Our Three Favorite Changes From Epcot’s Transformation

It’s no secret that Epcot is in the middle of a multi-year transformation. There are signs of the work being done around the park all over, from the entrance and the massive Guardians of the Galaxy ride building to the addition of a Skyliner station and the virtual transformation of the France pavilion.

Guardians of the Galaxy Attraction Coming to Epcot

We went through the whole list — and it’s quite a list — and came up with the three changes we can’t wait to see come to life in Epcot in the next few years.

First of all, let’s take a look at the list of changes coming to Epcot:

That’s 12 changes! Whew, narrowing it down to three was hard work! Here we go!

New Entrance to Epcot

Epcot‘s entrance area has been begging for a refresh for many, many years. The area is very congested, and those “Leave a Legacy” photos don’t help improve crowd flow at all — in fact they hinder it, and are part of the problem.

Current Epcot Entrance

From the artist concept it looks like we can look forward to navigating wider, unobstructed paths into the park. It also looks like the main photo area will probably be by the new fountain, which also eliminates another bottleneck at the current entrance.

In this artist rendering, a new entrance plaza in development at Epcot will greet guests with new pathways, sweeping green spaces and a reimagined fountain. This design will pay homage to the original park entrance with fresh takes on classic elements. (Disney)

Learn more about Epcot’s New Entrance here.

New Creperie Joining France Pavilion

Ah, France is known and loved for many things — and food is one of the major loves of France and those of us who have been lucky enough to visit France. Imagine our delight when we heard a French Creperie will be opening in Epcot’s France pavilion! We can feast on savory crepes or indulge in sweet crepes at either a table-service restaurant or walk-up window.

New Creperie coming to France Pavilion Concept Art ©Disney

We mean, just look at this photo! The romantic in us is already dreaming of “strolling” this French-inspired street and eating our beloved crepes. This new location can’t open soon enough for us!

Learn more about Epcot’s Newest Creperie in the France Pavilion here

TIE! New Guardians of the Galaxy and Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure Rides Coming to Epcot

We tried, we really did. We made lists, we had debates, we even flipped coins — but we can’t choose just one of these rides as a favorite.

The Guardians of the Galaxy ride promises to be “out-of-this-world” with some new ride technology. We still can’t imagine what it will be like to ride this coaster with seats that rotate so we are facing the action the entire time and not racing by it! If you haven’t seen this video before take a few minutes to watch Bob Chapek, Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences, and Consumer Products, previewing the ride vehicles for the Guardians of the Galaxy ride. That’s why this ride is on our list.

Learn more about Epcot’s Guardians of the Galaxy Ride here

If you know anyone who has visited Disneyland Paris ask them about the Ratatouille Ride in the resort’s Walt Disney Studios Park. If you have been lucky enough to visit Disneyland Paris and ride the Rataouille Ride, then you know why this is tied with the Guardians of the Galaxy ride. The ride is, in one word, “amazing”. After you have been shrunk to the size of a rat, you’ll embark on an adventure around Gusteau’s kitchen unlike any ride in Disney right now. We can’t wait to race around that kitchen right here in Epcot!

Learn about Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure ride coming to Epcot here! 

Artist Rendering of France Pavilion with new attraction

OK, we shared our favorites in Epcot‘s transformation. Share your favorites in the comments!

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2 Replies to “Our Three Favorite Changes From Epcot’s Transformation”

  1. I’m fine with a new ride, and the new ride technology sounds exciting, but how does a RatatouIle ride inspire or educate us about France? It doesn’t. Just like Frozen doesn’t teach us a darn thing about Norway. Just kiddy rides.

  2. My biggest hope is that they get rid of the double security check for Monorail-Hotel guests. You already go through security boarding the monorail at your hotel. There is no need to go through security again once you finally get to Epcot. IF another change is needed at the Transportation Depot to keep new arrivals separate, so be it.