6 Things Millennials Do DIFFERENTLY in Disney World

I’m a Millennial, of course I do things differently in Disney World!

Magic Kingdom

Millennial Disney adults have been going to Disney World (or one of the other Disney resorts) our entire lives. Our parents started us young by dragging us through an exhausting day in the heat so we could ride every ride and meet every character. When we first started going to Disney World, we had the OG Fastpass system and there was no such thing as Genie+. But now that we’re grown adults going to the parks, we do a few things differently.

Prioritize Food

Maybe it’s because we have been going to Disney World for most of our lives (or maybe it has nothing to do with that), but we seem to have different priorities than our parents’ generation and than that of the generations below us. Yes, the rides are fun, but we’ve been riding most of them forever. Now, we just go to Disney World for the food!

Bathtub Float at Typhoon Lagoon

The food in Disney World changes frequently. Yes, we can find some old faithfuls around the parks and hotels, but there’s always something new to try! Between EPCOT‘s festivals, seasonal offerings, and just normal menu rotations, we don’t ever get bored eating at Disney World.

Genie+ Experts (And We’ll Always Pay for It)

We’re Millennials, and we don’t like standing in lines. Standing in a line for more than 30 minutes to ride a ride we’ve ridden hundreds of times is not how we like to spend our day in the parks (we’d rather be eating). So, we shell out the money for Genie+ so we can book Lightning Lanes.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad line

We have become pros at using Genie (the free planning assistant on the Disney World app) and Genie+ (the paid service for selecting Lightning Lanes). The Disney World app is our guide and lifeline while we’re in the park. We can keep track of wait times, temporary closures, and our dining reservations (of course).

The Generation Least Against the Park Changes

Yes, the Disney World parks have been and will continue to change, and it can be a tough pill to swallow when we’re used to so many classic Disney attractions. However, there are some GREAT additions that have come to parks because of these changes.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

Have you ridden Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind? Yep, it’s pretty amazing. (We’ll wait in line for this ride every day since it only has a Virtual Queue and Individual Lightning Lane option, for now). Yes, we’re sad to see DinoLand U.S.A. go, but the new Tropical Americas re-theme concept art looks so cool! So, yes, it can be hard to say goodbye to some things in the parks, but the new attractions have been very enticing.


Change Our Ride Priorities

In our younger days, we wanted thrills and action! We wanted to ride the fastest and wildest rides Disney could throw at us. And while we still LOVE those rides, many of us now have kids of our own who we’re sharing our love of Disney with. This has caused us to tweak our priorities a bit.


Now you won’t catch us on Space Mountain (cuz, ouch), but instead riding Dumbo or the Magic Carpets of Aladdin. We’re hanging out on the PeopleMover instead of getting our brains shaken on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. (Okay, we’ll still find ways to ride Big Thunder.) We might get on some of those bigger rides, but not as often since many of us are taking care of our daughters, sons, nieces, and nephews. And boy, do we LOVE it. 🩷


At 30+ years old, all we want to do is party! But not as in head banging, mosh pit party. We want to go to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, and Jollywood Nights!

Boo to You Parade at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

Who said you need your kids with you to go trick-or-treating? In Disney World, we’ll take an adults-only trip just to get some free candy and see Donald Duck in his Halloween costume! Remember how we said Millennials don’t like waiting in line? We’ll pay for the special event tickets just so we can visit the parks with lower crowds and shorter waits!

Take Breaks

By the middle of the day, we are ready for a break, and we aren’t afraid to admit it. Afternoon naps are a must. Our feet and legs rejoice when we hang by the pool for an hour or two.

Doubloon Lagoon Pool at Port Orleans — French Quarter

An afternoon break back at the hotel is great for kids, but also for ourselves. We’ll gladly take some relaxation before heading back to the parks for the evening.

There are many ways you can “do Disney” and go about your day in the parks. Many of us have similar strategies, but if you identify with any of these you might be a Millennial! We hope you have a great trip regardless of which generation you belong to.

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