Sam’s Club Offering Discounts on Disney Tickets and Annual Passes

Sam’s Club is known as place to save on anything from toilet paper and car tires to peanut butter and electronics. Since March 7 of this year, you can also save on both Disney World and Disneyland tickets at Sam’s Club.

With this past week’s announcement of Disney World Annual Pass price increases, Sam’s Club can help you save even more than before with their Disney World Annual Pass options.

As of press time, Sam’s Club is selling Disney World Annual Passes for the general public and Florida residents — and the savings are significant. We’ll take a look at the general public annual passes for comparison purposes:

Disney World Platinum Pass — General Public

  • Walt Disney World Price: $1,191.74
  • Sam’s Club Price: $865.00
    • Admission to the Magic Kingdom® Park, Epcot®, Disney’s Hollywood Studios® and Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park
    • Standard theme park parking
    • Freedom to visit multiple parks on the same day for a period of one (1) year starting with the date of first use of this Ticket.
    • Also includes unlimited digital downloads of photos taken during the One (1) year period and linked to the guest’s Disney account. 

Disney World Platinum Plus Pass — General Public

  • Walt Disney World Price: $1,298.24
  • Sam’s Club Price: $965.99
    • Admission to the Magic Kingdom® Park, Epcot®, Disney’s Hollywood Studios®, Disney’s Animal Kingdom®Theme Park, Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course – greens fee only (tee time reservations are required and subject to availability), ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex (valid only on event days; some events require an additional admission charge)
    • Standard theme park parking
    • Freedom to visit multiple parks on the same day for a period of one (1) year starting with the date of first use of this Ticket.
    • Also includes unlimited digital downloads of photos taken during the One (1) year period and linked to the guest’s Disney account.

We took a look at Sam’s Club “Important Ticket Information” and “Tips and Information” and noticed the Sam’s Club site does not reference a complimentary MagicBand for Passholders, FastPass+ availability, nor the many discounts, including merchandise,dining, and more that are offered to Passholders, as well as other perks when passes are purchased through Disney. This does not mean these perks are not offered, but be aware, and do your research and homework before purchasing these passes.

As of press time, Sam’s Club does not sell Disneyland Annual Passes; they do sell single- and multi-day Disneyland tickets.

Have you purchased a Disneyland or Disney World Ticket or Annual Pass through Sam’s Club? Share your experience with us in the comments.

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46 Replies to “Sam’s Club Offering Discounts on Disney Tickets and Annual Passes”

    1. Hi Rebekah, They actually WERE selling Disney World annual passes up until a few days ago, when they apparently sold out. They are, however, still selling Disney water park and other tickets. Watch for a post on these discounted tickets coming soon.

    1. I believe they have sold out, Vicki. They still have park hoppers and water park tickets at a significant savings, though. Also, if you’re looking for discounted tickets for Disney World and other Orlando attractions, don’t forget to check out our sponsor Maple Leaf Tickets.

  1. Got ours a few days ago because of your tip. As of this morning, neither the Regular nor Florida Resident theme park annual passes appear on Sam’s site.

    1. We were at Sam’s Club yesterday to join up, purchased our APs last night and then noticed this morning that the ability to purchase APs is not gone from their list of ticket options. That purchase saved us over $560.00 US. We live in Ontario, Canada so our trip to Sam’s Club yesterday was well worth it for us. Let’s hope they offer the discounted tickets again next year when we need to buy them again.

  2. Thank you All Ears! We had already purchased the fligts, condo and rental car before we read about the annual price increase. Your advice saved us $1,100! Groupon had a $45 Sam’s membership special with a $20 egift card.

  3. Actually when you go to the buy tickets page on the annual pass dining, merchandise, recreation and tours discounts is listed below the annual pass heading.

  4. Purchased a Walt Disney World Platinum Pass Adult ages 10+ on June 27, 2019 from Sam’s Club Travel and Entertainment. Price $865.99 plus $58.79 tax for a total of $924.78– a savings of $269.46 from the WDW price. Thank you for the cost saving tip. Just goes to show it really PAYS to read Allears on a regular basis.

  5. I don’t see where these are discounted. DVC Gold a d it’s renewal are the same price as when purchased online and through Disney.

  6. If you purchase the annual passes from Sams and get the vouchers, are you able to get the pass holder room discount?

  7. Good lord. If the fact that it is taking numerous people 2 paragraphs to explain these tickets and how to use them doesn’t confirm what an absolute nightmare it is to plan a Disney trip, nothing will. The theory of relatively isn’t this complicated.

  8. I have purchased tickets already for August and a November trip. Is there anyway to cancel the tickets already purchased so this could be used instead?

    1. I don’t believe so, Dana. I do know that when you purchase tickets at the parks they are nonrefundable, however, you could visit guest relations and possibly get the money paid towards a different day. Remember you pay for certain calendar days according to the crowds

    1. As of press time, Sam’s Club does not sell Disneyland Annual Passes; they do sell single- and multi-day Disneyland tickets.

  9. Can you buy the annual pass now and activate it in September? Discounts on food and merchandise applies to this pass also? Does anyone know how long Sam’s will offer this discount on AP?

  10. I wanted to upgrade to AP in August when we get to the park. I have an August, October, and December trip booked already. Can the sams club price be prorated to reflect what I already paid for the tockets?

  11. So, I read that you have to pick these up at will call. Would that be at the front where you typically buy tickets? We are going but staying off site so I want to get all of my facts straight before I purchase. That would also mean that I can’t make fastpass reservations until I activate the AP, correct?

    1. You can attach the voucher to your My Disney Experience account and do fastpasses up to 30days in advance. But the pass would actually activate until the first time you went into the park.

  12. Ok, so after I posted my last comment, I contacted Disney to make sure I had given correct facts. If you purchase an Annual Pass through Sam’s Club, you can attach the voucher # to you My Disney Experience Account. If you have a resort vacation package booked, you can indeed make fast pass+ selections at the 60 day mark. You will receive a MagicBand for having a resort reservation. As for a MagicBand with the purchase of the Sam’s Club Annual Pass, you will only receive a MagicBand after you have exchanged your voucher for the actual Annual Pass card. So basically as long as you have a Disney Resort Vacation Package booked, you will receive a MagicBand before arrival & be able to make fast passes at the 60 day mark. IF you do not have a vacation package booked, you will not receive a free MagicBand until your 1st day, after exchanging the voucher for the actual card, which means you would receive the standard gray band. I hope my research helps!!

    1. Thank you so much for posting this information! Do you know if this pass includes the room, dining, and merch discounts like an annual pass purchased through Disney?

      1. Hi Kristen! I was told by a Disney Cast Member that you have the exact same benefits as an annual pass purchased directly from Disney! So YES! You do have those benefits!And you saved a ton of money!

    2. Being a Annual passholder already just wanted to clarify on receiving the magicbands. If you are not staying onsite, you will not receive your magicband for about 2 weeks after you activate your pass. The pass activates the first time you go into the park. Within 24-48hrs a link will populate in your Disney account on the Disneyworld website to choose your magicband. It will be sent to you within 7-10 days. So you technically will not have one until that time. However you do not need one since the hard copy pass that they issue you when activated is used as your ticket. Or you can purchase a magicband to use with your annual pass while you’re there from almost any gift shop in the parks if you don’t want to wait for it (you also get your annual passholder discount on the purchase).

      1. This must be new policy, because I bought my pass in May, and received my AP band already. We have not been to WDW yet on this pass….Aug is our first trip on this pass.

  13. I purchased my Annual Pass through Sam’s Club, after talking to a Disney Cast Member. Added it to my current reservation & Yes, you do receive a Magic Band & Yes you will be able to make fast pass+ reservations at the 60 day mark, as long as you have a room booked. Now my 60 day mark is not until August, but by everything on My Disney Experience, it looks like everything will be fine with my Magic Band & Fast Passes so I guess we will see. With tax, my Platinum Pass came to $924.28. That’s a major savings. Also to note, the voucher that is emailed to you, does not expire until December 2030, so you could purchase at the “old price” now & save for a future trip!

      1. I just purchased 2 annual passes from them. Go to travel and entertainment, theme parks, Disney, then look for a link for annual pass.

        1. Found it!!!! Thank you! You have to use the website on the pc. Scroll down the left side of the page. It actually says Annual Pass.

    1. Hi Krysta!
      If you are talking about the Annual Pass voucher from Sam’s Club, you have until December 2030 to exchange. But not sure about the ones from Tickets At Work. I would think it would be the same date.