Disney World Added Something NEW to World Celebration in EPCOT!

On November 28th, Disney announced that the walls would be coming down around the World Celebration Gardens in EPCOT.

World Celebration Gardens construction EPCOT

We’ll be able to wander through the gardens AND visit the ‘Walt the Dreamer’ statue at Dreamer’s Point starting December 5th– Walt’s birthday. As we rode the monorail today, we noticed something new sitting in the gardens.

Disney released a video of the imagineering team working to bring the Walt statue to Dreamer’s Point. This is an extraordinary and exciting moment as we near the end of the EPCOT transformation.

Today, November 29th, while riding the monorail to EPCOT, we were able to catch a glimpse of the nearly completed World Celebration Gardens including the central fountain area.

World Celebration Gardens

And if we zoom in, you can also see the ‘Walt the Dreamer’ statue off in the distance all ready for parkgoers to visit in the coming days.

There he is!

It’s a quick ride through EPCOT on the monorail, but if you’re paying attention and looking closely, you can see the creator and dreamer Walt looking out over his masterpiece. So be sure to be on the lookout as you arrive at the park, and be ready to visit the new area on December 5th!

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