The Foods You Should Avoid in Disney World

We love eating in Disney World, but not everything we try can be a winner.

Food from Connections Eatery in EPCOT

For every incredible meal we’ve eaten, there have also been some food and drinks we’d probably never try again. We were curious about what our readers think, so we decided to ask you! We asked AllEars readers, “What’s the WORST thing you’ve eaten in Disney World?” 

We reached out on Facebook (give us a follow if you want to share your opinions in the future!) and over 700 of you responded to tell us about your experiences with not-so-tasty foods. Let’s get into it!

Regal Eagle Smokehouse

Several readers mentioned the menu at Regal Eagle Smokehouse in EPCOT as one of the worst places to grab a bite to eat in Disney World. Regal Eagle is a fast-casual American BBQ restaurant with dishes such as Memphis Dry-Rub Pork Ribs and Kansas City Half-Smoked Chicken, among several others.

Regal Eagle Smokehouse in EPCOT

Reader Joseph R. said, “Sadly…. The food at Regal Eagle…. The brisket was super fatty, the rest of the food had almost no flavor,” and reader Megan L. said, “Brisket sandwich at Regal Eagle.” That’s two downvotes for the Sliced Texas Beef Brisket Sandwich!

Sliced Texas Beef Brisket Sandwich

Some of our readers said the entire menu isn’t good. Reader Ellen H. said, “Everything at the Regal Eagle. It was horrible. (Power Greens Salad with Chicken was awful).” The Power Greens Salad is made with fresh citrus fruit, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, and radishes in a fresh citrus vinaigrette dressing.

Power Greens Salad with Pulled Chicken

If you’re not a BBQ fan, Regal Eagle may be worth a skip for you. Thankfully, if you’re already in EPCOT, there’s no shortage of food options! If you’re looking for quick service, stop by Yorkshire County Fish Shop for some tasty Fish & Chips, or visit during an EPCOT festival and snack your way around the World Showcase!

The BEST and WORST new food in Disney World!

Tony’s Town Square Restaurant

Tony’s Town Square Restaurant also received a lot of responses. Tony’s is an Italian restaurant located in Magic Kingdom, and it’s based on the restaurant in Lady and the Tramp.

Tony’s Town Square Restaurant

Reader Michelle Y. said, “It was barely a step up from a Budget Gourmet microwave meal. No one in my family was excited about their meals,” and Katie A. said, “My mom always took us [to Tony’s] every year because I was obsessed with Lady and the Tramp when I was little. A while ago the quality went down bad and we haven’t been back since.”

Penne with Chicken Al Forno

Several commenters asserted that Tony’s used to be good, but the quality has declined over the last few years. Reader Kelly W. commented, “The food at Tony’s Town Square! It used to be good and somewhere we would eat each trip. We then had 3 bad experiences in a row so we’re done.”

Spaghetti and Meatballs Tony’s Town Square

Other AllEars reviewers feel similarly, as Tony’s is rated fairly low compared to other Disney World restaurants. If you’re an Italian fan, you might want to bypass Tony’s and instead try Trattoria al Forno on the BoardWalk or Via Napoli in EPCOT!

Where to find the BEST meals in Disney World!

Spring Rolls

The Spring Roll Wagon received a surprising amount of votes! This popular snack spot is located near the entrance of Adventureland in Magic Kingdom, and you can find a variety of flavors such as Cheeseburger or Pastrami.

Spring Roll Cart in Magic Kingdom is a popular snack stop

Reader Eric H. is not a fan. They said, “The spring rolls in Magic Kingdom. Everyone always talks about how good they are and they were disgusting. We threw them away.” Reader Linda K. added, “Cheeseburger Spring Rolls! They didn’t agree with me at all!”

Spring Rolls

You can get either two spring rolls in one flavor for $9.50 or one of each featured flavor for $9.50. If you’re not in the mood for a deep-fried snack, you could instead visit the nearby Sleepy Hollow for the Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich for another filling option!

8 WILDLY underrated snacks in Disney World.


Hamburgers are available at many restaurants throughout Disney World, but not all of them are good. And our readers have spoken — some hamburgers are the WORST food they’ve had in Disney World.

Connections Cafe Southwestern Burger

Reader Jody A. said, “I’ve never had a good hamburger [in Disney World].” Ouch! And reader Carol D. pointed out a specific burger: “Burger from Backlot Express in HS. Like eating a hockey puck!”

Toad Burger

We HAVE found good burgers in Disney World, so they’re not impossible to find! The Stack Burger at Steakhouse 71 is delicious, and the Bison Bacon Cheeseburger from Geyser Point Bar & Grill at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort is a popular choice! You may not, however, find the best burgers at many quick service spots around Disney World.

The BEST quick service meals at each Disney Park.

Turkey Legs

Ah yes, turkey legs. One of the most divisive Disney World snacks. Many of our readers are NOT fans — although we know there are many turkey leg people out there.

Turkey Leg

To put it simply, reader Ryan D. said, “Turkey leg — it’s nasty,” while Denise M. said, “Turkey leg wasn’t yummy.” Reader Stacy M. made a vow: “Turkey leg. Never again.” With so many other snacks available in Disney World, the turkey leg is not a must-do for everyone.

The BEST and WORST restaurants in Magic Kingdom.


Pizza was also a popular response! Disney World serves what many people refer to as “puffy pizza,” and if you know good pizza — you’d probably hate it.

Cheese Pizza with Caesar Salad

Reader Maryann S. said, “Pizza — just the pizza is terrible,” and reader Maryann S. replied, “Yeah, except at Italy in EPCOT, all the pizza is meh.” They have a point! If you want good pizza in Disney World, Via Napoli in EPCOT is an excellent spot to stop for tasty pizza.

You’re not alone if you HATE these Disney snacks.

So what do you think? Do you agree with our readers? Keep following AllEars for more reader thoughts and opinions!

What you’ll HATE about Disney World — and what to do about it!

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What’s the WORST thing you’ve ever eaten in Disney World? Tell us in the comments!

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3 Replies to “The Foods You Should Avoid in Disney World”

  1. Plaza restaurant in Magic Kingdom was my favorite for many years. Last time I was there I ordered the Plaza Club one of my favorites for the summer. It was not a club but a Turkey sandwich, like you would make the day after Thanksgiving. It was also very dry!!! Hope they bring back the old club. I will not be going back until they redo the menu.

  2. I had the spring rolls for the first time in Dec of 2021. I really liked them, fried to a perfect crunch. When Liberty Tree Tavern had a normal lunch menu, their burger was the best.
    I don’t know why Disney ever changed their pizza. If you stopped at your resort for a break, the flatbreads were the best. Now the only good pizza is at Via Napoli.

  3. Tony’s has gone downhill. The last time I tried to eat there, I had to leave the restaurant because it reeked. They were serving large plates (they brought 2 to our table of 5 people) of shaved Parmesan to every table rather than grating it on people’s plates so it smelled like old cheese everywhere. I’m sad to say Katsura grill has gone downhill too. That used to be my go to restaurant in Epcot because the food was solid, you could get in quickly, take a break from the craziness of the world showcase, & it wasn’t crazy expensive. I only went back one time after they reopened because the food was so bad. The teriyaki chicken was rubbery and seemed like boiled chicken (which it never had before) & the side veggies which were pretty substantial and enjoyable before shrunk way down & appeared to be straight out freezer bag. They weren’t cooked all the way either.

    Worst overall though…a cupcake with a ridiculous amount of food dye in the icing. It dyed my mouth which was annoying, but you could taste the food dye because there was so much in there & got a weird powdered sugar overly sweet after taste.