4 Most Surprising Rules for Disney World Employees

Ever wish you were a Disney World Cast Member? If not solely for the excuse to make real magic for families, the job comes with some sweet perks, like significant hotel, dining, and merchandise discounts, plus free access to the parks!

TRON Cast Members

But, like any job, there are quite a few big rules all Cast Members must follow. Sure, you may know about the (not so secret) secret tunnels below Magic Kingdom and the rule that creating happiness is vital to the role, but now we’re back to share some surprising rules Disney Cast Members follow. 

1. Getting into the Parks

Remember how we told you that Cast Members get free access to the parks? It’s one of the best parts of the job for many people! Imagine being able to pop over to EPCOT on your day off just to stroll through the Word Showcase or run over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios for a ride on the Tower of Terror.

We love Cast Members!

Well, although Cast Members are allowed into the parks, that doesn’t mean they can use their special backstage access to get in. Disney World Cast Members are not supposed to park in the backstage Cast Member parking lots if they are not working that day. Instead, Cast Members must tap in and enter the parks just like all other Disney World guests. 

Hollywood Studios Parking Lot

Backstage parking can be limited, so it’s best to save those spaces for working Cast Members only.

2. Costumes

Like many jobs, Disney World provides special uniforms (known as “costumes”) for every Cast Member. That way, everyone knows exactly who’s who in the parks — plus, it fits the story!

PhotoPass Cast Members in the Magic Kingdom

You probably already knew that every Cast Member must wear a certain costume, but did you know that there are some strict rules regarding those uniforms?

Cast Members in EPCOT

Disney Cast Members are only allowed to keep a certain number of costumes in their possession at a time. Once they’re finished with their costumes, they must return them to a special building so they can be washed and cleaned. Cast Members have the option to wash their own costumes, or they can be sent back to Disney to be washed.

Holiday Cast Members on Main Street

That said, once Cast Members find a costume that fits just right, many try to hang on to that same top, bottom, skirt, or dress for as long as possible. After all, it’s not easy finding a pair of Disney-issued shorts that hit above the knee; it often takes some serious scouting to find the perfect costume!

3. Buying a meal on the clock

Now, this rule may vary from location to location and even role to role, but Cast Members are NOT allowed to buy lunch in the Disney parks while in costume. You’ll never see a Fantasyland Cast Member waiting in line for some ice cream at Storybook Treats, that’s for sure!

Cheeseburger Spring Rolls

That said, some locations may allow Cast Members to change into regular clothing to grab a bite to eat on their lunch break. Even Disney employees crave Cheeseburger Spring Rolls, of course!

4. Sick Days

This one is a BIG deal for Cast Members. It’s a fact that is drilled into the minds of every employee from day one. If a Cast Member calls out sick, they can not, repeat NOT, go to the Disney parks on their day off. If a Cast Member is caught, they will automatically be terminated from the company. Yep, it’s that serious. It’s not worth the risk, people!

Magic Kingdom

There you have it! Did you know about these Cast Member rules? In the meantime, we’re always on the lookout for the latest Disney news, so stay tuned for more.

3 Rules Every Disney Employee Must Follow

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Do any of these rules surprise you? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. When I worked at Disneyland, they used the costume I wore at two small locations and since my size was unique to all the other girls, I had my own costume. I was measured for my costume. Yep, they did that back then. They had two made in my size. I turned it in every night and it was fresh and clean the next day. I dreaded when I was relocated for the day. Finding a costume to fit was a drag.