How to Navigate the Walt Disney World Bus System Like a Pro

Navigating Walt Disney World can seem like an intimidating task, to say the least. Disney World offers a variety of free modes transportation for guests to navigate the parks, from the iconic Monorail to the new Skyliner gondola.

Disney World Resort Buses

Perhaps the most used, though, is the Walt Disney World bus system, which will take you from any of the resorts to all of the theme parks, water parks, and Disney Springs! While that might seem overwhelming, don’t worry, we got you! We’re here to give you some of our favorite tips and tricks to navigate the Disney World Bus System like a total pro!

Here are five tips to help you become a Disney World Bus System Pro!

Make My Disney Experience Your New BFF

There are about a million reasons we’d recommend you have the My Disney Experience app downloaded on your phone for your Disney trip. From planning your FastPass+ schedule to mobile ordering, the app is a trip-saver (like a lifesaver, but for trips!). But there’s also one big perk it brings for anyone staying on Disney property – it actually will help you keep track of the bus schedule for your resort, so you can know what bus is coming when!

My Disney Experience App

If you’re staying at a Disney resort, all you need to do is log into your account on My Disney Experience, and navigate to your resort stay’s page. From there, you can find the bus schedule for your resort, showing you what times each of the park buses will be coming, so you don’t actually have to be at the bus stop to know the timing. This is a huge help, especially if you’re looking to take a few minutes to relax in your hotel room and want to know whether you have five minutes or twenty minutes until the bus will show up.

Make Yourself Familiar With Your Resort’s Bus Stop

Riviera Resort Bus Stop

While this one might sound silly, once you see how big some of the Disney resorts are, you will totally understand why this a recommendation! Some of the Disney World Resorts have multiple bus stops, especially the bigger resorts that have separate buildings where guests can stay (i.e. Caribbean Beach Resort and Coronado Springs Resort). When you check into your hotel, it’s worth taking a resort map with you to figure out where exactly your bus stop is so you won’t have any delays when you need to get on a bus!

Figure Out Your Bus Stop Number at the Parks

While we’re at it, we’d also recommend familiarizing yourself with the bus stop you get off of at the park!

Disney Springs Bus Stop Sign

You’ll notice at each Disney World park that there’s a bus stop number that correlates with your resort hotel. Typically at the entrance to the bus stop of each park, you’ll find a large sign that lists all of the resorts and their corresponding gate number. We’d recommend checking this out on your way off of the bus, before you enter the park. That way, when you are heading out later in the day, it won’t be a mad dash to figure out where in the world you’re supposed to go!

Give Yourself Extra Time

We get it: there is so much to do in Disney World, it’s only natural to want to get as much done as humanly possible.

Bus Times

That being said, it’s always a great rule of thumb to plan in a little extra time when traversing around the World! While the Disney World Bus System is a fantastic way to get around the parks, due to traffic or any number of other issues, it’s impossible to eliminate the possibility of delays. That’s why we recommend planning a little extra time to get over to the bus stop – after all, it’s better to be a bit early than be rushing out the door to catch the next stop. And most of all, just remember to breathe and have fun! You’re in Disney World, after all!

What tips and tricks would you recommend for navigating around Disney World by bus? Let us know in the comments below!

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