Disney World Is Offering Options for Guests with Park-Hopper Tickets!

Disney World will be re-opening Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom on July 11th with Epcot and Hollywood Studios following afterwards on July 15th.

Expedition EVEREST Landscape
Expedition EVEREST from the bridge in Africa at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World

In order to maintain health and safety protocols, the parks will be limiting the amount of guests who are able to visit. Since there are no Virtual Queues being offered and reduced entertainment (but new Character Cavalcades will be featured!), each park will be monitoring the amount of people in Disney World’s parks to keep up with distancing measures.

In order to keep up with Disney’s new guidelines, the Disney Park Pass has been created, where guests will need to make reservations to enter the parks. Although there is limited capacity in Disney World, guests will only be able to visit one park per day and park-hopping will be suspended.

Tower of Terror at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

In case you don’t know what park-hopping is, it’s the option to “hop” between multiple Disney Parks within a day. Guests have already been given the refund options for their ticket or resort reservations. And Annual Passholders who have also been impacted by the closures have options to extend or refund their passes.

Monorail Red in Epcot
Monorail Red

Since many guests’ park tickets also include the Park Hopper option or Park Hopper Plus option, Disney is now providing three options for guests with these specific tickets since park-hopping is no longer available.

Magic Kingdom

Option 1: Ticket Dates Have Been Extended

Disney will be allowing guests to use their current date-based Park Hopper tickets through September 26th, 2021. Disney has still been selling Park-Hopper add-ons for 2021 tickets at this time. So, there will most likely be availability to Park-Hop during a vacation next year (fingers crossed)!

Morocco Koutoubia Minaret with Clouds
Koutoubia Minaret (prayer tower) in the Morocco pavilion of Epcot’s World Showcase in Walt Disney World

Option 2: Modify Your Tickets

If guests booked resort packages along with their tickets, they are also able to modify or cancel these packages by contacting their travel agents or the Disney Reservation Center.

Our understanding is that some guests are receiving refunds for their Park Hopper add-ons by choosing to modify their reservations, and changing only their park tickets. If you’ve had this experience, please let us know in the comments!

Splash Mountain

Option 3: Cancel Your Tickets

If guests don’t want to use their tickets or choose to cancel their Disney World hotel reservation, they are also able to cancel their Park Hopper tickets or packages. However, guests will need valid park admission to use the Disney Park Pass system.

And remember, currently, Disney World is not selling tickets for visits in 2020. So you’ll need to be very sure you want to cancel your trip before you let go of your 2020 park tickets!

Tree of Life

As Disney World continues to make plans for its re-opening, we will continue to keep you updated on other park ticket updates!

Take a look at the live Disney Park Pass reservation system for ALL ticket holders here!

When will you be returning to Disney World? Let us know in the comments below!

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16 Replies to “Disney World Is Offering Options for Guests with Park-Hopper Tickets!”

  1. When I spoke with a cast member two weeks ago, I was told that if I request a refund for the Park Hop on our reservations, new tickets will be issued without the hopping option and the base tickets would only be good for the date of the new reservation and would not be valid until September of 2021 as are the current ones. Our original reservations were purchased for April of this year, but the shutdown made it impossible. When the shutdown took place, I had to cancel reservations for Savi’s Workshop and for our dining plan. We’re hoping that hopping will be allowed when our delayed visit takes place. We will see what’s going on closer to our visit at the end of December.

  2. I had called a few months ago about my reservation in Nov, and the cast member suggested waiting in case we can hop by Nov. I recently noticed that there is a “change” option in my reservation at tickets, but when I selected it, it did nothing. I will wait until my trip is closer and see what happens.

  3. We have a trip in October at Carribbean Beach. Originally had 4 day Hopper tickets, but were able to change those to 5 day base tickets, and it was actually $200 cheaper for our family of 4.

  4. Hello, we were able to get a refund on the park hopper portion and keep our park passes and other reservations that we had.

  5. We have tickets that had park hopper for 7/25/2020. We called in and they refunded us the difference between park hopper and base. It did not impact our park reservations. Feel free to call in as cast members are able to take care of this without impacting reservations.

  6. We have been able to modify our reservation with a refund for the park hopper. We now have base tickets. We were also able to change resorts since ours was closed at no extra cost.

  7. I have park hopper for October but I’m afraid if I change it , I will lose my park reservations for each day.

    1. I thought the same thing but it did not impact my reservations at all, the Disney person was able to make the adjustment to base tickets and refund me over $500. I had to wait a long time on hold to talk to someone but they were very nice and helpful. Good luck!

  8. I cancelled my solo trip almost as soon as they announced the restrictions they were implementing upon reopening. All the reasons/experiences I had booked, or looked forward to booking, were cancelled or not reopening. I had initially paid for the QS DDP as well as the Park Hopper option. I also wanted to do Savi’s Workshop in DHS GE. Also with no EMH and reduced hours in the parks, I felt it prudent to just cancel and I’ll rebook once things go back to normal.

  9. Hi! I had purchased a free dining package that had you choose the park hopper option. After waiting on hold for a cast member for about 2.5 hours, I was able to modify my tickets from park hoppers to base tickets and received a refund for the difference.

  10. We rescheduled our trip for October and the cast member that helped us said it might be best to wait. We could get a refund for the difference closer to our trip date if the park hooping was still not allowed. We figured if no announcement is made a week or two before our trip we could get the refund, or if park hopping came back we wouldn’t have to pay the difference or get stuck with a base ticket.

  11. We were able to confirm our reservation and remove the park hopper feature of our upcoming reservation starting Aug 312020

  12. We had a 4 day park hopper plus package where we planned on using the waterpark on the fifth day. We were told we had to down grade to a 4 day single park ticket. We wanted to get a five day ticket as the lack of waterpark left us with nothing planned on the fifth day. But they said no because that would be like buying another ticket which is blocked right now. So we have a day with no parks booked and will be looking for other options.

  13. I was able to remove the Park Hopper and Water Park option. Since I have not paid in full, it dropped my total amount by around 350 dollars. I originally booked free dining at Pop for $4K, but now have a total of $3,200 with room discount and no Hoppers. Not as good as Free Dining…but we can eat alot for 800 dollars.

  14. Premier Annual Passport Holder and was able to book between park reservations between 9/18/2020-9/28/2020, without any resort reservations. Is this correct.

  15. Haven’t been able to cancel the hopper portion of our room package. it is not possible to reach the reservation center. Chat warned us we would lose our park reservation if the ticket changed from hopper to base because it would be a “different ticket”. Res is July 30