China Pavilion Fun

There are three pairs of lions in the China Pavilion at Epcot. One pair stands guard in front of the House of Whispering Willows (the museum).


The other two pairs can be found near the entrances to the Yong Feng Shangdian shop.



The lion is regarded as a special creature to the Chinese people as it was thought to be the king of all animals. The lion represented prestige and power and was often associated with an individual’s rank. These lions are often placed in front of gates or doorways as they were believed to have mystic and protective powers.

Although the lions look like they’re both male due to their bushy manes, but if fact, one is female. Look closely at their paws. The male has a ball underneath his right paw and the female has a lion cub under her left paw. The ball represents unity of the empire and the cub symbolizes prospering offspring.



On a different note”¦

To see the “Reflections of China” movie, guests walk through Disney’s version of the Temple of Heaven.


Most guests pause briefly and admire the magnificent ceiling before proceeding on to the waiting room.


But in case you didn’t already know, you can have a little fun in this room. Position yourself anywhere in the room EXCEPT the center stone.


Now say something out loud. For example, you can say, “ is the best Disney web-site in the World.”

Now, move to the center stone.


Once again, say something out load. For instance, “And I read it faithfully everyday.”

Your friends and family won’t know what just happened, but you will.

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