NEWS! Disney World Annual Passholders Can Receive a One Month Extension on Their Pass

As we near the reopening dates of Disney World’s theme parks, we are starting to hear more information on how Annual Passholders will be impacted by the new reservation system. In addition, we have just learned that Annual Passholders will have a special preview for Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom on July 9th and 10th.

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Moving forward, Disney has announced new policies to Annual Passes that all passholders can take advantage of, whether you have paid in full or are on the monthly payment plan.

Disney has introduced a new policy adjustment option for Annual Passholders who are looking for more options when it comes to managing their passes. Annual Passes which are PAID IN FULL will receive a one month extension on the pass. Alternatively, in lieu of the one month extension, Passholders who have paid in full may choose to cancel their annual pass and receive a partial refund.

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If you are an Annual Passholder on the monthly payment plan, your options are similar. You will receive a one month extension on your pass, or in lieu of the extension, you may choose to cancel your annual pass and waive monthly payments due after August 11st. If you choose the second option, any payments made between July 11th and August 11th will be refunded, and all future payments will be stopped.

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All Annual Passholders should expect an email from Disney in early July with more details and steps on how to take action on these policy options.

Are you a Disney World Annual Passholder? Which option do you think you will take? Let us know in the comments!

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34 Replies to “NEWS! Disney World Annual Passholders Can Receive a One Month Extension on Their Pass”

  1. Regretfully I will be canceling after many, many years. First, not entirely comfortable with the thought of going to a theme park, but more importantly Disney has significantly downgraded the pass and is trying to make up for what is essentially a breach of contract. Yes, park attendance may be limited, but my annual pass entitles me to all 4 parks. I am a Florida resident, but 90 minutes away. I am not interested in being stuck in one park a day, and tossing me a bone of a free month isn’t going to make the pass worth now what I paid for it with the original understanding that all parks are included on all days.

  2. I am wanting to cancel. I am also waiting for the refund for the April 3rd AP monthly charge. This is such a Mickey Mouse outfit. No one takes responsibilty. No one knows what is going on.

  3. It’s a rolling 3 days. So if you have Mon, Tues, Wed reserved, after Monday you free up one new booking. The catch is Thursday can be booked up. So while you free up days as you use them, no guarantee to book more than three in a week.

  4. We have not used our annual pass yet as we were coming aug 2020 but now August 2021 . Does this mean that our pass will actually be for 13 months ?

  5. Canceling our annual passes. Can’t go when you want so it’s of no use anymore. We have health issues and don’t know until the day of if we can go. Sad.

    1. How much are you getting back? I called and asked what I would get, but they said they couldn’t tell me. I’d have to submit the form, and then it’s a done deal. I get what I get 🤷🏼‍♀️

      1. I called to inquire about cancelling our annual passes as well. They became effective on 3/6, and 10 days later, the parks closed, and now what Disney is offering is not what I paid for. I asked if I started the process to cancel if it was binding, and was told that it was. I also asked what amount I would be refunded, and told that they did not know. Kind of hard to make a decision to cancel when you have no idea what amount you will be refunded. Disney is better than this – take care of your annual pass members!

  6. Our WSAPs expired in May. They added the days lost from March 16 until expiration on beginning when parks open in July – but we are blocked out until Aug 7th. So for MOST of our extension we CAN’T get in the parks. Called and CM agreed but didn’t know how it could be fixed. It’s just not right! No free month either!

  7. We live in Penna. and could only buy the platinum AP. We usually visit Disney for 8 days at a time. The new reservation system will only allow us to book reservations for 3 days at a time. How soon can we book another 3 days? Do we have to have one day in between our 3 reserved days or 1 week between reservations or do we have to wait until we use the 3 days before we can book additional reservations? The platinum AP gives us access to the parks for 365 days. If Disney is going to deny us access every 4th day, will they refund us 25% of our money for the time remaining on our pass? Will they compensate us for taking away our park hopper option?

  8. What about if you paid extra down payment for monthly plan? We paid an extra $500 to get the payment down. Will we get that back also if we cancel?

  9. WDW originally said they would give you a refund for the closed days and not extend the pass. Is that off the table as well? We got our AP mid February, are from out of state and would prefer that credit but no one could tell us how much the credit would be, which is unacceptable. We need to know the values in order to make a decision. Also, if it’s completely cancel, you should receive the credit for fraction of the AP not used is refunded (11/12ths) of the AP for us.

      1. I read that the one month extensions will show up in October 2020. My pass expires July 19. When will I see the extension to August 19?

        1. Hi Patricia! At this time Disney has only said the one month extension will appear in October 2020, so if your pass expires prior to that we would recommend reaching out to them directly!

    1. Yes, I called and they told me the same thing. I’m trying to figure out how much I would be refunded so I can make an educated decision. It’s very frustrating.

  10. Our platinum AP’s expires in April. My Disney app already shows our passes extended until Aug. So am I reading this correct in that we get a month added to the Aug expiring date?

  11. Just go off the phone with the AP folks. Right now they don’t know when the extra month will be available for reserving park days. My original expiration date was 8/30 and it was extended 117 days to 12/25. My trip starts 12/27 so I need the extra month to make park reservations. They said I can try on Monday but they don’t know if it will work or when I’ll be able to do so. Hope it works!

  12. I don’t think that the extra month is enough for people who don’t live in Florida. We have two little ones who have not even been allowed out of the house so not in a hurry to take them in crowds. They hate the mask we tried them on. We had a cruise scheduled now that’s been canceled. I wish they would have extended them a year. We have 8 passports not doing it next year sorry. Still love the mouse.

  13. Is this in addition to the extension granted to passholders for the time the parks were closed? According to My Disney Experience the expiration date of my platinum annual pass has been extended for the number of days the parks were closed, in my case from December 8, 2020 until April 4, 2021. Will it now be extended an additional month to May 4, 2021?

  14. Earlier Disney said we would receive an extension based on the number of days the parks were closed. Parks have been closed for more than 30 days. Is this another case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing or does Disney just want more money from us?

    1. Hi Linda! The one month extension is on top of the extension that will be done for the length of the closure!

  15. Has anyone seen an extension in the expiration date of their APs in regards to the original 4 month extension? Our APs just expired a few days ago and are still showing expired on My Disney Experience.

  16. Shanghai gets extension through whole reservation period, and US AP get a month with little guarantee they’ll even be able to use it. Very disappointed.

  17. Am I missing something??? The parks have been closed for 3 months but they are extending the annual pass by a month. No thanks, refund please.

    1. Hi Jenny! The one month extension is on top of the extension that will be done for the length of the closure!