Star Tours Flight 1401 to Kef Bir is Now Departing to Celebrate “The Rise of Skywalker!”

As has become tradition, with a new Star Wars movie comes a new destination on Star Tours! We’ve been to Jakku, Crait, and even Batuu, but now we’re going somewhere entirely new!

Star Tours: Now Crashing into a New Destination

That’s right! This morning, to celebrate Rise of Skywalker’s opening today, Star Tours has added a new location! Kef Bir, the ocean moon of Endor, is our newest destination! Find out what to expect on your flight below!

Everyone knows about Endor, but not many people realize that Endor isn’t just the homeworld of the Ewoks. In fact, the “Endor” that we know is just “The Forest Moon of Endor”, one of several moons orbiting a gas giant of the same name.

This was where the Empire chose to construct the second Death Star, and where the Rebel Alliance fought the battle that would bring about the New Republic. Kef Bir is another of Endor’s moons, this one with an oceanic theme, where many pieces of the second Death Star crashed after the battle.

Fasten your seat belts, we’re expecting some turbulence. © Disney

As Emperor Palpatine was onboard the space station when it crashed, and seems to be manipulating the First Order behind the scenes, Kef Bir might hold the answer to many mysteries. Namely, how is Palpatine still around, and what is his ultimate goal?

Kef Bir is also home to Jannah, the mysterious freedom fighter joining the cast of the new film. Her tribe of female warriors will prove to be an ally to the Resistance in the final battles.

Jannah ©Disney

**Spoiler alert**: we’re going to talk about the new ride sequence below! Stop reading if you want to keep it all a surprise for your next trip on Star Tours!

All right, so what can riders expect on the new sequence? Adventure! But to get more specific… .

Come on! It’s time to ride!

The opening of the new sequence begins with either the Scanner bot looking for the spy or Kylo Ren (eek!) using the Force (as seen previously). Riders escape the dock and go to lightspeed… before crashing into an ocean on Kef Bir. Riders can see parts of the destroyed Death Star (and might recognize the setting from a key scene in the Rise of Skywalker!).


From here, riders encounter what looks like a Dianoga, which pulls them under the sea. Riders escape by hitting lightspeed, but their  journey is interrupted by Lando Calrissian, who’s asking for assistance.

Lando Calrissian ©Disney

Finally, the ride jumps to one final destination… that’s right, Kef Bir isn’t our final stop! We’re headed to Exegol, the hidden planet of the Sith, just in time for the final battle! We can’t talk about too much ere without spoiling the film, but let’s just say that fans hoping to take part in this epic confrontation won’t be disappointed.

Whew, we’re exhausted. Let’s jump back in the queue to ride again! 😉

Excited to journey to Kef Bir? Let us know with a comment below!

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