The Newest Changes to Moana: Journey of Water at EPCOT

Who’s ready for another Disney construction update?


We keep a close eye on all the Disney World construction because there is a LOT that’s going on. Some of them are happening at resorts so you may miss some of them, but we all know that the construction in EPCOT is basically impossible to miss. We checked on Moana: Journey of Water recently and things are still moving along!

It looks like construction right now is mainly focused on one section of rocks, with scaffolding all around it.

Journey of Water Construction

We can also see that they’re still building parts of the exhibit, so there’s lots more to come.

Lots of scaffolding

The biggest part of this update can really be summed up in one word — scaffolding! We’re excited for when all of it comes down and we can see how it looks without all the metal in the way.

EPCOT construction

We’re looking forward to keeping up with this progress, as well as all the other construction happening in EPCOT. The Festival of the Holidays is also starting soon, so follow along with AllEars to see all the news and updates.

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