The Battle of the Magic Kingdom Mountains

Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is known for a lot of things: Fantasyland, Dole Whips, staking out a prime Happily Ever After viewing spot. We have to chalk another one under the iconic category for the mountain range that calls the park home: Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Space Mountain.

Show of hands, who’s tackled all these in one day?

Being some of the most thrilling attractions at the Magic Kingdom, these three distinct mountains have also given us some of our favorite memories…which is why we asked you to put it all on the line and pit your favorite against the others. Let’s get ready to rumbllleeeeee!

Here’s how the battle of the Magic Kingdom mountains went down according you, AllEars Readers!

Space Mountain

The first of the mountains to ever grace us with its presence (not counting the Disneyland-exclusive Matterhorn), the Magic Kingdom version of Space Mountain is actually the original and features a number of unique elements, such as the dual-track and being a fully enclosed coaster (sorry, nyctophobes).

Space Mountain

The feeling of rushing through the stars in complete darkness is probably why this coaster ranks so highly with some. However, Space does tend to jerk you around more than might be comfortable, and do we need to talk about the hike that you need to take to get to the loading area?

Splash Mountain

It’s an oft-parodied image: the sight of a log full of guests careening down a large drop into the water below while the camera captures the joyous and/or completely terrified faces of those onboard. It’s hard to believe all that Splash Mountain is came to Tony Baxter while he was sitting in rush-hour traffic one day.

Splash Mountain

Initially, Imagineers were hesitant to even begin to develop a log flume ride for the Disney parks because they felt it wouldn’t be exciting or extraordinary enough. Well, we’re glad they changed their minds because dropping or watching others drop into the briar patch has become a highlight for many people’s Disney day.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Before he began working on Splash Mountain, Tony Baxter already struck gold with his other contribution to the mountain range: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Come on, let’s all say it together: this here’s the wildest ride in the wilderness! That will never get old.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

One of the best things about Big Thunder Mountain is that it is, with very few exceptions, completely outdoors. Riding this coaster at night is a completely different experience than during the day, and you can get some really great views of Cinderella Castle or the fireworks if you time your ride right.

Did your mountain take the crown? Let us know down in the comments below!

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