PHOTOS: ALL the Exclusive Merchandise You Can Get for EPCOT’s Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

Disclosure: We were invited by Walt Disney World to attend a media preview of Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. This did not affect our reporting of the event — our opinions are our own.

We’ve been excited about Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind since Disney World first announced the new attraction coming to EPCOT.

We’re shopping in a Xandarian store!

We got to ride the attraction FOR THE FIRST TIME, and now we’re going to take you inside the Treasures of Xandar gift shop and show you EVERYTHING you can buy there, along with another spot in EPCOT you might be able to snag some Cosmic Rewind swag.

In the new shop, guests can buy everything from Guardians of the Galaxyinspired fashion, accessories, home goods, collectibles, toys, and more! The story behind the shop is that Xandarians hired The Broker to operate the new location on Terra (aka, that’s Earth), with some new collections, too!

But, over in the Creations Shop we spotted some opening day exclusive merchandise, as well as a few other items. Keep in mind that some of these items are available in the Treasures of Xandar gift shop while others are in Creations.

Opening Day Collection

A few items were available exclusively on the opening day of Cosmic Rewind, like this dated Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind Black Shirt…

Opening day Cosmic Rewind shirt

… and this Passholder Exclusive Grey Cosmic Rewind Shirt!

Passholder exclusive shirt

Each is $36.99.


We also spotted quite a few new pins on opening day, but these will probably stick around for a bit, though some are limited-edition, like this dated Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind pin that’s HUGE for $54.99…

Opening Day pin

…a Be Kind Cosmic Rewind pin for $15.99…

Be Kind pin

…a Xandar the Other World Showcase pin

The Other World Showcase pin

…a lanyard for $15.99

Retro lanyard

…an Annual Passholder pin for $15.99…

Mix Tape pin

…a retro colorful Guardians pin…

Retro Guardians pin

…a glittery Nova Corps pin…

Blue Nova Corps pin

…and a Heroes of Xandar pin!


These items may sell out quickly, so head to EPCOT if you want to snag some before they’re gone.

Heroes of Xandar Collection

So we’ll start with some items from those brand new collections. First up is the Heroes of Xandar Collection, which is inspired by vintage concert 80s merchandise. We found a Heroes of Xandar Hat for $29.99

LOVE these colors!

…and a Heroes of Xandar Shirt for $24.99.

RETRO vibes

Guardians of the Galaxy: Through The Eyes of Quill Collection

Another new collection is the Guardians of the Galaxy: Through the Eyes of Quill Collection, which is all about retro 80s designs and silhouettes, like this Guardians of the Galaxy sweatshirt that’s so bright, we almost need sunglasses. It’s 49.99.

SO 80s

Celebrate new memories with the Guardians of the Galaxy Photo Frame for $24.99.

Fun photo frame

The Guardians of the Galaxy is TOTALLY awesome.

The raddest journal ever

Inside, there’s a blank photo…

Blank photo

When you put your hand on the photo, a picture appears! How rad, right? The journal is $19.99.

It’s like magic!

There’s also a Fleece Throw for $49.99

Fuzzy blanket

…a Tank Top for $34.99

Tank top

…a totally tubular Fanny Pack for $29.99


…a fun Spaceships Shirt for $36.99


…a red Kid’s Guardians of the Galaxy Tee

Cute kids tee

…a Retro Hat

So colorful!

…a Retro Water Bottle

Fun water bottle

…a Metallic Water Bottle for $27.99

Isn’t it pretty

…a Coaster Set

Coaster set

…a fun Mug for $19.99

Very cool mug

…a Magnet for $9.99

Is this magnet totally awesome?

…a Kid’s Guardians of the Galaxy Tee for $29.99

Kid’s shirt

…this ride vehicle complete with Rocket and Groot…

We LOVE this.

… this neon Guardians light for $150…

This is pretty cool.

…a youth hoodie

For the little Guardian

…a Magnet Set for $19.99

Character magnets

…a Saving The Galaxy Sleeveless Shirt for $34.99

It’s rad

…and a Saving the Galaxy Tour Tee for $36.99.

How did we miss that tour?

The back even has tour dates on it!


However, the prize of this collection might just be this SWEET Mixtape Bag for $39.99.

Coolest bag ever?

Honorary Guardians Collection

There’s also an Honorary Guardians Collection, which is done up in the traditional Guardians colors of navy and gold, paired with the Honorary Guardian Emblem. There’s a Shirt for $39.99

Honorary Guardians tee

…a Jacket for $69.99


…a Baseball Cap for $49.99


…a Backpack for $49.99

Honorary Guardians backpack

…a Metal Badge for $9.99

Be an honorary guardian

…a Shirt with the navy and gold details for $29.99

Black and gold shirt

…and a Cold Shoulder Shirt for $36.99.

Groot Through The Years Collection

There’s also a collection that’s all about Groot! It includes home decor, toys, accessories, and kid’s clothing. The collection tracks Groot’s progress from a seedling to a full-grown adult. There’s a fun Screaming Groot Figure (same, Groot, same).

Oh no!

…and a similar Rocket Raccoon Figure. Both figures are $9.99 each.

We love ‘ya, Rocket!

You’ll also find an adorable Groot T-Shirt for Kids for $24.99

Groot in the pocket!

I Am Groot Mug for $22.99


…a Groot Wallet

Groot Wallet

…a Groot Succulent for $24.99

He’s so cute

…a Groot Plush

Groot Plush

…a Groot Growth Tee for Kids for $24.99, a red Groot Tank for Kids for $29.99

Groot shirts!

…a Groot Magnet Set for $19.99

Groot Magnets

…a Groot Action Figure Set

Action Figures!

…a Dancing Groot

Get down, Groot!

…an adorable Groot Sweatshirt for Kids for $34.99

SO cute

…and a Big Feet Groot Plush for $29.99.

SO sweet!

Nova Corps Merchandise

But wait, because there’s more. There’s also a TON of Nova Corps Items! There’s a Hat for$27.99

Nova Corps Hat

…a very cool Nova Corps Mug for $22.99

This mug is SO cool

…a Nova Corps Tee for $39.99


…a Nova Corps Badge for $9.99


…a Nova Corps Patch for $9.99


…a Nova Corps Keychain for $9.99


…and a Nova Corps Sling Bag for $39.99.

Carry your stuff around the Nova Corps way

Other Apparel

Want to strut around like Starlord? You can get a Starlord-Inspired Jacket for $99.99.

This jacket has us hooked on a feeling

Pair that jacket with a Starlord Helmet.

You can BE Starlord

Or you can channel your inner Gamora with this Gamora-Inspired Top for $59.99.

Be like Gamora!

There’s also this subtle Sweatshirt for $44.99.

We like this subtle design

Rep a Star Blaster with this Shirt for $29.99

Star Blaster shirt

…and this Backpack for $39.99.

Star Blaster Backpack

Other Items

There’s still SO much more you can find here, though. There’s a fun Glass for $14.99.

We love this glass!

The back has the Guardians logo on it!

The logo!

You can also get a Guardians of the Galaxy Action Figure Set

The Guardians!

…a Gold Keychain for $14.99

Gold Keychains

Bag Charms for $16.99 each…

Bag Charms

…and a Toy Sword for $29.99.

Galactic swords

We saved the absolute coolest souvenir for last, though. You can get Yondu’s Mohawk with Dart! But get this — it actually works: if you whistle, the dart will vibrate (don’t worry, it won’t attack people like the real thing).

We need this

So, that’s a lot of stuff, right? Well, that’s not even everything! A Cast Member told us that even MORE merchandise would be arriving in time for the official opening of Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind on May 27th.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for all that new merchandise and let you know when it arrives, so stay tuned to AllEars for more!

FULL REVIEW of Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind in EPCOT (No Spoilers)

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