The Absolute WORST Places to Get Stuck on a Ride in Disney World

Although Disney World is still the most magical place on Earth, sometimes things aren’t so…magical.

Magic Kingdom

We’ve seen weather shut down rides. We’ve seen rides evacuated a lot (hello, PeopleMover, we’re looking at you). We’ve seen rides experience malfunctions (those poor animatronics in Splash Mountain) — we even once saw a broken animatronic get replaced with…a plant.

Sometimes, though, these issues result in guests getting stuck on rides. Certain rides are fun being stuck on — Haunted Mansion comes to mind because if you’re stopped, you can take in all the details IN air conditioning.

Getting stuck on this ride isn’t always bad

However, getting stuck on some other rides isn’t such a pleasant experience, so we’re looking at the worst rides you could get stuck on in Disney World (and no, we’re not even talking about the Skyliner).

Magic Kingdom 

Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain often has technical issues that result in guests being stuck on the ride. It’s not so bad if you’re cruising through one of the indoor scenes, but there are a few places you just don’t want to be stuck. One of those places is balanced precariously at the top of the lift hill. It’s uncomfortable, you feel like you could go either way, and evacuation means a long walk down.

Splash Mountain

It’s probably even worse, though, to get stuck by the waterfall near the end of the ride because you’ll end up getting soaked to the bone! Let’s just say if this is the case, everything is, in fact, NOT satisfactual.


More than likely, you’ll end up stuck on PeopleMover at least once during a trip to Disney World. It’s not so bad unless you’re inside one of the buildings and it’s an area that’s completely dark.

A view is great on the Peoplemover, but what happens if you get stuck in the dark?

You might think you’d never need a flashlight (or your flashlight app on your phone) in Disney World, but this would be a good place to have it. Sitting in the dark is not fun.

it’s a small world

If there’s any ride that Disney World guests have nightmares about being stuck on, it’s probably it’s a small world. Being stuck anywhere on it’s a small world doesn’t mean everything on the ride stops — oh no, those dolls keep on dancing and singing until the song is forever embedded in your brain.

The dolls keep singing when you’re stuck on this ride.

You’ll never get it out of your head again. Trust us, we’ve seen guests slowly descend into madness after being stuck on this attraction.

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Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster

Because of its very nature, being stuck on a roller coaster is not a lot of fun. With a coaster like Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, though, being stuck on the loop while you’re upside down is an absolute nightmare.

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster

However, there’s another part of the coaster our team fears getting stuck on. It’s the dark tunnel at the end of the ride. Not only is it dark, but it also makes us feel claustrophobic.

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Spaceship Earth

Getting stuck on Spaceship Earth might be a good excuse for a nap (although many guests take a nap on it anyway), but being stuck when it’s going backward just feels awkward and unnatural.

Inside Spaceship Earth

Perhaps just being stuck inside the ride, in general, though, feels a little weird just based on how it’s designed. At least the calming voice of Dame Judi Dench is there to comfort you.

Test Track

We all know that cars go forward and backward, and that’s the only directions they should go in. But there’s a part of Test Track where you’re going sideways, and even when the ride is working, it’s weird.

Boarding Test Track

Imagine being stuck there, in a car going sideways. It’s just bizarre.

Journey Into Imagination With Figment

You might not think getting stuck in a ride with the adorable Figment could be bad, but you’re forgetting about one important part of the ride: the room with the skunk smell.

Figment is great before he throws that skunk smell at you.

This is one of the worst places to get stuck in all of Disney World because having to endure that smell for more than a few minutes is enough to make a lot of guests gag.

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Expedition Everest

Okay, it’s back to another roller coaster. One of the worst spots to get stuck on when you’re riding Expedition Everest is right after you meet the broken tracks and right before you start going backward. It’s mostly awful because you have no idea if it’s going to start back up again or not because you can’t see!

Expedition Everest

However, getting stuck on that initial incline is also uncomfortable, especially on a hot day. There’s no shade here and you’re stuck in the sun just waiting for the ride to start again or for Cast Members to start helping people evacuate. So you just sit there and bake.

If you ever DO get stuck on a ride in Disney World, the first thing you need to do is remain calm. Do NOT — we repeat — DO NOT get up until a Cast Member has approached you and told you to do so. If the ride is evacuated, follow all instructions by Cast Members. They will make sure you get off the ride as safely and efficiently as possible.

Be sure to follow all cast member directions when being evacuated from a ride.

Also, as rides do go down often, be sure to check the My Disney Experience app to let you know if and when a ride has been closed.

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Have you ever been stuck on a ride? What was it and for how long? Let us know in the comments!

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9 Replies to “The Absolute WORST Places to Get Stuck on a Ride in Disney World”

  1. I was stuck on Small World for over an hour! Song kept playing, until CM had to climb into the water to push our boat to a spot where we could evacuate. We were the last boat, and last row to finally get off the ride, despite being at the “Goodbye” room!
    0/10 would not recommend!

  2. I’m sorry, you’ve forgotten the absolute worst option- mission space, once the pod has closed. You can’t reach your stuff without intense acrobatics, you’re pinned down by your restraints, and if you have even the slightest tendency toward claustrophobia you’re going to lose it within the first few minutes in that tiny dark pod.

    I got trapped for like 15 minutes a few weeks ago when I was in epcot

  3. We got stuck on Small World for 10 minutes. I still have flashbacks. On a side note, never cared about getting stuck in Spaceship Earth. The AC is wonderful.

  4. I had a friend who got stuck on it’s a small world for an hour. I don’t know how she survived! I have been stuck in the dark tunnel on Rock’n’Roller Coaster and it wasn’t bad. Got stuck just after the big drop on Splash Mountain in the rain – someone opened their umbrella and a CM came over the speaker to tell people to close their umbrellas. As a kid, every time I rode Spaceship Earth I always got stuck in the big room with the stars, every single ride! So weird. Some of the other ones listed here weren’t bad. I’ve never needed to evacuate a ride, thankfully. I believe my aforementioned friend was eventually evacuated from small world, and they did turn the music off at some point long after they’d been stuck (still far too late).

    1. Knowing they’ll turn the music off makes me feel a LITTLE better about the possibility of being stuck on It’s a Small World, but only slightly. Haha If I’m being honest, the only ride I -wish- I could be evacuated from is Haunted Mansion, but even getting stuck in there is fun. We once got to sit in front of the ballroom scene for 15 minutes and take in every detail. It’s one of my best memories!