Treat Yourself to a Spa Day with Disney World’s NEW Facial Masks!

The holidays are upon us, which means running around shopping for presents and baking ten thousand cookies.

Disney Spa Facial Mask

It can get a little stressful this time of year! We’re granting you full permission to treat yourself to a spa day with these new Disney facial masks!

A day at the spa can get a little spendy, but these new face masks are only $6.99. The masks come in a variety of scents and designs inspired by Disney Princesses and even a few Disney Villains. You can choose from the Princess Jasmine mask which is made with antioxidant green tea, “to refresh and revitalize.”

Princess Spa Mask

For floral scents, try Sleeping Beauty’s calming lavender mask!

Princess Spa Mask

The enchanted rose from Beauty and the Beast inspired Belle’s rose water mask.

Princess Spa Mask

Naturally, Ariel’s mask is made with cucumber for hydration!

Princess Spa Mask

And while we’re under the sea, check out Ursula’s cucumber mask! Disney Villains need a day off too!

Ursula Spa Mask

Apple, dearie? The Evil Queen’s spa mask is infused with apples which “can help promote a radiant and glowing complexion.” Now, who’s the fairest of them all?

Evil Queen Spa Mask

Maleficent is here to wind down after a hard day of ruling as the Mistress of Evil. Her mask is made from antioxidant green tea.

Maleficent Spa Mask

Each mask features a special design inspired by the princess or villain. Maleficent’s mask is illustrated with Sleeping Beauty’s castle, brambles, and a dragon!

Maleficent Spa Mask Design

We found the masks at Star Traders at the Magic Kingdom and Legends of Hollywood in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. You’ll most likely find them in other gift shops around Disney World too! Do you already feel more relaxed just thinking about a day off?

Which spa mask would you purchase? Let us know in the comments!

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