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Dumbo the Flying Elephant



The classic Dumbo the Flying Elephant attraction at Magic Kingdom’s Storybook Circus has been re-imagined in vivid colors and with increased capacity and additional features. Part of the Fantasyland Expansion project, Dumbo was the first ride in the new section of the park to undergo a soft opening on March 12, 2012. The grand opening occurred December 6, 2012.

When guests stroll into Storybook Circus, Dumbo The Flying Elephant is the first attraction on the right. If they choose to ride the Walt Disney Railroad, guests can walk to the left of the Casey Jr. Splash ‘n’ Soak Station and past The Barnstormer to get to Dumbo.



DUMBO THE FLYING ELEPHANT allows riders to soar with the star of the 1941 film, and this new version immerses them more deeply in the colorful world of the big-eared character and his Big Top home. The primary colors are vibrant and welcoming, but, more importantly, Disney Imagineers have added another carousel, doubling the ride’s capacity to help with the perpetually long lines.

Before you take flight, you must choose between FastPass+ and the interactive queues for this ride. If you haven’t arranged FastPass+ before you arrive at the park, FP+ kiosks are located in one of the circus tents across from the attraction. When you return at your appointed time, go to the left carousel and queue.

Dumbo Interactive QueueIf you choose the interactive queue to the right, your kids are in for a treat. Guests in this line are given pagers that hold their places in line as they enter the tent, which is a play area designed for children of all ages. Slides and climbing nets are the basis of this fun area that looks just like the circus in the movie, complete with a pretend burning building and Dumbo flying overhead. There’s even a toddler play area in the center ring. Be sure to notice the spinning vertical puzzle, a nod to the smaller versions that graced the old Dumbo queue.

There are plenty of bleachers along the walls for parents to take an air-conditioned break while their kids are entertaining themselves. When their pager, designed to look like a circus ticket, lights up and Timothy Q. Mouse speaks, it’s time to join a much shorter line than you remember for Dumbo.

This is a gentle ride that allows guests of all ages to use a joystick to decide whether Dumbo goes up or down as he flies in a circle. Each car seats two guests, or maybe one adult and two small children.

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Dumbo the Flying Elephant is a FastPass+ attraction and it is highly recommended that you use it during peak times.

Accessibility: Guests must transfer from their wheelchair, motorized scooter or ECV to board the attraction vehicle.

Warnings:  This ride lifts up off the ground and spins.  Guests who are afraid of heights or don’t enjoy gentle spinning may not want to ride this attraction.

WDW at Large:  Some guests may find the seating restrictive and ask to ride alone; let a Cast Member know if the seat belt will not fasten.

Don’t miss Dumbo the Flying Elephant at night. With its new location, Imagineers have been able to add the water feature below the cars that is part of the attraction at Disneyland, Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland. When the attraction was situated behind Cinderella Castle, water pipes could not be installed below the ride because of the Utilidors. In addition to the fountains, a gorgeous, multicolored light show has been added to the ride. It was modeled after the Disneyland Dumbo but showcases more colors, making it the most advanced Dumbo show found in Disney parks. Guests who don’t wish to ride will find benches in the center plaza that face each carousel for a clear view of the nighttime show.

Skip the rush to take photos of your family and friends on the ride and instead opt for great photos afterward. A stationary Dumbo car has a permanent home between the carousels and the line typically is not too long. No Disney’s PhotoPass photographer is stationed there, though, so bring your own camera or smart phone.




Tell kids to look for a special rope as they climb up to the nets. Pulling this rope will allow them to start a light show overhead that mimics fireworks, much like the ones in the Royal Guest Rooms at Disney’s Port Orleans resort.

Children younger than 7 years old must be accompanied by a person age 14 years or older.

Characters are housed in Pete’s Silly Sideshow across from the Dumbo attraction. Choose a path to greet either Donald Duck and Goofy or Minnie Mouse and Daisy, each playing his or her own unique role at the circus and wearing a new costume. You can meet The Astounding Donaldo, the most charming of snake charmers; The Great Goofini, circus stuntman extraordinaire; Minnie Magnifique, a Parisian poodle trainer; and Madame Daisy Fortuna, a mysterious gypsy fortuneteller.

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Storybook Circus has three locations for food, two of which are located in the Big Top tents. In the tent that houses the FastPass machines for Dumbo the Flying Elephant, guests will find hot dogs, hamburgers, pretzels and beverages. In Big Top Souvenirs, guests can watch baked goods and sweets being made before their eyes. Look for specialty cupcakes, including Dumbo, cotton candy and caramel corn varieties.

Finally, the Storybook Treats snack cart along the walkway to Mad Tea Party offers sundaes, ice cream, shakes, floats and beverages.

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Big Top SouvenirsBig Top Souvenirs is the place to shop while you are visiting Storybook Circus. The store offers a wide selection of merchandise for kids and adults, much like the Emporium on Main Street, U.S.A. The front displays are reserved for Dumbo merchandise — various plush toys, mouse ears, T-shirts, plates, mugs and children’s clothes. There is limited merchandise specific to the other attractions, including a Storybook Circus T-shirt.

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Dumbo the Flying Elephant was one of the original attractions when the Magic Kingdom opened in 1971. It was modified from the Disneyland version, which had 10 elephants, to include 16 vehicles.

Timothy Q. Mouse, Dumbo’s pal, sat in the center of the ride above the cars in the original version at Magic Kingdom. Now, he perches above the sign leading to both carousels in Storybook Circus.

The ride was designed to represent the pink elephants that Dumbo and Timothy hallucinated after accidentally drinking champagne in the film. The vehicles at Disneyland were all painted pink — until Walt Disney himself objected and ordered them to be repainted gray.

The dual Dumbo carousels turn in opposite directions so that they meet in the middle plaza and travel out toward the park together. The carousel on the left travels clockwise and is the only circular Disney attraction in the world that does not move counter-clockwise.