10 Things You Could Have Done in the Time People Waited for the Figment Popcorn Bucket in Disney World

This year’s EPCOT International Festival of the Arts kicked off on January 14th. And it’s safe to say that the Figment Popcorn Bucket was the undisputed must-have item on the first day of the festival!

Figment Popcorn Bucket

EPCOT’s Festival of the Arts offers plenty for guests to enjoy, with over a dozen food boothsspecialty entertainment, tons of artwork (of course!), and more. But on the first day of the festival, it seemed like all anyone could talk about was the coveted Figment Popcorn Bucket!

This small, but clearly mighty, purple dragon is available at the Pop Eats! food booth. And he caused such a stir that we saw the line to buy him get as long as six and a half hours on the first day of the festival. Now that’s some SERIOUS dedication to the popcorn bucket game!

Line for Pop Eats, where the Figment Popcorn Bucket is being sold

For comparison, let’s take a look at some of the other things you could have done in the time people stood in line for the Figment Popcorn Bucket.

Ride Journey Into Imagination with Figment 65 Times

Let’s start off with something Figment-themed in honor of the hottest dragon in town. Journey Into Imagination with Figment clocks in with a ride time of six minutes. That means you would be able to ride the attraction 65 times in the six and a half hours it took for guests to snag the popcorn bucket designed after the star of the ride.

Journey Into Imagination

Of course, that doesn’t include any time waiting in line, so in this scenario, let’s assume that you’re a SUPER lucky (or unlucky?) guest that’s allowed to ride the attraction on a loop!

Watch the First 2.5 Harry Potter Movies

Who’s ready for a movie marathon? In six and a half hours, you could finish watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (2 hours and 32 minutes) and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2 hours and 41 minutes), plus make it almost exactly halfway through Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (total run time of 2 hours and 22 minutes).

Wizarding World of Harry Potter

After the recent Harry Potter reunion, we’d say it’s the perfect time for a rewatch of the series!

Run a Marathon

Here’s a little something for all you runDisney enthusiasts out there. If you were running at an average pace of 5 miles per hour (or in other words, running a mile every 12 minutes), you would be able to complete a full marathon in a little over 5 hours.

Cinderella and Prince Charming in a runDisney Race!

That even leaves plenty of time for a cool down after…or a nap.

Fly from Los Angeles to Hawaii

Ever dreamed of hopping around all of the Disney destinations around the world? Well, if you just wrapped up a trip to Disneyland Resort and wanted to fly down to Aulani in Hawaii next, the flight from Los Angeles to Hawaii would take you about six hours.

Olu Mel at Disney’s Aulani Resort ©Disney

You could even combine this with one of the ideas above and have a Harry Potter movie marathon during your flight!

Watch 17 Full Episodes of Schitt’s Creek

We can’t get enough of Moira Rose, so we’d happily binge through the 17 full episodes of Schitt’s Creek that we could watch in six and a half hours.


If you’re feeling inspired to watch (or rewatch) the show, be sure to share your favorite quotes with us in the comments!

Listen to “One Little Spark” Over 100 Times

Who’s ready to brave this one?? The theme song from Journey Into Imagination, “One Little Spark,” is about three and a half minutes long. That means you could listen to the full song about 108 times in 6.5 hours.

Journey Into Imagination

Beware, if you take on this challenge, you may never get this song out of your head! The Sherman Brothers sure did know how to write an earworm!

Drive From Orlando to Atlanta

Road trip! If you hopped in your car at Disney World and started driving north, you could make it to Atlanta faster than you could make it through the Figment Popcorn Bucket line at its longest point.

International Drive in Orlando

Bonus points if you listen to “One Little Spark” the whole trip.

Walk Around World Showcase 19.5 Times

The full loop around World Showcase in EPCOT is 1.2 miles. So, if you were strolling at an average pace of 3 miles per hour, you could make your way around World Showcase 19.5 times in six and a half hours.

China Pavilion

That’s one way to burn off all the calories from those food booths!

Watch Avengers: Endgame and Avengers: Infinity War

Even though they have impressively long run times, you could still watch all of Avengers: Endgame (3 hours and 2 minutes) and Avengers: Infinity War (2 hours and 29 minutes) with time to spare!


Maybe you could use your extra time to start Guardians of the Galaxy to get hyped up for the new coaster coming to EPCOT this summer!

Ride Every EPCOT Attraction

Earlier, we touched on how many times you could ride Journey Into Imagination straight through in six and a half hours. But even if we accounted for the wait times on the first day of the festival, you would still have been able to ride all of the attractions in EPCOT in less total time than it took to make it through the Figment Popcorn Bucket line!

Spaceship Earth

And that’s without accounting for any potential Genie+ or Individual Attraction Selections!

Now that we’ve taken a look at some of the other things you could do in the same amount of time it took to wait for a Figment Popcorn Bucket, we want to hear from YOU! What else could you do in six and a half hours? Or would you rather stick it out in line to snag a Figment of your own?? Let us know in the comments!

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Would you wait in line for over six hours for the Figment Popcorn Bucket? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. I personally would not want to wait that long for anything, but let’s not judge those who were willing to spend their time to fulfill a child’s wish or even give themselves a pleasure or memory to perhaps help them overcome grief or loss or other sadness. If it makes someone happy, that’s special!