The Best Spots to Watch EPCOT Forever in Disney World

ICYMI, there is quite a lot going on when it comes to nighttime fireworks in EPCOT. You see, Harmonious — the nighttime spectacular which debuted for the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Walt Disney Worldended its run on April 2nd, 2023.

EPCOT at night

Ultimately, this change is making way for a brand new spectacular which will arrive late this year in honor of the 100th Anniversary Celebration of The Walt Disney Company! To fill the gap in the meantime, EPCOT Forever has returned for a limited-time run, so THAT’S the production that guests can enjoy RIGHT NOW when visiting the park.


This show is a tribute to EPCOT’s 40-year history, combining classic music from the park (which longtime EPCOT fans will recognize) with fireworks. And we’re letting you in on the BEST spots to watch EPCOT Forever around World Showcase Lagoon!

World Showcase Plaza

The ideal spot for just about any fireworks spectacular in EPCOT is front and center at the entrance to World Showcase (between the Port of Entry & Disney Traders shops), also known as World Showcase Plaza.

World Showcase Plaza

Not only does the area offer fairly unobstructed show viewing, but it also boasts a beautiful view of any special lighting effects on the various World Showcase International pavilions!

The Mexico Pavilion

Moving to the left from the entrance to World Showcase, you’ll arrive at the Mexico pavilion next. BUT, here we recommend that you stop prior to entering the heart of the pavilion. You see, just steps BEFORE La Cantina de San Angel (Mexico’s Quick Service restaurant) is a bridge that provides a great viewing area for the fireworks.

Approaching the Mexico pavilion

That said, if you can manage to snag a seat at La Cantina de San Angel, that is some PRIME fireworks viewing real estate, right there! This can be a bit tricky to manage timing-wise since, as a Quick Service restaurant, the location does not accept Advance Dining Reservations.

No trees=no problem

But with covered seating right on the Lagoon, it’s tough to beat! (Plus, you can dig into some NACHOS or sip a margarita while enjoying the show… what could be better?)

The Italy Pavilion

Spaceship Earth. The Mexico pavilion’s Pyramid. The Eiffel Tower in the France pavilion. The Italy pavilion’s Isola Landing.

Italy Pavilion

Wait, what? You’re not familiar with the Isola Landing? Okay, fair enough 😉 . While it’s true that the Isola Landing doesn’t quite spring to mind the same way as those iconic EPCOT landmarks mentioned above, this beautiful open area perched in the front of the Italy pavilion (not too far at all from The America Gardens Theatre) juts out a bit into the Lagoon, offering space for more people to have some extra room AND a fantastic fireworks view!

The Japan Pavilion

The lovely Japan pavilion has two great vantage points to mention. Right along World Showcase Lagoon you’ll see the stunning Torii arch, and the area next to it (to the right facing the arch) provides a wide open view.

Torii Arch in the Japan Pavilion

And a unique view is offered up on the 2nd floor terrace above the Mitsukoshi Department Store.

Stairs leading up to the Terrace

The stairs that lead up to Teppan Edo and Tokyo Dining also lead to this lesser-known viewing area!

Between the France and United Kingdom Pavilions

Perhaps one of the most popular spots to watch EPCOT Forever is on the bridge between the France and United Kingdom Pavilions.

Bridge between United Kingdom and France

Of course, that’s with good reason! The views are terrific, and the speakers piping in the music are especially good here. (I have no technical knowledge of that, BTW — it’s just something my ears have picked up on in that particular area.)

In fact, this spot is so great for viewing that the EPCOT Fireworks Cruise boats are parked here during the show. (Or should I say “docked”? Either way… THAT’S where they are!)

EPCOT Forever Fireworks

There is also a lovely large patio area that you can step down into from the bridge; however, be aware that this space is often booked for private parties. But — much like La Cantina in Mexico — if you CAN snag a spot there, GO FOR IT!

Remember, if you’re up for a little splurge, there are also a few options to forego the traditional “staking out” of a fireworks spot entirely. In addition to the EPCOT Fireworks Cruise we just chatted about, guests can book an EPCOT Fireworks Dining Package at either Rose & Crown Pub and Dining Room in the United Kingdom pavilion, or at Spice Road Table in the Morocco pavilion.

No matter where you watch EPCOT Forever, we hope you have a BLAST! (See what I did there 😉 )?

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Where is your favorite spot for EPCOT fireworks? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. We watched from the steps up front of Canada, perfect view and being not very tall I could see everything and also not feel surrounded by people