open the case (leaving your glasses inside) and hold it out arms length in front of you as you go through the metal detector. Then you can walk right through without having to stop for a secondary check. I had a string pack on and, unlike other times I have visited WDW, if the metal detector doesn’t flag you, they don’t have to examine the contents.