Only Millennial Disney Adults Will Understand These Painful Disney World Experiences

If you grew up watching all your favorite Disney movies on VHS, this one’s for you!

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster

As proud Disney adults, we could visit Disney World thousands of times and never get tired of it — literally. We’ve experienced some wild things throughout the parks in our time. But nothing could have prepared us for these painful Disney experiences that give a whole new meaning to the term Body Wars!

Do you still refer to Disney’s Hollywood Studios as “MGM Studios“? Is your most prized possession a picture of your family in front of the Cinderella Castle Cake? If so, this one’s for you!

Cake Castle

We recently posted a TikTok commiserating with our fellow Millennial Disney adults about some painful new problems we’ve noticed in our visits to the parks in recent years. If you also find these problems painfully relatable, we’re here to help!


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Have you also gone from “is that a roller coaster” to “is that a first aid center?” We get it, our bodies just can’t handle some of the thrill rides like they used to!

Guardians of the Galaxy

We definitely have to know our limits these days, and sometimes that means sitting out attractions that we used to love so we can avoid ruining the rest of our day with aches and pains. If it’s been a while since your last trip and you can’t remember how intense an attraction is, you can always check out the AllEars reviews of the ride to see what other guests are saying!

Expedition Everest

If you do find yourself in a situation where you need help with a minor injury or illness, there are first aid centers in each park. You can find the exact locations for them in the My Disney Experience app.

First Aid Center at Magic Kingdom

Have you gone from “this was a show I used to watch” to “this is a place I sleep?” We get it, those long park days are DRAINING!

The American Adventure

Each of the parks is home to several indoor shows that have become unofficial (and sometimes unintended) power nap spots for us in our 30s. The combination of air conditioning, plushy seats, and a dark room is just too hard to resist sometimes!

Mickey’s PhilharMagic

There’s nothing wrong with a little power nap every now and then. But when we find we’re really struggling, we try to plan a resort day for the middle of our trip to give us a full day to recharge.

Resort Pool

The hotels that are within walking distance of a park tend to be more expensive. But if you have it in your budget, you might also want to stay at a hotel that’s super close to one of the parks so it’s easier to head back to your room for a “real” nap mid-day if needed!

Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Have you graduated from Mission: SPACE Orange to Mission: SPACE Green? This EPCOT attraction is infamously intense so there’s no shame in that game!

Mission: SPACE

Mission: SPACE launches guests into space on a simulated adventure. There are two intensity levels: orange (more intense) and green (less intense). To give you an idea of just how intense the orange version is, let’s just say there are air sickness bags included at every seat. If you struggle with motion sickness, this is definitely one to know your limits on!

Mission: SPACE

If you’re craving a space adventure without wanting to risk either version of this attraction, you can try to snag a reservation for Space 220 next door. Space 220 is a table service restaurant that takes guests on a simulated elevator ride 220 miles above Earth where they can dine with panoramic views of outer space.

Space 220

And finally, is drinking around the world out and drinking in Mexico then immediately leaving in? At least your wallet will thank you for this one!

Mexico Pavilion in EPCOT

If, like us, you also can’t handle quite as many alcoholic beverages in the hot Florida sun as you used to, be sure to plan ahead. Before you head to the World Showcase, take a look at the menus and pick your “must-have” drinks. That way you can stick to the drinks at the top of your list, and avoid running out of steam by grabbing the first options you see.

France Booth Eats and Drinks

Also, be sure to stay hydrated along the way! The combination of hot weather, lots of walking, and alcohol can be a quick recipe for dehydration, so sip some water along with your cocktails.


These are some of the less-than-magical problems we’ve started to notice as Millennial Disney adults. But the good news is we’ve found ways to mitigate them and power through our vacation. Because even though our Lion King bedsheets and Disney VHS collection might be long gone, they’ll never take our Disney World trips away!

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Do you have any more tips for avoiding these painful Disney World problems? Let us know in the comments!

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