You’ll Never Believe How Much NEW Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Merchandise We Found in Disney World Today!

We hope you’ve got your space boots and that you’re ready for a trip around Disney’s Hollywood Studios today!


As we were making our way around the park, we noticed that there were SO many new Star Wars items. While we tried to prevent ourselves from spending a ridiculous amount of credits, we decided to show you all the galactic goods you can find throughout the park right now!

Fans of all ages can look snazzy as they explore the Black Spire Outpost with not one, but FIVE new shirts based off of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge! The Rebel ladies out there can look like a Resistance leader in the Red Galaxy’s Edge Women’s Shirt for $36.99

Red Galaxy’s Edge Women’s Shirt

…while X-Wing Fighter Pilots might love the orange and white color scheme of the Black Spire Outpost Shirt for $36.99!

Black Spire Outpost Shirt

As you start your space travels, you can remember all the places you’ve visited wearing the Galaxy’s Edge Stamp Shirt for $36.99

Galaxy’s Edge Stamp Shirt

…before heading all the way back to Batuu (your home away from home) with the Galaxy’s Edge Shirt for $24.99!

Galaxy’s Edge Shirt

However, as the temperatures drop throughout the winter, you might want to put on the Black Spire Outpost Spirit Jersey that features the outpost logo on the front…

Black Spire Outpost Spirit Jersey

…with Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge stretched across the back for $69.99.

Black Spire Outpost Spirit Jersey

Oh, and don’t forget to drink something nice and warm from the Galaxy’s Edge Mug for $19.99 (especially if you’re taking a trip to Hoth)!

Galaxy’s Edge Mug

The second season of The Mandalorian is premiering in two days, and we can hardly wait. We already know we’re going to get emotional watching Baby Yoda and Mando reunite on Disney+. But, at least we can also look cute while we’re binge-watching the show wearing The Mandalorian Comic Book Cover Shirt for $26.99

The Mandalorian Comic Book Cover Shirt

and the matching The Mandalorian Comic Book Strip Shirt for $19.99!

The Mandalorian Comic Book Strip Shirt

And, we think that the Star Wars Santa Hat at Tatooine Traders could definitely pass as a party hat for $29.99 so you can further celebrate the return of the hit show this weekend!

Star Wars Santa Hat

We just get so attached to character throughout the course of the Star Wars franchise. And, this little Maz Kanata Plush just reminded us of why we love the Pirate Queen of Takodana so much…

Maz Kanata Plush

…as she looks cozy and ready for sweater weather!

Maz Kanata Plush

Plus, bounty hunter Boba Fett is also chilling out on the shelves (he’s a lot more cuddly than he looks)…

Boba Fett Plush

…ready to watch his fellow bounty hunter Mando on Disney+ with you! Since you can get each of the plushes for $22.99 each, it’s pretty much a given that you have to take BOTH of them home.

Boba Fett Plush

Savi’s Workshop recently released a line of extra parts that you can use to add a swanky twist to your hand-built lightsaber! Each set of hilt parts have their own theme, depending on the saber you choose. While you start re-designing your saber, you can represent the Light or the Dark Side with the Pin and Patch Sets with themes like Peace and Justice

Peace and Justice Pin and Patch Set

Power and Control

Power and Control Pin and Patch Set

Elemental Nature

Elemental Nature Pin and Patch Set

…and Protection and Defense! Each set is $27.99, which is a STEAL for getting both a patch and a pin that you can wear at home or in the parks!

Protection and Defense Pin and Patch Set

Whether you choose to be a Jedi Master or a Sith Lord, you can still wear the Savi’s Force Wielder Shirt…

Savi’s Shirt

…or the Savi’s Workshop Logo Shirt with one of the amazing hand-built lightsabers for $36.99 too!

Savi’s Shirt

The hard part is deciding which items you’re going to take home with you (even though they’re all worth it to us)! As we keep returning to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, we’ll give you a look at everything happening in Batuu as we trek around the Black Spire Outpost!

Take a look at the new Force Guided Kyber Crystals we found in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge!

What new Star Wars item is a must-have for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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