It’s OK That You Want To Spend a Whole Day in EPCOT’s World Showcase — And I’ll Prove It

Disney World isn’t a place that you can fully tackle in just one day.


In fact, to do truly everything in Disney World, it would take WEEKS or maybe even months. With four parks, two water parks, Disney Springs, and dozens of hotels, there’s so much to see. If you really wanted to explore Disney World fully, you could spend multiple days at each of the parks. In fact, right now we’re prepared to prove to you that you could spend an entire day just taking on EPCOT’s World Showcase.

The World Showcase is the back half of EPCOT, comprised of 11 different country-themed pavilions that share cultures, food, and entertainment from around the world. The World Showcase is particularly popular during the EPCOT festivals, but even outside of those, there’s plenty to do in those 11 countries.

The Japan Pavilion

In fact, there’s so much to do that you could keep yourself entertained for an entire day. Want us to prove it? Here’s our full list of the best activities to check out in the World Showcase.

KidCot Fun Stops

First up, let’s talk about those KidCot Fun Stops! Even though it’s made for little ones, adults can check out this fun scavenger hunt as well. In each country, there’s a KidCot station set up with crafts themed to that country’s culture.


At every stop you’ll collect activity cards and learn some fun facts about the country. Just stopping at each of these stations could keep you busy for a good part of the day…AND you’ll probably learn something new!

DuckTales World Showcase Adventure

Speaking of scavenger hunts and activities around the World Showcase, we highly recommend that you download the PLAY! Disney Parks app before your visit. Once you have that app, you can check out the DuckTales World Showcase Adventure game.

DuckTales — WooHoo!

With that game, you’ll go on a scavenger hunt in the World Showcase pavilion of your choosing, and you’ll be able to interact with DuckTales characters, uncover little secrets around the pavilion, and complete fun tasks.

Find the Troll!

If you’ve never tried this out before, make sure to check it out on your next trip! It’s one of those games that’s way more fun than you’d expect.

Character Meet and Greets

You could spend half the day in EPCOT just meeting all the characters in the World Showcase because there are a LOT of them! In France you can meet Aurora and Belle, and then in Germany you can meet Snow White. We’ve seen Mulan in China, Anna and Elsa in Norway, Donald Duck in Mexico, Jasmine in Morroco, and Mary Poppins and Alice in the UK.

Belle in France

On top of that, you can often find characters meeting at International Gateway or near World Showcase Plaza. Typically that list includes Minnie and Daisy near World Traveler and Pluto at the World Showcase Gazebo in front of Disney Traders.

Mitsukoshi Department Store

There are fun and unique shopping opportunities in every pavilion, but by far the KING of all of them is Mitsukoshi Department Store in the Japan Pavilion. This shop has a large variety of merchandise, from Japanese toys and plushes, to clothing, swords, and unique snacks.

Mitsukoshi Pikachu display

This is also one of the only places where you’ll find character merchandise that DOESN’T have characters owned by Disney! It’s very common to find items with anime and Nintendo characters on them in this store.


Throughout the World Showcase, there are plenty of shows and entertainers to watch throughout the day — so many, in fact, that you might have to write out a schedule to catch them all. There are bands that perform in the UK, Canada, Morocco, and Germany pavilions, as well as an excellent group of drummers in the Japan Pavilion.

Drummers in Japan

In Italy, you can check out the juggling mime Sergio or you can stop inside the rotunda at the American Adventure to listen to the acapella talents of the Voices of Liberty. Mariachi Cobre is a fan-favorite in the Mexico Pavilion that we recommend as well.

Rides and Attractions

And now we reach the obvious way to entertain yourself — with rides and attractions! There are three rides in the World Showcase that you might enjoy. There’s Gran Fiesta Tour in Mexico, Frozen Ever After in Norway, and Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure in France.

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

On top of those, there are several theater shows, including The American Adventure, Reflections of China, Canada Far and Wide, Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along, and Impressions de France.

Canada Far & Wide

To get all of those things done during the daytime, you’ll want to keep an eye on wait times. The rides can get pretty popular, so it might be handy to rope drop or use Genie+.

Cultural Exhibits and Galleries

Last but not least, let’s talk about those galleries! Hidden away in some of the pavilions are galleries with details and fun facts about various aspects of that country’s culture. They’re a must-see if you’re the type of person who loves museums and history lessons.

The Norway Pavilion

In Norway, you can head inside the Stave Church to learn about Norse gods, while Morocco is home to a gallery about life in the Sahara. Japan has a gallery dedicated to Kawaii culture, while China has one that’s perfect for Disney fans — a whole display with pictures and props from Shanghai Disneyland.

China’s Shanghai Disney Display

In Mexico, there’s an exhibit on El Dia de los Muertos in the lobby of the pyramid. It even has some interactive games and elements from the Pixar film Coco. The American Adventure is home to a gallery with Native American art, and finally, there’s an exhibit about French theater in the lobby heading into the Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along in France.

Mexico Pavilion

So there you have it — with all those activities, you could fill an ENTIRE day (and maybe more!) just visiting EPCOT’s World Showcase. There’s plenty to see and do there, so don’t forget to plan plenty of time to explore all of this on your next visit.

Stay tuned to AllEars for the latest Disney World tips and advice, as well as help planning your next vacation!

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What’s your favorite thing to do in EPCOT’s World Showcase? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. And if you spend all day there, you get to watch Impressions de France in the evening! Still one of the most emotional experiences I can have at a Disney park. 😊