NEWS: It Will Now Cost You MORE To Build Droids and Lightsabers at Disney World

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is one of the most immersive, themed lands in all of the parks.

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Not only can you take in the sights and sounds of Batuu, enjoy some Endorian Tip Yip, and drink some blue or green milk — Galaxy’s Edge also provides guests with the opportunity to build their own lightsaber or droid! But, it looks like inflation has officially reached Galaxy’s Edge, as lightsaber and droid-building are going to cost you MORE now.

Two different Galaxy’s Edge experiences have received price increases in Disney World — building both droids and lightsabers will now cost you more in Hollywood Studios.

Batuu Marketplace

Over at Droid Depot, you can visit a workshop and create your very own custom Astromech droid unit. Previously, this experience cost $99 and included all the components you need for a droid, plus a carrying box. Now, the same experience will cost you $119.99.

A newly built droid!

And at Savi’s Workshop, you’ll be immersed in an epic lightsaber-building experience, where “Gatherers” present you with parts and components to make your very own custom lightsaber. This experience used to be $219.99, but has since gone up to $249.99.

Lightsabers in Savi’s Workshop

If you had plans to custom-build your own droid or lightsaber on your next visit to Galaxy’s Edge, keep these price increases in mind so you don’t get caught by surprise. This price increase also made its way to Disneyland Resort. You can also play Batuu Bounty Hunters with your MagicBand+ on your next trip — read about our experience here.

Let’s be bounty hunters!

And, if you’re looking for something to wear on your next visit to Batuu, check out this outfit we put together!

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One Reply to “NEWS: It Will Now Cost You MORE To Build Droids and Lightsabers at Disney World”

  1. I am glad I didn’t book the light saber experience because $249 would have put it out of reach and my kids would have been so disappointed. We are going next month and I have scraped and saved, worked extra shifts for our first Disney trip. We are doing the droid experience and the extra $40 will have to come out of the budget somewhere else.