Is Disney Jail Real? How Do You Get There?

Disney Parks embrace whimsy and fun, but the best way to ensure that everyone can have fun is to outline some parameters and rules to keep folks safe, and find the balance between fun and chaos.

Cinderella Castle

You may think some of Disney’s rules are common sense, but not everyone may see certain things as potential issues.

In order to make sure that everyone who visits Disney World has a safe and positive experience, there are rules in place that everyone is expected to follow. Disney displays these rules on their website, and you may also find them in strategic places around the parks and resorts.

Disney Springs Security Screening

And, yes, there are consequences for guests who don’t follow these rules. It could be removal from an attraction, removal from the park, or even yes, “Disney jail.”

But “Disney jail” isn’t exactly what you might imagine it to be.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Nope, it’s not housed in the Pirates of the Caribbean, and Sheriff Woody will not be patrolling outside your toy cardboard cell. The fabled “Disney jail” is really just a holding room, with a few basic chairs, in the security office at a Disney park. And guests taken here usually don’t stay here long. There is no bunk or cot or overnight visitors in this spot. And each park has its own security office, so those locations will depend on the park in which rules were broken.

Hiya, Woody!

Guests who break the rules egregiously enough to land in “Disney jail” don’t stay here long — just long enough for the Disney Parks security to call the authorities (if larger charges are being pressed), call parents (if the offender is a minor), or process a bit of paperwork (if the guest is being removed from the park).

Disneyland’s finest ©Loren Javier

What could land you in this kinda situation? Well, breaking the rules, of course. Some behavior that could land you in hot water includes (but isn’t necessarily limited to):

  • Underage/Excessive Drinking
  • Shoplifting
  • Inappropriate Behavior
  • Fighting/Aggressive Behavior
  • Misuse of Tickets/Using Fake Tickets
  • Impersonating a Character
  • Selling your own commercial merchandise
  • Trespassing/climbing on buildings/exhibits
  • Bringing in contraband/prohibited items

Guests who do cross this line and find themselves fighting the “Disney law” could experience a range of consequences after seeing the inside of the “Disney jail.”  And that will largely depend on the offense. Most likely, guests will be removed from the park for the day. Some cases may result in a yearlong ban. More serious offenses could result in legal charges being pressed.

Hollywood Studios Entrance

These guidelines are all in place to create a better experience for all guests. When everyone takes the time to follow these rules, it ensures the parks remain a safe place for everyone to enjoy.

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  1. Based on the numerous videos of fighting, drunks, and people jumping out of the rides Disney might need to expand their security holding “cells.”