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Kidcot Fun Stop at Epcot at Walt Disney World


Walt Disney World planners recognize that young children love to color and collect items. Luckily for young Epcot guests, the park has incorporated these activities in stations called Kidcot Fun Stops, one in each of the 11 country pavilions at the park’s World Showcase. Though these attractions were designed for children, they may just be the motivation families need to walk all the way around World Showcase Lagoon. Plus, parents no doubt will appreciate a short break in their touring to rest and recharge. As of July 2018, Ziploc brand zipper-top plastic bags is now the sponsor of the Kidcot Fun Stops.


In each World Showcase pavilion, you’ll find a Kidcot Fun Stop. Look for the Kidcot sign and the cast member at the station will get you set up with a Ziploc bag “suitcase” (see the photo at the top of the page) and a special traveler’s card from that country. (If it’s raining, the station may have moved from an outdoor location to indoors, so look around or ask if you don’t spot it.)

The reverse of the cards depict a scene from the country featuring Disney characters. Colored markers are located at each station for kids who want to do a little artwork on the spot. In the past, Kidcot Fun Stops offered children a chance to color in a paper mask, or a paper figure of Duffy the Bear; this activity is much less focused on the craft aspect.

But the Kidcot sites aren’t just about coloring and crafts. Kids can talk to the cast members at the booths to learn more about the host countries they represent. Some will sign the cards or write a few words in their native language.

Epcot Kidcot Fun Stop

You can stop and resume the activities at any time, making Kidcot stops a fun way to kill time before a FastPass or dining reservation. There’s no requirement to visit all the stops, but if you do collect all 11 cards,  be sure to visit a Kidcot Fun Stop to receive your special reward – a postcard from Mickey Mouse!

Some Kidcot stations are visible when you approach the pavilions, while others are tucked into out-of-the-way corners.

Here’s where to find them:

Canada: Walk down the main path through the gardens and stay to the right, where it dead-ends in a covered area. This is one of the largest Kidcot Fun Stops.

United Kingdom: Find the Toy Soldier store at the end of a line of shops. The Kidcot Fun Stop is in the back, located in an unfortunate spot next to the line for the Winnie the Pooh and friends meet-and-greet. This area almost always is jammed with families going to one activity or the other.

France: Veer to the left of the Eiffel Tower and go inside the Les Halles store. The Kidcot Fun Stop is in the back right corner near the exit of the attraction.

Morocco: Walk through the center plaza, under the arch, and into The Brass Bazaar on the right. Choose the room on the left and the Kidcot Fun Stop can be seen straight ahead.

Japan: Go straight to the back of the outdoor area and over the bridge, which dead-ends in a building housing the Kidcot Fun Stop.

American Adventure: Look to the right of the main building and you’ll see the Kidcot Fun Stop under a covered patio in front of the hedge gardens.

Italy: Go into the plaza and turn to the right before the center stage. The Kidcot Fun Stop is located in a covered area past the wrought-iron tables.

Germany: The popular Volkskuns, otherwise known as “the teddy bear store,” is the site for the Kidcot Fun Stop. Once inside, turn to the left and look for the two tables.

China: Walk along the left side of the water gardens, past the restaurants, and to the large store in the back on the left. You’ll find the Kidcot Fun Stop inside.

Norway: Near the front of the U-shaped plaza on the left is The Puffin’s Roost. Families must walk through the perfume section first before they will see the Kidcot Fun Stop on the left.

Mexico: Choose either entrance to the pyramid and you’ll find the Kidcot Fun Stop in the center of the lobby.


Kidcot stops are open the same hours as World Showcase, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

There are no age or height restrictions. Children with special needs, such as wheelchairs, also can take part in the program.

Kids can start at any location. They also can stop and resume the activities at any time, making Kidcot stops a fun experience when families have time to kill before a FastPass or dining reservation, for example.

Don’t have time to stop at the Kidcot stations while in the park? Go ahead and collect the cards anyway and take them back to your hotel room, where youngsters still can enjoy coloring them.


If Perry the Platypus is your kids’ favorite character, Perry invites you to join Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure, an interactive quest around the lagoon.

Mickey Mouse and his pals, as well as other characters, can be found all day long in the Character Spot near Spaceship Earth. In addition, check the daily Times Guide for locations of Disney characters in each country’s pavilion.

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Food is everywhere at Epcot! Each country has counter-service and table-service restaurants that include kids’ meals for ages 3 to 9. One popular experience is Princess Storybook Dining at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall. This family-style meal features appearances by many Disney Princesses and their friends.

If you happen to be at Epcot in the fall, don’t miss the International Food & Wine Festival, which offers appetizer-size servings of foods and beverages from many more countries than the permanent 11 nations. The small portions are great ways to allow kids to sample new dishes.

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Many, if not most, of the Kidcot Fun Stops are located inside or adjacent to a gift shop in each country’s pavilion. In these stores, you’ll find merchandise from each nation or items relating to the World Showcase. For character and Epcot merchandise, visit MouseGear at the front of the theme park near the Fountain of Nations. It is the second-largest retail store on Walt Disney World property.


Until 2009, there were Kidcot Fun Stops in Future World at The Land, The Seas, Innoventions and Test Track attractions.

Kidcot Fun Stops originally offered a generic mask for kids to personalize.

Prior to Ziploc, the Kidcot Fun Stops were sponsored by Sharpie markers.


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KidCot Fun Spots is not eligible for Individual Attraction Selection

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