What Is The Height of The Tower of Terror Drop? Is It Scary?

The Tower of Terror is an iconic part of Disney World.

Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios

This Disney’s Hollywood Studios ride is a thrilling attraction with a potentially long drop!

So, before you ride Tower of Terror, you might be wondering just how tall that drop is, and whether or not this ride is scary.

The Tower of Terror ride is located in the crumbling “Hollywood Tower Hotel,” located at the end of the park’s Sunset Boulevard. You can get a Lightning Lane for this attraction if you are using Disney Genie+, or you can wait in a standby line.

Tower of Terror

The ride lasts about 4 minutes. It is a series of elevator drops, not just one — the “elevator” you are riding in will go up and down several times, with the largest drop being about 130 feet.

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And, it doesn’t just “drop.” Imagineers has explained that there is actually a mechanism in the attraction that PULLs the elevator down, so you’re actually falling faster than the speed of gravity!

So, how scary is the Tower of Terror?

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Well, you probably won’t be surprised to find out we’re going to say that’s all relative. One thing to know about Tower of Terror is that there are a number of different ride programs, so if you have ridden it before, your next experience probably won’t be the same.

If you do not like the feeling of a sharp drop that makes your stomach leap up into your throat, you may not enjoy this ride. In addition, the “haunted hotel” — while not a haunted house attraction with jump scares — does give off a “creepy” vibe that some people may not enjoy.

Tower of Terror

Because the series of rises and drops varies depending on which programmed sequence you experience, the level of intensity of the drops can vary. You could find it exhilarating one time and less enjoyable the next.

Our suggestion is to give this ride a try! It is only four minutes long, so even if you’re not having the time of your life on the Tower of Terror, you know you will be exiting and back on solid ground quickly.

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Have you ridden Tower of Terror? Do you think it’s scary? Let us know about your experience in the comments below!

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