Newbie and the Geek Take Walt Disney World – Ready

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My crazy (in a good way) friend Yoli and I are about to embark on my longest Walt Disney World vacation and her first. The next blog entry will be an actual trip report. If you haven’t yet read up on the planning to get us to this point, follow these links to my prequel.

First entry, second blog, third chapter

Two months feels about right. Yes, for the past two months I have had one Disney park map or another posted on my wall at work. Turning to Fran who sits 2 seats down from me, I’d say where I felt like going (in the park’s map pinned at the time) and ask what she wanted to do. You can envision it.

Me: Franny, I’m going on a safari.

Fran: I’ll join you but I want to stop and get something to eat first.

Me: OK, what are you in the mood for?

Fran: Ice cream but not from a cart. I want the homemade ice cream cookie sandwich.

Me: Franny, we’re not going to the Magic Kingdom today.

Fran: (rolling her eyes) Fine. I’ll take an ice cream sandwich from the cart.

The woman who sits between us sometimes laughs, occasionally tries to join in but more often than not has no idea what we’re talking about. We have other Disney fanatics at work, too. All last week Howie asked me how many days until my trip and every day I told him to go away because he has a cold. I told everyone who is/was sick to get the heck away from me. I’ve been taking echinacea pills three times a day to try and ward off their cooties. They all know of my upcoming voyage or at least they should.

Disney gift cards have showered upon me. A friend from CA mailed one to me as a sort of thank you/thinking of you present. My brother and sister-in-law left one for me as a Hanukkah gift when I stayed at their pad in NYC. The other day my mom said, “I have something for you but you can only use it for food. You have enough things.” and handed me a gift card. Fair enough. Last weekend my friend and her family also bestowed upon me a belated Hanukkah gift in the form of a Disney gift card. My pal since middle school, Joe, rebelled and presented me with a gift certificate to Planet Hollywood located in Downtown Disney. Duuuude! I’m hardly going to have to fork out money for anything because on top of all that, I have a nice chunk of change to cash in from Disney VISA.

Having forced Yoli to read more menus, I created more dining reservations. Even so, there aren’t many selected. Personally, I like to eat around World Showcase. Here and there we’ll pack lunches and always carry snacks and water. With all of my dietary restrictions, deciding where to eat will most likely fall on my shoulders. Any chance they now let adults pass as 9 year olds? She doesn’t eat much. Vamos a ver. We will see.

Due to my addiction to making this trip as wicked awesome as possible, I found myself buying toys and other Disney-themed items for my amiga. Holding onto them until we arrive in Orlando proved impossible and so Yoli received a Disneyfied Christmas stocking from me. Contents of her purple Tinker Bell stocking were a Cars toothbrush, Tinker Bell and fairy friends toothpaste, Toy Story Band Aids, a Kermit the Frog Pez, maps of Universal Orlando and Islands of Adventure, a Newbie and the Geek luggage tag, a kit with stickers, coloring book & crayons, a Jasmin eraser, 2 Mickey and pals hand warmers, and some gum and microwave popcorn.

As I’m writing this, I’m waiting for her to let me know she’s home so we can talk about our aventura. My packing began the other day after I realized it was time for a new suitcase. My goal is to finish packing sooner rather than later since we have snow in the forecast. Let me rephrase that, sometimes we lose power from heavy snowstorms so I hope to finish packing shortly.

Alright I’m off the phone. It’s a good thing too because she forgot where we’re staying. Newbie. She’s cramming knowledge into her head as I type. Those recently aired old Disney behind-the-scenes style shows have been viewed. Now she knows all about and wants to ride Test Track pre-rehab and Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster (I’ll hold her bag). Yoli would also like to check out Coronado Springs Resort to compare to another place she’s been. After she gets through the Walt Disney World planning DVD, the list will probably grow and that’s exactly why I sent it to her so she can get an idea of what there is to see and do. Oh yeah, we might have to visit Disney Quest so she can design and ride her own roller coaster.

Well kids, I hope you’ve enjoyed my pre-trip report. If you see me in the parks, say hello. I should have some AllEars.Net trading cards with me.

Yoli and I at Disneyland teaching Eeyore some classic Menudo dance moves

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6 Replies to “Newbie and the Geek Take Walt Disney World – Ready”

  1. Lisa, your trip planning has been hilarious! I just read your 3 previous posts with this one. BTW, I order off the kids menu when we go to Brown Derby (and I’m 37). My aunt loves their cobb salad so we have to eat there, but I’m picky too. The only thing on their menu I would touch is the steak and there’s no way I’d pay that much.

  2. Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for taking us along on your trip! I have enjoyed these blogs immensely, and look forward to the next ones telling us all about the wonderful details! I know you’re both going to have the best of times.

    Lisa responds: I’m glad you liked my pre-trip report. Thanks.

  3. I am so excited for you two and can’t wait to read your trip blogs! If you don’t have time for Disney Quest don’t forget there is Sum of All Thrills at Epcot.

    If you ever have extra Disneyfied Stocking I would gladly take one! Hee hee

    Lisa responds: Thanks for the tip.

  4. FYI, anyone can order off the kids menu at WDW. I do it all the time and have never had a problem 🙂

    Lisa responds: I’m sure counter service won’t be a problem. We’ll see what happens at real restaurants.

  5. It is always so much fun take a newbie to the “World” Have a great time and I can’t wait to read all about it.

    Lisa responds: Thanks, Stefanie. It is going to be awesome.