Have You Broken Any of These Seven Unspoken Walt Disney World Rules?

If you’re heading to Walt Disney World, there are quite a few rules you’ll need to know! You’ll want to check out the list of items not to bring into the parks and familiarize yourself with how to use your tickets properly. There may even be extra guidelines you need to know if you’re traveling with children or those with disabilities.

There are some rules when you visit Disney World.

 But today, we’re here to discuss the rules that aren’t written down officially…have you ever broken any of these?

Reciting the Pre-Show From Memory

Okay, we get it: you really love visiting Disney World, and you’re a dedicated fan…but it’ll be okay if you don’t quote the entire ride preshow from memory while it’s happening. The other guests around you will probably be grateful!

Stretching Room

Believe us, we’re definitely guilty of doing this one on accident from time to time — it’s so hard to not do it when the writing is so great! (“Welcome, foolish mortals” is such a quotable line!). However, we know you don’t want to ruin the ride experience for other guests, and they’ll be able to follow along much more easily with the storyline if the ghost host (or Dr. Seeker or that random guy from Flight of Passage) doesn’t have an echo.

“Saving” Spots in Line

Okay, seriously. Please, please, please don’t do this one! There’s not an official rule against “holding” spots in line, but it’s not really a polite thing to do, especially when the wait times are long.

Peter Pan’s Flight Queue

It’s only fair that everyone waits their fair share to experience the ride, and it can be very frustrating when a group of eight people cut you in line to join their party after they “went to the bathroom.” (That’s why you should always go BEFORE you get in line!) If everyone saved spots in line for their families, it would make the wait times much longer than necessary, so please do the right thing, and join the line all at the same time.

Wearing Merchandise From Other Franchises

This is one of the less serious “unwritten rules” of Disney World, but it’s one we want to mention nonetheless. Don’t wear your Harry Potter, Despicable Me, Shrek, or any other non-Disney franchise merch to the Disney World parks!

Harry Potter Merchandise

It’s just a little bit strange to see a guest wearing wizard robes when you’re in Galaxy’s Edge, and it always makes us wonder if the person didn’t realize that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is at Universal Studios, not Hollywood Studios. The one exception is Marvel merchandise, which you can get away with wearing at both parks, since Disney owns it and Universal has the corresponding land!

Blocking Views for Fireworks

Okay, back to being serious for a minute. When it comes time to watch the fireworks at night, please do your best to not block the view of the guests behind you, especially if you’re near all the action.

Crowds on July 3rd

Many people will line up for quite a while to reserve the perfect fireworks spot, so when you hold up your giant iPad to record, open your umbrella, or throw your child up on your shoulders right before the show, it can ruin the experience for other guests. You don’t want to be That Guy!

Stopping in the Middle of the Walkway

This is more of a minor inconvenience than a major problem, but it’s definitely a bad habit that will interrupt the flow of the theme parks. The main walkways are made just for that — walking — so make sure to step off to the side if you need to discuss plans or make a decision.

Crowds in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Plus, if you stop in the middle of the walkway, you run the risk of being run over by a rogue stroller or ECV. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. 😉

Yelling At Cast Members

If one “rule” on this list is the most important…it would be this one. Cast Members are at Disney World to help make magic for the guests, and they typically love what they do, so please be kind when you’re interacting with them!

Remember to be nice to Cast Members!

If you’re experiencing a major issue, it’s likely not the fault of the person that you’re speaking with, so keep that in mind, and don’t yell at them. They want to help you have an amazing vacation, and when you scream at them for something that’s not their fault, it doesn’t solve the problem and just makes you look like a jerk. (We probably don’t have to tell you that being a jerk isn’t cool!)

Claiming Tables When You’re Not Eating

And finally, let’s discuss table claiming. If you’re not eating at a particular restaurant or outdoor dining area and it’s a particularly busy time of day, don’t claim the tables in a high-traffic zone.

Leave the tables for those who need them.

This is an especially big problem outside of Casey’s Corner in Magic Kingdom, where it’s nearly impossible to find a seat. And even if you do eat your meal in the seating area, try not to linger too long so that the next family has a chance to sit somewhere other than on the ground. It’s the polite thing to do.

Woody’s Lunch Box Seating

So there you have it — seven unspoken rules of Walt Disney World Resort. Have you ever broken any of these? Even if you have, you can move forward now with the knowledge of how to be a more polite guest on your next visit! And if you’re looking for more Disney tips, news, and general excitement, then stay tuned to AllEars!

Pool Hopping and Other Disney World Rules

What “unspoken” rules do you have for Disney World guests? Let us know in the comments!

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12 Replies to “Have You Broken Any of These Seven Unspoken Walt Disney World Rules?”

  1. The people that do these are the absolute worst, entitled, and classless. There are so many Karen’s at Disney with small children that think they are entitled to do these things because they have kids. NO KAREN! No one cares that you have children with you. Don’t bring them if you can’t handle them and follow the rules like everyone else. When it comes to the line cutters, we spread out so they can’t “squeeze” through.

  2. Once while eating outside Le Halles, we lingered at our table. In all fairness, my husband was still drinking his beer and we were tired. But this lady & her tray kept giving me the stink eye.
    Another thing people shouldn’t do is cut in front of someone at the mobile pick up window. I know – your kid didn’t get his milk and your not giving him soda (or water heaven forbid) and the order line is too long for you to have to deal with but I have a meal to get that I’ve already waited patiently to get. Just because I’m an adult with a teen does mean we’re less valuable than you

  3. About 10-11 years ago I snagged a spot for the parade, castle projections and fireworks. My younger son was in his stroller facing front, and we were near a rope on the sidewalk on Main Street. At one point a woman wanted me to turn the stroller so my son wouldn’t be able to see, just so she could squeeze in next to me. She kept arguing until a cast member came by and made her move.

  4. Having 3- kids of our own and often bringing along friends, it is common for us to have someone who “just has to go potty NOW!” after getting in a line. We commonly have had to let one parent with at least 1- kid step out of line for a restroom break and I guess “break the unspoken rule” of letting them re-enter the line upon return. No big deal to me and I personally don’t have a big problem with allowing the rest of a party joining those in line. Often times kids are tired of waiting in lines and need to just roam a bit while the grown ups wait in line. I’d much rather let them join in at the last minute than have an overly tired screaming kid in the line with them. I will agree a dozen cheerleaders or similar groups should not abuse the rules of common courtesy.

  5. My husband is notorious for stopping in the middle of the sidewalk. I am always moving him off to the side.

    As for the fireworks blockers — Had a gal push her way in front of me when I was standing at the curb and her ponytail was touching my nose. I said, “You surely don’t intend to stand there, do you?” She moved on.

  6. Just using common courtesy to all guests like yourself. Like, holding a door open, saying please, and especially thank you. It just makes the day even more “magical”!! Sometimes I think some guests were raised in the rudest of homes, which is really sad. Help someone out when they’re having problems juggling drinks, food, or packages. Thank you!!

  7. People with strollers are the worst. If they aren’t clipping your heels when they’re
    behind you, they’re stopping in front of you, blocking an entire walkway, rather than moving
    to the side.

  8. So many of these are common happenings….like sitting at table at Casey’s long after you are done eating? Come on people….I’m standing there with a tray ( that’s why we hate quick service and rarely use anymore) time to vacate the table.
    Cheerleading groups are the worst…they run..they push…they cut in line with 2 others from their group already there….suddenly there are 12

  9. Holding a spot in the queue has happened to us so many times !! But then most people from the UK are good a queuing 😔

  10. Please don’t talk on the phone while you’re on a ride. Some people on the ride may only ever have that one time to experience it and don’t want to hear your conversation whilst trying to enjoy the ride.

  11. We stood on Main St to see the fireworks when the man in front of us put a child, holding an umbrella, on his shoulders to protect his upheld iPad while he filmed the show. It was beyond rude.

  12. I used to cut the line as a loophole when the Cast Members would say “Fill in ALL available space.” I don’t do that now post-Covid as I liked the social distancing measure of 6ft. apart.