5 Things You’ll REGRET Bringing to Disney World

Believe it or not, there is actually such a thing as overpacking for Disney World!

Grand Floridian

Sometimes, the hardest part of visiting Disney World is deciding what to pack. Don’t worry, we’re here to make that packing process easier, especially when it comes to what you SHOULDN’T bring with you to Disney World!

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Sometimes packing the essentials is easy, but we’ve all made mistakes where we brought things we probably could’ve done without at Disney World. Here are five items you’ll regret bringing to Disney World and replacements you can get on Amazon instead!

Bulky or Tiny Backpacks

The important thing to remember when you’re visiting Disney World is that you’ve got to carry around your bag all day. So if it’s too bulky, you’re just asking for back troubles. And if it’s too small, you’re not going to have enough room to fit your essentials.

So many bags!

Instead, check out this Snoffic Travel Backpack on Amazon!


This backpack is waterproof, approved by most airlines as a carry-on, and comes with two waterproof clear bags, a padded laptop compartment, a dry-wet compartment, a charging hole, a breathable mesh back panel, an anti-theft pocket, and several other pockets.  Practical and stylish, this backpack makes a great park bag!

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Lidless Water Bottles and Cups

The last thing you want to do at Disney World is spill your drink, and you’re guaranteed to have that happen with a lidless bottle or cup.

Moosehead Beer Cup

One of our favorite substitutions is a Hydro Flask!


This Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Wide Mouth Water Bottle comes with a flex straw lid and double-wall vacuum insulation. Perfect for refilling water throughout the day, this water bottle also comes in 15 different colors and three different sizes.

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Overpacking Only Warm-weather Clothes

It’s true that Central Florida can get pretty hot, especially during the summer. But if you only pack for hot climate you’re omitting another truth — Florida is also very rainy.

Rainy day

Instead of overpacking a bunch of summer clothes, make sure to throw in a bit of rainwear.


Cosowe Rain Ponchos on Amazon come in a 2-pack, are reusable, and come in a variety of colors. Trust us, it’s better to bring a poncho than overpack clothes that you might not end up wearing.

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The Wrong Shoes

Ask any Disney World expert and they’ll tell you the same thing — shoes can make or break a Disney World vacation.

Disney World Flip Flops

Since you’ll likely be walking a lot, we recommend picking up a good pair of sturdy, yet comfortable shoes and breaking them in before your trip.


Our Amazon storefront has a whole selection of shoes we recommend that are perfect for all types of activity you’ll do while visiting Disney World!

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Selfie Stick

If you show up to Disney World with a selfie stick and try to get into one of the parks, you’re not going to get very far. Selfie sticks are prohibited at the Disney Parks.


If you want to bring a phone camera aid into the parks, not all is lost.


This DJI Osmo Mobile 6 Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphones is a 3-axis phone gimbal with a built-in extension rod. It also features specialized tracking tech, extra stabilization, and zoom capabilities while being lightweight and compact.

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If you’re interested in more packing tips and merch deals, stay tuned right here at AllEars for the latest updates!


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