Trust Me. When You Think You’re Alone on the Skyliner in Disney World, You’re Not.

I think by now we all know about my undying love for the Disney Skyliner.

Skyliner car all to myself!

Well, I didn’t love it when I got caught in a sudden storm up in the air, but 90% of the time it’s my absolute favorite mode of transportation. Especially because if I’m traveling during a less crowded time of day, I often get a Skyliner car to myself and THAT is truly an unmatched experience. But on my last Skyliner ride, I got to see first hand how just because you think you’re alone up there does NOT mean you really are.

Let me set the scene for you (because who would I be if I didn’t?): I was hopping on the Skyliner from EPCOT to Disney’s Hollywood Studios to complete my personal all-four-parks-in-one-day challenge (which I did successfully complete!) and was in a car with 4 others.

Skyliner in EPCOT

I had seen a large group get into the car in front of us — it looked to be some extended family/family friends traveling together, so there were maybe eight people in the car total (3 adults and 5 kids).

Disney Skyliner

The skies were clear as the sun was starting to set, and while no one in my car was chatting, we could faintly hear talking from somewhere. Now, I’ve heard snippets of conversation from other cars as they’ve whooshed by going the opposite way, but this was pretty constant. It took me a few seconds, but I realized it was the car ahead of us.

Hello up there!

I laughed a little hearing one of the adults get the kids’ attention and say “Now listen! We have a lot we want to do here, so here’s the game plan!” It was getting to be pretty late in the day and Hollywood Studios was only going to be open for another hour and a half, so I could only imagine the day they’d had, but it seemed to still be going well!

Skyliner Station at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

I was actually REALLY surprised at how well we could hear their conversation, and it didn’t sound like they were screaming or yelling at all! So that leads me to my main point — even if you’re in a Skyliner car alone, if you’re speaking at a relatively normal volume on the phone, TO your phone when you’re recording (I’ve done that MANY times), or singing your favorite Disney song, the car in front or behind you very well may be able to hear you! So are you really alone? Debatable.

Skyliner above Caribbean Beach Resort

The funniest part of the whole experience (although I felt bad for laughing) was when we came into the transfer station at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. If you’ve never been on the Skyliner before, coming into a station can be a little scary because you come down a little fast and quickly slow down. But if you don’t know any better, you may think you’re about to ram into the car in front of you!

Coming into the station can be scary!

It seems the kids in front of us had never ridden the Skyliner before, because as we approached the station, all of the sudden we hear this TERRIFIED SCREAM. Everyone in my car starts looking around, expecting to see a disaster, but it turned out it was just the car in front of us thinking they were going to crash. 😅

Skyliner station at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

So, moral of the story:

  • What you say on the Skyliner at normal speaking volume very well could be heard by the cars around you 
  • Assure your travel party that you will NOT slam into the car in front of you, even if it REALLY seems like it’s going to be a close call (it really does feel close, but you’re safe!)
EPCOT’s Disney Skyliner Station

We’re always here to give you the tips and tricks to prepare for your next Disney trip, so stay tuned to AllEars!

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What’s your best Skyliner story? Tell me in the comments!

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2 Replies to “Trust Me. When You Think You’re Alone on the Skyliner in Disney World, You’re Not.”

  1. If you would rather ride in a car alone or with your partner just tell the cast member loading. I believe they have to accommodate you since COVID. You may have to wait a bit but if you want to ride alone it is worth it to wait.

    1. How? You did not say. Is it the old string in a cup acoustic kids game only it is cable a a skycar? Or is it electric microphones? You could get off and repeat that conversation of the familiy in front of you….and that would really fry their brain.