BEST Rides at SeaWorld Orlando

If you think SeaWorld is just Shamu and walking through aquariums — then you haven’t been to there recently!

SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld has some of the most thrilling coasters with the most advanced ride technology and innovative attractions!

We’re gonna go through all of SeaWorld Orlando’s rides and let you know which ones are the best and not to be missed! So, if you’re curious about which rides at SeaWorld you want to prioritize, then this post is for YOU!

SeaWorld Orlando Sign

Without further ado, here is a COMPLETE guide to the best rides at SeaWorld. And we’re starting at the bottom, so keep reading to see what ride makes our #1 pick for SeaWorld!7.

7. Ice Breaker

This is a moderate-thrill coaster that allows you to soar through twists, turns, and air-time hills. One of the newer rides at the park, opening in 2022.

Ice Breaker

You must be 48″ tall to ride Ice Breaker. It is a 1,900 ft coaster that reaches speeds of 52 miles per hour, while launching riders both forward and backward.

6. Infinity Falls

This high-thrill water ride is a great ride for families to ride together! You’ll wind your way around fountains, geysers, and waterfalls on a raft. This attraction is similar to Kali River Rapids in Animal Kingdom and offers a guaranteed wet cool down on those hot Orlando days.

SeaWorld Orlando Infinity Falls ©SeaWorld

You have to be between 42″ and 77″ to ride Infinity Falls. Riders will be spinning around, navigating ‘rough’ waters at decent speeds, so the ride will get bumpy at times. This river raft ride holds the record for the tallest drop on any ride of this type, so be prepared for that final splashdown. And if you don’t want to spend the rest of your walking in soggy clothes, SeaWorld even provides “family-sized dryers” for a small fee.

5. Journey to Atlantis

Journey to Atlantis is another great family-friendly coaster that takes you through watery passageways and down a deep plunge.

Journey to Atlantis at SeaWorld

You must be 42″ to ride Journey to Atlantis. A traditional flume ride, which is one of the oldest attractions in SeaWorld, but still a nostalgic classic.

4. Manta

This extreme-thrill coaster takes riders on a head-first, face-down, inverted nosedive!


You have to be 54″ to ride Manta. This ride is themed after the actual manta ray, which has forward-facing mouths and seems to effortlessly fly through the water. This ride is one of the most unique rides as riders will experience inversions, in a unique rider position.

3. Kraken

This is another extreme-thrill coaster that is themed after the mythological underwater creature. Riders’ feet dangle as they are seated in open-sided seats. Kraken is a floor-less roller coaster with a massive drop that even allows you to see the Orlando skyline. Featuring an astonishing 4,000 ft+ in length, and a top speed of 65 miles per hour, guests will have plenty of adrenaline pumping to look forward to.


You must be 54″ to ride Kraken. This ride begins by making a sharp right turn with a small drop, and then you’ll immediately begin climbing towards the massive first drop. Once you reach the top, you’ll be able to see an amazing view of the park and its surroundings, and then the famous drop begins. One of the coolest things about this ride is that there are many parts where you’ll be directly over the water, and the water will seemingly move around you due to your high speed.

2. Pipeline: The Surf Coaster

This coaster restrains guests while they’re standing for a high-thrill coaster experience. And it’s one of the newest, opening in May 2023!


The minimum height for this ride is 54″, and since it is a standing coaster, the maximum height Is 78″. Pipeline, the Surf Coaster, is a new attraction roller coaster at SeaWorld Orlando. The Surf Coaster is a one-of-a-kind roller coaster that makes you feel like you’re riding waves on a giant surfboard, at speeds over 60 MPH!


This is an extreme-thrill coaster that speeds up to 73 miles per hour and takes you up to 200 feet in the air. This coaster features a lot of high speeds and deep dives.


You must be 54″ tall to ride Mako.

And there you have it! If you’re considering visiting SeaWorld, you can refer to this list to go ahead and plan out your ride priorities throughout your day in the park. We’ll be sure to keep you updated with more theme park and travel news, so make sure to follow along for more.

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