Best Walking Shoes for Disney World

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It’s something that truly isn’t talked about enough …

Lots of walking will be done at Disney World!

The amount of walking done over the course of your Disney vacation! Let’s face it, Disney World is HUGE and you’ll be clocking some serious mileage as you’re walking throughout the parks. All of that walking in the wrong pair of shoes can truly be detrimental.

We’re sharing our favorite park shoes so you can avoid foot pain and heartache during your next Disney vacation. Sit back and relax, ’cause we’re going shoe shopping.

Make sure you have comfy shoes…

Okay, so our readers provided us with a plethora of running shoe options. However, you’re in luck, because behind the scenes here at AllEars, there are some marathoners who’ve been around the track or two with this topic. (See what we did there?)

The best way to ensure comfort is to get properly fitted for a shoe!

If you’re going to buy running shoes, we highly recommend going into a store and getting specially fitted for a shoe! This will ensure that you and your shoes are a match made in heaven and that they won’t cause you unnecessary pain. If you’d rather avoid that and order online, here are some solid options for relatively neutral shoes that our readers love.

First, we have the Hoka One One Mach 5 Trainer available on Amazon.


This is a very neutral shoe, meaning it doesn’t provide stability for over-or-under-pronation. It also provides a maximum amount of cushion for cozy heels and joints!

Click here to purchase the Hoka One One Mach 5 Trainer

Next, we have the Brooks Ghost 14 which are on sale on Amazon.


These shoes provide slightly more stability but less cushion.

Click here to purchase the Brooks Ghost 14

A fun Adidas CloudFoam Pure 2.0 shoe on Amazon.


The idea of walking on cloud foam sounds pretty heavenly.

Click here to purchase the Adidas CloudFoam

Another Adidas shoe made our list, this time for the fellas in the group: the Adidas Lite Racer Adapt 3.0


Cut wide for maximum comfort, these men’s Adidas running-inspired shoes keep you feeling good from rope drop to fireworks. A cushioned midsole and a snug feel let you move with ease. Clean lines mean you can wear them with anything.

Click here to purchase the Adidas Lite Racer Adapt

Skechers are often a popular choice among our staff.


We particularly like the air-cooled memory foam insole.

Click here to purchase the Skechers Ultra Flex Salutation

We have another set of Skechers that we love. The Skechers Women’s Go Walk 5 True-Sneaker.


These are also usually a bargain!

Click here to purchase the Skechers Go Walk 5 True-Sneaker

When it comes to sneakers, your brain might automatically think of Nike. And those are on our list, too. The Nike Zoom provides comfort and support for those long park days.


Plus, they’re cute, too!

Click here to purchase the Nike Zoom

While we’re on a Nike kick, check out these men’s sneakers, the Nike Men’s Waffle One.


The classic Nike look for your park day.

Click here to purchase the Nike Men’s Waffle One

These Lancrop Sock Walking Shoes are easy slip-on and slip-off shoes.


And they come in practically every color for every outfit. Perfect for Disney bounding.

Click here to purchase the Lancrop Sock Walking Shoes

For our final running shoe, we have the ON Cloud 5 sneaker that is also now on Amazon.


These shoes provide some stability and quite a bit of cushion, plus they’re a bit more low-profile than the other two.

Click here to purchase the ON Cloud 5 


If sandals are more your style, these might be the shoes for you! Tevas come in several trendy styles and colors and still provide comfort. We found some on Amazon, but there are plenty of sizes and colors that fit every style and budget.


What our readers love about these is the minimal cushion and how lightweight they are. Plus, they’re waterproof and quick drying, so you won’t be uncomfortable all day if it rains!

Click here to purchase the Tevas

We like these Clarks Women’s Arla Glison Flip Flops.


Again, in almost any color you can imagine for any outfit.

Click here to purchase the Clarks Flip Flops


These are a fan-favorite for our readers! We found some Crocs on Amazon, and Disney tends to make several pairs of Crocs as well.


Our readers love that these are lightweight and cushioned and that they have a comfortable strap so that they don’t slip off.

Click here to purchase the Crocs

No matter which shoes you choose, the most important part is that they’re broken in before your trip. Trust us, you do not want to be breaking in a new pair of shoes while you’re walking around Disney. Either way, you might end up with some blisters, so here’s some bonus material!

The BEST Crocs For a Disney World Visit

The Bandaid Hydro Seal bandages are on Amazon and can be worn for multiple days in a row — protecting you from blisters or allowing current ones to heal.


These are hydrocolloid bandaids, so not only will they stay on — but they allow your body’s natural healing process to occur underneath. Friends don’t let friends get blisters!

Click here to purchase the Bandaid Hydro Seal Bandages

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Have you tried any of these shoes? Let us know in the comments! 

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4 Replies to “Best Walking Shoes for Disney World”

  1. I didn’t see my beloved Hey Dudes on this list. I just went to WDW and SeaWorld a couple weeks ago. Walked 35 miles in four days and my feet never hurt for a minute. My knees and hips might have had a few complaints, but never my feet!

  2. I recommend anything SAS makes. The company started by making shoes for nurses and other people who had to spend all day on their feet. They are not cheap, but wear like iron. I have been wearing the same pair to Disney and other walking destinations for coming up on two decades.

  3. Personally, I spent a whole week walking in Walt Disney World with Vibram Fivefingers (minimalist “feet gloves”), and it’s the very first time travelling while doing some heavy walking where my feet did not end up with severe pain / fatigue, or a bunch of very painful, blood-filled blisters underneath the pads of my feet at the front (close to the toes) and between my toes.

    Of course, you first get your body used to wearing minimalist shoes before you go a full week walking with them (since most of the muscles that would normally be stabilizing our feet and ankles have been atrophied by footwear providing all the support and holding everything in place for us).

    But the transition has been well worth it! Especially for someone with hyperbobile joint issues that could heavily benefit from strengthening the muscles of her ankles and feet.

  4. I don’t do well walking all day in a tie shoe, so my go-to DW shoe is the Drew Rose Mary Jane flat. Not the most gorgeous shoe around, but it is sturdy and has good arch support, is adaptable to orthotics, and the strap is secured by Velcro and easy to adjust if your feet swell a bit in the heat.