Best Airlines To Fly To Universal’s NEW Epic Universe Park

Epic Universe is a brand-new theme park being built by Universal Orlando Resort. It is currently expected to open in 2025, and it is never too early to start planning.


This new park will feature five themed lands, three new hotels, and plenty of shops and restaurants. It is a huge expansion and will likely draw lots of crowds when it opens.

While we don’t have an exact date yet, Universal Orlando has announced that the park will be opening in 2025, and we always think that planning ahead is a good idea. Today, we are diving into the best airlines to fly to experience Epic Universe.


The best airline to fly with will include a lot of different factors. First, where you are coming from will have a huge deciding factor on which airlines are available. As well, ticket prices and flight amenities are important to consider as well. We are rounding up some of the best airlines you can use to fly to Universal’s Epic Universe.


We are looking at the airlines that have the largest presence at Orlando International Airport, as these will likely provide you with the most flight options. We are taking a look at the top five airlines based on passenger market share in February 2024.

©Orlando International Airport

So, let’s dive into some great airlines to consider when flying into Orlando International Airport for Epic Universe.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is the largest carrier in and out of Orlando, so they could be a good option to check for flights. Southwest Airlines is well-known for its free checked bags and lenient change and cancellation policies.

Southwest Airlines

The airline is open seating, though, so you do not get a reserved seat and instead choose a seat as you are boarding. The airline does offer family boarding, which occurs after the first group boards. This allows families with younger kids the ability to get seats together.

Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines is another large carrier out of Orlando International Airport. It is a budget airline, so you may be able to get some cheaper tickets through them. They call themselves the “Ultra Low Cost Carrier,” so if you are hoping for the cheapest flight, Spirit may be a good option.

©Spirit Airlines

You will need to pay for additional bags beyond one personal item, and reserving a seat ahead of time will also cost more. Snacks, drinks, and Wi-Fi will all also cost additional on board. However, Spirit could be a great airline to get you from Point A to Epic Universe the cheapest.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is currently the third largest carrier at Orlando International Airport.  Delta could be a great option if you fly with them a fair amount, as they offer a good rewards program, and you can rack up some more miles. 

©Delta Airlines

When purchasing tickets on Delta Airlines, you can also opt for a Basic Economy ticket which will be the cheapest option. However, with Basic Economy you will not get a seat assignment, can’t change your tickets, you will be the last to board, and will not earn miles.

Frontier Airlines

Another budget airline that is a large carrier to Orlando International Airport is Frontier Airlines. Frontier Airlines operates to more limited locations, but if they provide service to your airport, it could be worth checking out their ticket prices. 

Frontier Airlines

Similar to Spirit Airlines, you will need to pay additional for many flight amenities including additional carry-on items and seat assignments.

American Airlines

The fifth largest carrier at Orlando International Airport is American Airlines. This could be a great option if you are an established flier of American Airlines as they also have a good rewards program. 

American Airlines

We have also asked our readers in the past about their favorite airlines, and these included Southwest, United, American, Spirit, and JetBlue. They also agreed that choosing the cheapest flight or flying with the airline that you have points or status with was a big deciding factor on who they flew.

Orlando International Airport

Also, don’t forget that the airline industry is a rapidly changing industry, so it is possible that by the time that Epic Universe opens that the largest airlines may change. However, these are currently the main five airlines that fly into Orlando International Airport and could be great airlines to check out when booking your trip for Epic Universe.

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What is your favorite airline to fly to Orlando? Let us know in the comments!

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