The Best Places to Watch Fireworks in Magic Kingdom

We adjusted pretty quickly to the return of the Happily Ever After fireworks in Magic Kingdom. It’s almost like they never left; they dazzled their way back into our hearts — and there they will stay.

Happily Ever After Fireworks

If you’re looking for the perfect stake-out spot in Magic Kingdom for prime Happily Ever After viewing, we’ve got a few different options for you. Some will give you optimal viewing of both the fireworks and Cinderella Castle projection show, and some will give you the most unique and memorable angles of the fireworks with less of a crowd.

Main Street, U.S.A. 

Yeah, this one’s pretty straightforward, but we had to get it out of the way. If you want the best view of the fireworks, then you need to stake out a spot somewhere on Main Street, U.S.A.

Main Street crowds

Most places around Main Street are going to give you a great view. If you want to guarantee a clearer view of the projection show, try stationing yourself near the Partners Statue.

Hi, Mickey and Minnie!

As tempting as it may be to wriggle your way deeper into the crowd to get as close to the castle as possible, you won’t get the best view of the projections. (Honestly, they look a little wonky from that closeup.)


If your main concern is getting that perfect head-on view of the fireworks, then go further back onto Main Street, U.S.A. near the American Flag. The projections will be smaller, but you should still be able to see them for the most part. Plus, the crowd will be a little less bottlenecked here.

Tangled Bathrooms

Walk past Peter Pan’s Flight and It’s A Small World in Fantasyland and head on over for a potty break in the most heavily-themed bathrooms on Disney World property — the Tangled bathrooms.

While you’re there, stay put and watch the Happily Ever After fireworks from a whole different perspective.

Tangled Bathrooms in Fantasyland

You won’t be able to see the projection show from here, but if you’re a big fan of the Tangled animated movie (or series!) then you’ve got to put this fireworks-viewing area on your bucket list.

©Disney Parks

It feels like the sky is flooding with lanterns, just like in the movie! It gives us chills just thinking about it.

From Astro Orbiter

Usually, we’d give a shout-out here to the Tomorrowland Terrace and their separate-ticketed dessert parties. Those seats will guarantee you not only a variety of Disney desserts but also a fantastic and uncrowded view of the fireworks and projection show.

BUT since we’re not quite sure when the dessert parties will be making their return, we thought we’d take you somewhere else in Tomorrowland instead. How ’bout a ride on the Astro Orbiter?

Disney World’s Astro-Orbiter

If you time it just right, you can ride the Astro Orbiter while the fireworks are going off. Since this is the tallest aerial carousel on property, it’ll almost feel like you’re *blasting off* during each rotation.

See! Right above Space Mountain!

It’s our favorite time to ride Astro Orbiter because we’re not just spinning around this time — we’re getting a show, as well!

Cinderella’s Royal Table

Ever wonder what it’s like to eat at Cinderella’s Royal Table during Happily Ever After? We’re talking about the cons first, but just so you know — you’re not going to get a view of the projections. Okay, phew. Got that off our chest. Now, the pros!

Cinderella’s Royal Table

You see those big windows? They look out over the backside of Cinderella Castle — meaning you’re going to get a unique view of the fireworks shooting off for the show. Just check out this picture:

Neat, right?

It’s a pricey endeavor to eat dinner here all for the sake of watching Happily Ever After, but if you just happen to be dining here around fireworks time, then consider it a major bonus to this signature dining experience.

Around Cinderella’s Golden Carousel 

Don’t want to drop the moolah for Cinderella’s Royal Table but still want to see the fireworks from behind the castle? Then head over to Cinderella’s Golden Carousel.

Cinderella’s Golden Carousel

You saw it in the above picture — when you’re looking out the window of Cinderella’s Royal Table, you’re looking out at the carousel. And you can see those fireworks clearly!

So pretty!

The crowds are also lighter here since a lot of guests crowd around front to see those projections. But, if you just want an epic fireworks spectacular to end the night with, here you go — this is a fantastic angle.

On/Near the Liberty Square Riverboat

If you happen to be riding the Liberty Square Riverboat while the fireworks are going off, you’ll experience the most exciting 20-minutes this boat ride has to offer.

Liberty Square Riverboat

If you don’t want to ride Liberty Square Riverboat for the last ride of your Magic Kingdom day — or if the line’s closed off because the park’s getting ready to close — then standing around this general area in Liberty Square will work, too.

Liberty Belle Blue Fireworks
Fireworks over the Liberty Belle riverboat on the Rivers of America in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida. Nikon D750/16-35VR, 2.4s, f/16, ISO 100, EV 0, 16mm Focal Length, Tripod.

But, man, there’s just something about being on that riverboat during Happily Ever After that makes you feel like you’re walking right into the happily ever after scene of Princess And The Frog, y’know? And we’re so here for it!

At The Top Of Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain over in Frontierland definitely isn’t a *prime* fireworks viewing area, but it’s going to create a fireworks memory for the books — if you can time it right.

Look out for that Mickey at the top of the hill!

Most of the Splash Mountain show scenes happen indoors. So, if you’re wanting to watch the entire duration of Happily Ever After, then hold off on riding this water toboggan.

Look at that view!

However, if you want to experience that one, glimmering, spectacular moment of fireworks bliss at the top of the Splash Mountain drop hill, then by all means go for it!

Even after the drop happens, you’ll be able to see the fireworks for a little while longer as you round the river bend into the last “Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah” show scene.

Riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

We personally prefer riding Big Thunder Mountain over in Frontierland at night, anyway! The temperature has cooled, the ride is lit up and eerie-looking, and the track just feels faster.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

And, if you’re able to ride while Happily Ever After is playing, you’ll get to see some different fireworks angles, too!

©Disney Parks

The fireworks add to the overall atmosphere of the ride. (After all, the TNT in the mines IS threatening to go off — the fireworks are just doing their job and helping the haunted mine train’s storytelling!)

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Where’s your favorite place to watch Happily Ever After? Let us know in the comments below!

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2 Replies to “The Best Places to Watch Fireworks in Magic Kingdom”

  1. I’ll forever miss the bygone days, before Disney got so much more money hungry, when the Plaza Pavilion lower dining area was a not so crowded free spot to view the fireworks from while you were right at the base where Cinderella’s decent from the castle ended. Sadly, now that little “secret spot” is making Disney just that much more richer.

  2. The spoke that leads to Fantasy Land is our preferred spot. You don’t need to stake out a spot hours before the show like you do on Main Street. Pre-Covid, you could arrive there 20 minutes prior to the show’s start and have a great view of the fireworks and projections. As a bonus, Tinkerbell flies right over the top of you!