How Does Disney Genie+ Work With Multiple Guests in One Party?

Over the past few days, we’ve been in a whirlwind of Disney Genie, Genie+, and Individual Lightning Lanes!


We’ve been trying to test Disney World’s new system in every way possible, working out the kinks and answering all of the FAQs! And one thing we’ve been asked quite a few times so far is — how does Genie+ work with multiple guests in one party?

If you have purchased Disney Genie+ for the day that you’re in the parks and someone else in your party has it added to their ticket as well (no matter how many people that is), you’ll be able to see their name and avatar when you try to make plans.


Then, when making your Genie+ Lightning Lane choices, you can add the eligible guests to your plans, given that their plans don’t interfere with the ones you’re trying to make. You don’t have to make the same plans for everyone in your party, as you can choose how many people you’d like to include.


Once you select the members of your party, you’ll be taken to a screen to confirm your choices. It’ll list the attraction, the park, the Lightning Lane return time, and everyone that was chosen for the reservation. If everything looks good, hit the “continue” button to confirm.


And voila! You have a Genie+ Lightning Lane reservation for multiple guests! You’ll be taken to a confirmation page, and then the Lightning Lane time will show up on your account until it is redeemed.


You’ll be able to see this selection on both the Tip Board and My Day sections of the app. Under the selection, you’ll even see the option to add another guest if there’s someone you forgot.


But what if someone changes their mind? Well, you can cancel their reservation if you’d like!


Once you remove the guests that don’t need the Lightning Lane, make sure to check your updated confirmation to see that everything looks correct. Then, you’re good to go enjoy your ride or show! (Don’t worry, you can still add the guests back to the plans if they change their mind again.)


It’s important to keep in mind that your ability to secure Lightning Lane return times does not depend on the number of people that you have in your party.

A good way to think about it is by comparing it to the old paper FastPass system. When you walked up to a machine, it would say “now distributing 10AM-11AM” (or another time) and it didn’t matter whether you had 2 people or 10 people in your party, everyone who was getting their FastPasses at that time got the same return window.

Lightning Lane Entrance

Disney Genie+ and Individual Attraction Selections allow you to make plans for up to 12 people at a time and it is always showing the next available return time in the app. So, you won’t have any advantage to getting the “best” Lightning Lane return windows or be able to tackle more rides with Lightning Lanes if you have fewer — it’s all an even playing field!

Pirates of the Caribbean Lightning Lane

So that’s how to do Genie+ with multiple guests in your party! Stay tuned to AllEars for more details on the Genie+ practices and procedures in the coming days, including all of our best tips!

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Are you purchasing Genie+ for your next trip? Let us know in the comments!

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14 Replies to “How Does Disney Genie+ Work With Multiple Guests in One Party?”

  1. Can you have one person in your party try and book one of the “fancy rides” at 7 am while another person tries to book a normal lightning lane for a different time?

  2. In the old Fast pass system, sometimes a reservation would open up later in the day but only 1 or two people could get that reservation, not the whole party. When a new reservation opens up later in the day with Genie plus, can I book it for all 9 people or is there times only a couple people could get it?

  3. Before I jump into registering accounts for a multiple guest situation please clarify; Our group; Mom and Dad and their 2 kids (7 years old) along with Grandpa and Grandma. Does everyone, all 4 adults and the 2 kids need to first establish a registration ( we have digital 1 park per day Genie Plus passes )? and once registration is complete then would you recommend mom and dad log into the Disney App with one log in and the Grandparents log into their own separate Disney App?

  4. Me and my family are going to the parks in May-June and we are booking with Disney Genie+! My thing is, is it just one person booking the lightning lanes for the whole group or can each person in the group book separate lightning lanes? I hope I asked that clearly

    1. Hi Shawn! If all of you are wanting to ride the same rides at the same time, we suggest having one person book for everyone, but if you’re wanting to split the group because some people want to venture off on their own or ride attractions that others aren’t interested in, you can do that too. Just designate a leader of each group to make those selections for the party members they choose to go on those attractions.

  5. I know with the old rider que system both me and my guest could try to book Ride of the resistance and if we both got it we would be each other’s “guest” therefore we could ride 2x in a day. Is that still possible with Genie+

    1. Hi Josh! Genie+ only allows each rider to have one Lightning Lane reservation for each ride and you would not be able to scan in a second time except in the stand-by line.

  6. What if I’m making the Genie+ Lightning Lane reservations for our party of 6 and I’m trying to make a “fancy ride” purchase for all? Will it charge all of those to me or whomever is making the reservation? My group consists of 2 couples and two individual adults, so we plan to pay for our own stuff, but we want to ride all together..

    1. Hi Tanya! Whomever is making the “fancy ride” selections for the group as a whole will be the one who is charged for those selections and it is the only way to ensure that you will all ride together, otherwise you will likely all have different return times if purchased separately.

  7. So we could book genie plus lightning lanes for up to 12, but for individual lightening lanes it would only allow us to purchase 10!!

  8. So what if you have lucky 13 in your friends and family group and I want to make an individual lightening lane together?

  9. What if your group splits up? The three of us are meeting friends, and my two daughters may go thier own way for a while. How does that work if all Genie Plus and tickets are on my app only?