Walls Surround Leave a Legacy as Epcot Prepares to Remove the Pillars

Construction walls have gone up around the Leave a Legacy pillars in Epcot’s main entrance, as the park prepares to remove them.

Walls around Epcot’s Leave a Legacy in the park’s main entrance

This is all part of Epcot’s multi-year transformation that will see striking changes to the theme park’s main entrance.

As Epcot prepares for Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary in 2021, and its own 40th anniversary in 2022, the theme park has announced a number of additions in the form of new attractions, as well as physical changes, such as the total revamp of the main entrance plaza.

The changes will include new pathways, sweeping green spaces, and a re-imagined fountain. The new design will pay homage to the original park entrance with fresh takes on classic elements.

Artist rendering of new entrance plaza in development at Epcot (Disney)

Currently, the walled-off area is limited to the right side of the Epcot entrance, as you can see in the photo below. The character meet-and-greet area, however, is still available.

There is also an exit on the far right, near the Package Pick-up location. You can still access the restrooms and the little shop just outside the park entrance on that side.


Walled-off area at Epcot’s main entrance
Walled-off area around Leave a Legacy at Epcot’s main entrance

The left side of the entrance is still open, and the Leave a Legacy photos are still available to walk through or for taking photos.

The Leave a Legacy columns are going to be relocated into a setting just outside the park’s gateway, although no time-table has yet been announced.

Are you glad to see the Leave a Legacy move? Are you looking forward to Epcot’s new look? Drop us a note in the comments below.

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6 Replies to “Walls Surround Leave a Legacy as Epcot Prepares to Remove the Pillars”

  1. My husband and I have two tiles celebrating our 30th anniversary there. I think it’s a great idea to move them outside the park but I wish we would be able to keep the tiles after the the expiration date. I have had no luck contacting anyone to inquire about this.

  2. My father(who has pasted) & I have a legacy on the left side as you face the ball. Legacy means forever. As long as they don’t knock them down. He was so thrill to have a forever-place at a place he loved.

  3. Unlike some people I Love seeing the columns but then again We have family photos there so as passholders it has been nice to see them! Just happy they are keeping them. The new design looks Stunning and have no problem with the change. Love WDW!

  4. This change is long overdue. It’s going to be nice to see those eyesores gone and the fountain brought back to it’s former glory

  5. “Their going to pay homage to the original park entrance.” Gee, I’m not a rocket scientist, but if they had just kept it that way they wouldn’t be going through this now. And while their at it, how bout getting the rest of EPCOT (that’s right, not Epcot) Back to its original design and intent. They can start by building a wall around the imagineers.