10 Disney Essentials You Can Buy WAY Cheaper on Amazon

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When we go to Disney World, we always make sure that our day bags have our park essentials in them.

Don’t forget your essentials!

We’re talking about those things you NEED at Disney World, like sunscreen, raingear, mobile chargers, and more. But when you get ready for your trip, where can you get the best deals on those essentials?

Here are the essentials you’ll need for your Disney World trip that you can get cheaper on Amazon.

Hand Sanitizer

Although there are hand sanitizing stations throughout the Disney World resort, it’s always good to have sanitizer on you, too. Not only do those stations sometimes run out of sanitizer, but the sanitizer Disney uses is that kind that often leaves your hands feeling sticky. So you can nab an 8-Pack of Purell Travel-Size Hand Sanitizers that will fit in your purse or bag.


These even come with handy clips that let you attach them easily to a belt loop, purse strap, or backpack strap. The 8-Pack is $11.99.

Click Here To Buy The 8-Pack of Purell Travel-Size Hand Sanitizers

Portable Hand Held Fan

In case you missed the memo, it gets hot — really hot — in Florida, especially in the summers. And you’ll need a way to cool off, especially if you get stuck waiting in a line for an attraction outdoors. But you can stay nice and cool with your own Portable Hand Held Fan. This one on Amazon has three-speeds and can be charged via USB.


Even better? It’s only $7.99.

Click Here To Buy The Portable Hand Held Fan

Portable Phone Charger

You’ll be using your phone a lot at Disney World. You’ll need to access the My Disney Experience app quite a bit during your trip, and you’ll have to use your phone for Mobile Order at most counter-service restaurants. And all that can drain your phone’s battery. But why just get one portable phone charger when you can get a 2-Pack of Portable Phone Chargers. It never hurts to have extra power.


So you can get two portable phone chargers on Amazon for $32.99. That’s usually the price of one, so we think this is a great deal!

Buy The 2-Pack of Portable Phone Chargers

Collapsible Water Bottle

One of our best tips about visiting Disney World is to stay hydrated. And sure, you could spend a ton of money on bottled water at the parks or you could bring your own water bottle and fill it up at the water bottle refilling stations all over the resort. We like this leak-proof Collapsible Water Bottle because you can smush it down when you’re not using it to save space in your park bag.


This bottle is $10.99.

Buy The Collapsible Water Bottle


That Florida sun can be brutal, even on cooler days, and it’s important to remember to always wear a good sunscreen. And you’ll need a lot of it, which is why we like this Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch 45SPF Sunscreen 2-Pack.


This sunscreen is also water-resistant and you can get two for $8.

Click Here To Buy The Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch 45SPF Sunscreen 2-Pack

Rain Ponchos

Here’s the thing — you can expect rain at least once during your Disney World trip. Orlando is infamous for its surprise rainstorms that appear out of nowhere. That means you’ll need rain gear. So instead of spending a lot of money on Disney ponchos for the whole family, why not come prepared with these Disposable Rain Ponchos that you can toss once it’s done raining.


These come wrapped in their own little packages that are easy to throw into a backpack to grab when you need to. You can get a 5-pack of these ponchos that fit both kids and adults for $11.98.

Click Here To Buy Disposable Rain Ponchos

Mask Lanyards

Right now, guests over the age of 2 must wear a mask indoors at Disney World, although you can take it off outdoors. But how do you keep track of a mask when you have to put it on and take it off regularly? This is why we recommend Mask Chains because then you can just leave your mask hanging around your neck when you don’t need it. No more lost masks! And you can get a pack of Mask Lanyards that come in a variety of fun colors.


This pack comes with 10 lanyards so you’ll have enough for everyone in your group. The pack is $13.99.

Click Here To Buy 10 Mask Lanyards

Reusable Straws

Disney World has been phasing out single-use plastic straws and if you’re not a fan of the paper straws (or just prefer bringing your own), you can get a great deal on a Set of 12 Reusable Stainless Steel Straws that come in a variety of shapes.


This set also comes with brushes to clean the straws. It’s available for $8.99.

Click Here to Buy The Set of 12 Reusable Stainless Steel Straws

Cooling Towels

Another way to stay cool on a hot Florida day is to have cooling towels handy. Just soak them in water and place them around the back of your neck, and you’ll feel your body temperature go down. You can get a Set of 3 Cooling Towels on Amazon that are easy to throw in your day bag for when you need them.


The set is $9.99.

Click Here To Buy The Set of 3 Cooling Towels


Even with the most comfortable shoes, your feet will take a beating when you’re walking all over Disney World. That means that you could get blisters or sore spots on your feet that you’ll need to protect with Moleskin. The good news is that you can grab the Dr. Scholl’s Moleskin Plus Padding Roll on Amazon.


You can cut the moleskin down to whatever size you need and place it over those sore spots on your feet that need extra protection so that you can keep on going. The moleskin is $7.87.

Click  Here To Buy The Dr. Scholl’s Moleskin Plus Padding Roll

So there you have it, Disney World essentials that you can grab for less on Amazon. We hope you find these items useful, and we’ll keep doing what we can to help you have the best Disney World trip possible.

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What’s your Disney World essentials list look like? Let us know in the comments.

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