5 Little Things That Aren’t Working in Disney World Right Now

Since Disney World reopened in July 2020, we’ve seen a huge amount of changes take place in terms of health and safety policies and otherwise.

Cinderella Castle

We’ve seen capacity increased, a new Annual Pass program announced, the Disney Genie program coming soon, and more. And with Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebration coming soon, there’s a lot to enjoy while you’re in Disney Parks right now. However, there are a few small things we’ve noticed recently around the parks that aren’t working as well.

We’ve had a few issues with some crowding, technological glitches, and other features of Disney World!

Social Distancing

Although maintaining social distancing is no longer an official Disney World policy, the lack of social distancing in ride pre-shows has been quite daunting lately. Even when a lot of people aren’t in line, we’ve seen pre-shows quite crowded wall to wall.

Rock ‘N Roller Coaster Pre-Show

And it’s not just ride pre-shows that have seen more packed crowds though, as Disney World has increased capacity and taken down social distancing markers throughout all four parks.

Fireworks Crowds

If you’re someone who still practices social distancing, packed ride pre-shows and event spaces (like before fireworks) might be uncomfortable for you right now.

Is there still social distancing in Disney World?

My Disney Experience App

The My Disney Experience app is an important tool for visiting Disney World, and it’s majorly frustrating when the app doesn’t work. And with many Disney World restaurants accepting Mobile Order right now, it can make a negative impact on your day if the app goes down.


Once the Disney Genie feature is added to My Disney Experience, it may be an even bigger issue for the app to have issues, especially if you pay for Genie+ and can’t even book your Lightning Lane passes!

Check out other My Disney Experience glitches here!

Disney World’s Website

Another frustrating part of planning your Disney World visit right now can be website errors. No one wants to see the “Something Went Wrong” page while trying to get to the screen you needed.


These persistent website issues can be really bothersome especially when you’re trying to snag an in-demand restaurant reservation or a Disney World resort hotel with a special discount!

Read more about a Disney World website glitch we’ve experienced here!


While we do have character cavalcades in Disney World, a lot of people are missing other forms of entertainment, like parades, character meet-and-greets, and shows that have not yet returned.

Character Cavalcade

Currently, some Disney characters appear at a distance throughout Disney Parks, where you can wave to them and exchange a few words.

Belle greeting guests at EPCOT

Also, some shows have returned with social distancing measures like with Beauty and the Beast: Live on Stage, or a shortened duration and some missing performances, like with Festival of the Lion King.

A Standing Ovation!

Although character meet-and-greets will be returning to Tokyo Disneyland soon, we don’t yet know when they will return to Disney World. A parade will take place in Disney World this year at Disney’s Very Merriest After Hours Party, but that will require a separate ticketed entry to the event.

Read more about the newly imagined Finding Nemo: The Musical coming soon!

No Starbucks Mobile Order

Quick Service locations have been using Mobile Order so that guests can get food to-go easily and quickly. However, Starbucks inside of the parks at places like the Main Street Bakery and Creature Comforts continues to only use Stand By lines.

Starbucks Cast Member

Although these are arguably some of the busiest spots in Disney World, we’re surprised that Mobile Order still hasn’t been put in place at the bakeries through the My Disney Experience app. Starbucks in Disney Springs has been primarily using Mobile Order through the Starbucks app, so it would only make sense for the parks to be operating in the same way.

Main Street Bakery Line

The morning rush for breakfast and coffee is still a thing, and Mobile Order might be important to cut down on the early morning coffee lines.

Check out the ultimate guide to Mobile Order in Disney World right now!

Although there are still parts of Disney World that could use some improvement now, we’ve had plenty of great experiences over the past year and a half since Disney World reopened. While we know that Disney will continue to make necessary changes, we hope to see some of our suggestions incorporated in the parks and resorts too!

Here’s why people are leaving Disney World for Universal!

What are some of your experiences that you’ve had in Disney World recently? Let us know in the comments below!

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Rachel Franko has been going to Disney Parks since she was a baby, and her love of Disney has only grown into a SLIGHT obsession since! She's been writing for AllEars since 2019 and loves sharing the magic with all the readers. When she's not writing, you can catch her heading to Disney and Universal Studios with a heart full of dreams and a backpack full of themed ears!

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9 Replies to “5 Little Things That Aren’t Working in Disney World Right Now”

  1. With the exception of the Galaxy’s Edge area issues, I feel that this article is a little off the mark. Partitions on the floor because people are sitting?? You have to accept some of your own responsibility. “Disney bubble” doesn’t mean you get your own bubble. If you are worried about people being close to you on the monorail, get off or just pray your mask is protecting you for the time you are in transit.

  2. If you’re this terrified of being around or even seeing other human beings in medium proximity to one another, perhaps going to the parks right now just is not for you.

  3. It’s rather odd that no article is mentioning one of the biggest turn offs which is that Disney has not lowered their prices given all the limited experiences they are offering. No parents wants to take their child and spend this kind of money when a lot of the things little kids love about the park visit have been suspended. Nor does anyone have the time to arrive home and then quarantine for 14 days after the average 7 day trip. The thought of vacationing is just one big hassle at the moment unfortunately.

  4. I’ve noticed in a few other Disney world vlogs on YouTube that once people get inside the skyliner gondolas they are Taking their masks off. I feel that’s very unsafe especially since Disney isn’t wiping down each gondola before the next party gets on. That makes me feel like the virus can spread very easily that way. And those gondolas have cameras in there and obviously the speakers. so can’t the cast members come online and tell them “please put back on your mask(s) ??
    That’s just my feeling on the situation at hand.

  5. Air can easily flow under and around those plastic sheeting barriers. There are gaps. Galaxy’s Edge is in need of crowd control. If it is too crowded we leave. It is important to remember that you may have to politely stick up for yourself. If a cast member seats someone who is not a member of your party on your bench. Speak up. Or get off and speak up to a manager. Just be respectful, but realize if your not comfortable, you may have to step out of the situation yourself. We were following a family not wearing masks in the small world line. We passed a manager cast member, once we realized they were not going to remedy the situation, we left the ride line. Fortunately, we are frequent visitors and are happy to just be at the parks enjoying what we can safely. It is definitely not a good time to visit if you are hoping for the perfect vacation. In the end you should never put yourself or your children in a situation that feels unsafe. We were there for 4 days 3 weeks ago and we have remained healthy. We wore our masks and avoided anyone not following the rules. It is safer than going to the grocery store in my state where we have no mask or social distancing requirements.

  6. Whoever writes these articles has a lot of Covid anxiety. The safari barriers have never caused me stress – other than the fact that airflow is decreased and it gets really stuffy.

    And people sitting during ride breakdown? That’s not a Disney problem. If people are worried, then don’t sit.

    I love AllEars, but you guys always seem a little overly critical. It’s an amusement park. It’s not a necessity, so people who go are accepting a certain amount of risk.

    1. The problem with the whole philosophy of “accepting your own risk” is that with pandemics one person’s risk affects me and my family. This isn’t like someone deciding if they want to wear a seatbelt. If someone decides to accept more risk than another person and contracts covid they can spread it to those that did not accept that extra risk. People who may have no choice but to leave their homes due to having essential work for example. We are each other’s keeper in this situation and should decrease our risk as much as possible for one another’s benefit.

      1. I agree! These other attitudes are exactly why the country is facing such a public health crisis. Responsibility runs two ways: Disney needs to do every thing to keep guests safe just as we do to keep ourselves and those around us safe. Tragically your readers don’t seem to care.