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On several occasions, I have written to tell you that I am leaving AllEars. And on each occasion I have returned after a short amount of time. I was the boy who cried wolf. Well, I’m afraid that I’m repeating that message today. Once again, I’m writing to tell you that I am leaving AllEars. However this time I suspect my departure will be permanent.

There are several reasons for this. First, burnout. Each of my blogs requires between 20-40 hours of work to create each week. This is a big responsibility that I’m finding more and more difficult to commit to.

I’m also finding it problematic to come up with new topics to write about. I’ve been doing this for eight years now and I’ve already covered most of the World in one way or another.

And finally, I have other commitments that require my time. Balancing AllEars with the rest of my life can be tricky.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have read my column faithfully over the years. I would also like to thank all of you who have taken the time to write me comments. Your kind words have been my weekly paycheck. I’ve never shared this with anyone, but I judged the success of my blogs by the number of comments I received. Whenever I received 20 or more, I considered it a homerun.

My old blogs aren’t going anywhere. Although my spot on the Blog Page will eventually be eliminated, my articles will remain. The easiest way to find them is to use the SEARCH field found on every page in AllEars. Just type “Jack” followed by the topic you’re interested in. If I’ve covered that topic, it will be listed.

Please, if you see me wandering the parks in the months to come, stop me and say hello. I would love to take a moment and chat with you for a few minutes. Also, remember to stop and smell the roses. Disney details are everywhere. There is so much more to the parks than Space Mountain, Soarin’, and Expedition Everest. Walt Disney World is a giant present. Unwrap it slowly and savor every part of it.

All my best to you,


Jack, Mickey, & Minnie

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255 Replies to “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”

  1. After many years I read again some of your columns. Are my favourites.
    I really like the simple way you give all the information we need and give us the space to live it when we go to WDW.
    Total thanks, from a distant country in South America.

  2. Jack, first of all… thank you! Your Disney history and blog reviews have been nothing less than magical! You definitely have a huge fan base here at AllEars. I read all of your work and truly appreciate learning about Disney through your blog. I appreciate every minute of those 20-40 hours you’ve dedicated to your craft each week and selfishly hope you’ll find a way to still be a contributor. After all, Pandora and other exciting new installments coming to Disney are just around the corner. All great things must come to an end, & I wish you a magical start to your future after AllEars. Cheers to you, Jack! See you in the parks.

  3. Jack,
    I have been checking back every so often hoping you would decide to come back to blogging. It is time for me to move on to acceptance and thank you for the most wonderful Disney blog on the web. I always looked forward to your writing and insight. Your blogs will be missed! Thanks and best wishes!

  4. Wow, Jack! I’m so sad to hear of your permanent departure from blogging on AllEars! All along, because of your terrific writing, I’ve learned so much about the parks, and I’ve felt like I’ve known you. (Now that’s the sign of a gifted blogger!) Maybe one day our paths will cross, and I can personally thank you for all of your time and effort. Until then, best wishes to you!

  5. Thank you so much for all you have shared over the years. You have helped so many of us enjoy WDW far more by enlightening us about so many wonderful details. I hope you enjoy your free time and wish I might see you in the parks one day. Thanks again Jack and may the rest of your life be magical!

  6. Thank you so much, Jack. I’ve read all your articles faithfully since i was around 8 years old when my mom first introduced me to AllEars. I would spend hours reading and rereading your past articles and then waiting for the next one to arrive. I’m in high school now. I’ve always liked to read every possible thing I can find on Disney and your articles were always at the top of my favorites list. I love how you covered such a wide range of topics and no matter how much I thought I knew on each one I always learned something new from you. I’ll miss learning from you terribly. Thank you again for all your hard work. Now you can go to the parks and relax instead of researching!

  7. Jack, I can’t thank you enough for the outstanding contributions you have made to this site, and your unending and passionate enthusiasm for ensuring the world knows how to truly appreciate Walt Disney World, as well as your extensive coverage of the parks dotted around the globe. I know I speak on behalf of many when I say we’re sorry to see you go, but I understand that we all have priorities and reasons and so, with that in mind, I wish you all the best in life and offer my utmost gratitude.

  8. It truly looks like we will be losing you Jack . You carry within you a very special magical connection with the wonders of WDW which goes way beyond what is just there . You have shared that with us lavishly over the years and we are richer for it . We understand more of the magic with every blog entry. I urge anyone who has not done so to trawl back over Jack’s blogs and a deeper layer of Disney magic will come to the surface . There are significant changes at WDW at the moment , and those of us who have visited WDW for many years will wonder where this will take us , but I know it will be good But not having Jacks’ intuitive input is a bigger blow than any changes that are planned .Thankyou Jack for making the magic so real , for taking the wonder of WDW to another level . If what you have done , and will continue to do via the blog library , can be summed up in one attraction , I think that must be SOARIN’ . Mike and family

  9. Jack,

    We would like to thank you for such Magic. It was a pleasure getting advice from you and the emails we shared. Best to you and all you do.
    Mic…see you real soon….key why because we liked you!!! Mouse.

    Kind Regards,

    The Nguyen Family

    Grand opening at the Art of Animation in the Landscapes of Flavor. We are the crazy family that were like are you Jack….LOL.

  10. I am sorry to see you go, I love your blogs about WDW, they are the first thing I read in the weekly emails.

  11. Jack,
    I am so sorry to hear this will be your final article for Allears. I always looked for your column first on the blog page. (Of course I enjoy reading all of the others as well!) But your articles always brought new insight into Disney and were always so well written. Our loss for sure. I wish you much success and lots of pixie dust on your future endeavors.

  12. I keep checking to see if you are back. I will continue to do so. I have enjoyed the ride and hope to hear from you again.

  13. Best of luck to you!

    Your blogs have given us readers so much, not just information and entertainment, but also a means to escape to Disney when we’re so far away.

    Hopefully, if the mood and need strike you, you could surprise us with the occasional blog. (Wonder what you think about that new lumberjack show!).

    I’ll keep my eyes peeled in January…would love to thank you in person!

  14. Best of luck Jack! All your hard work has been most appreciated. Hope to see you in the world during one of my trips!

  15. Jack,
    I have to say your blog was a highlight of my day. Please know that all of us appreciate the time it took for you to write these. All of our vacations at Disney were much more insightful because of you. I have shared and your blogs in particular to everyone I come across who is about to go to Disney whether it be there first time or 100th. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for not only making my days more enjoyable with your knowledge but for bringing a smile to so many.
    Best of luck to you!

  16. Jack,
    We will miss you and all of your wonderful posts. The information was always so enlightening and entertaining. Good luck in all of your future endeavors! Please take care and I hope to catch you in the parks one day!

  17. Jack,

    I’ve looked forward to Mondays for one reason. Your blog. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your writing & feel like I’ve benefited from reading your words & thoughts. Thank you for giving this enjoyment to me, especially needed on a Monday morning!

    Best wishes & good luck on all you do.

  18. Oh Jack!

    This is bittersweet. While I know you will find many wonderful way to enjoy your newfound free-time, I will certainly miss your blogs.

    I love All Ears and find it invaluable, but as a frequent visitor for almost 30 years and a former Cast Member, I don’t use this site necessarily as a planning tool (to some degree yes, but “it’s not my first rodeo” so to speak). I do however love the in-depth stories you tell about the place that I love! Your blogs are the only area of All Ears that I visit on a regular basis.

    Much luck to you in the future and if I am at all lucky I will run into you in the parks one day!

    Sincerely your fan,
    Sarah Ryan

  19. So sorry to read this….I have loved your column, and learned so much about the world. But I understand that some things cannot last forever. Glad the archives will still be around!

  20. I’ll just repeat what everyone else said: NOOOOOO and a great big thank-you for sharing with us all your hard work and enthusiasm. I can appreciate the fact that writing is extremely time-consuming, and your blogs were always so well researched and written. They’re a delight to read! Thanks for the memories and best of luck with all your new endeavors!

  21. Thank you for all your insights over the years.
    I will miss reading your blogs.
    All the best to you, always

    Iris Jones

  22. You will be sorely missed. Your well researched blogs opened up a WDW we never ever would have known about. Perhaps you’d do guest appearance blogs a few times a year. Hope hope hope

    Good luck and Blessings

  23. Mondays will never be the same!! Thanks so much for all of the time and effort you put into your blogs! My wife and I read every one of them and always learned something. Your knowledge of WDW is truly amazing and we thank you for sharing it with us. Hopefully, we will cross paths at WDW someday and I can thank you personally.

  24. Well if you consider 20 comments a homerun, then this last blog is a grand slam! I hope you realize how much everyone has enjoyed your blogs over the years and that you will be greatly missed. Your blogs have entertained, educated, challenged, and now saddened us. Good luck Jack.

  25. Thank you so much Jack for all of your articles that I have read and enjoyed. But most of all, thank you for answering everytime I commented, you don’t know how special it made me feel! Keep safe, be happy and I will be in WDW in Dec. I really hope to meet you then.

  26. Dear Jack,
    What can I add to the above comments but my personal thanks for all of your wonderful blogs over the years. I have learned so much from you and have always been entertained. You will surely be missed, although I can understand your decision. I, too, hope that you will bless us once in a while with a guest blog. If not, thanks for the memories and take care!

  27. JACK!! Say it isnt so. I have sooo enjoyed reading your work. I hope you ‘guest blog’ from time to time.

    You have NO idea what your blogs mean to us (well you may now…as by the abundance of wonderful comments) 🙂 For I, who cannot afford the luxury of visiting the World every year…the blogs have become my way of ‘checking out’ for a while and visiting my favorite place, when I cannot afford to be there in person. I cannot count how many lunch hours I’ve sat at my desk at work and read your blog to ‘escape from it all’ for a while.

    It’s funny to think a blog can light up someone’s life…but it DOES!! You’ve been a bright happy light in many of our lives for quite sometime now. For that, I say…THANK YOU!

    Best of luck to you in all you do. Although I dont know you personally, I feel like you are my friend 🙂

  28. Jack: Thank you so much for sharing your passion with us. Being an engineer by trade, I really appreciate all the details you provided. I apologize for not commenting on each and every blog I’ve read of yours and wish that I could now make it up. I’ve made it a point to read your blog every week for many years. I’m not one who gets to the “world” but once every three to five years so your beautifully detailed accounts of the many places and areas have kept my memories fresh and given me much to look forward to in anticipation of my next journey. I wish you well in you next adventure! Thank you again for the memories.

  29. I am so sad to read you were stopping your blog! I have loved your articles and always direct friends who are going to Disney to check out your blogs on Allears! Thanks for always taking the time to personally respond to comments. You make my day every time I had a response from you! Take Care and best wishes for the future. If you happen to write a book I hope that Allears will let us know!

  30. I’m so sad you won’t be writing for Allears anymore! I’ve greatly enjoyed your blogs & learned so many things about Disney. Thank you for your dedication to teaching all things Disney. I hope you enjoy your “retirement “.

  31. Jack,
    I too have not commented on your previous blogs, however; I want you to know that I have loved reading your blogs over the years. It’s one of the first things I did on Monday morning when I arrived at work, don’t tell my boss :-). My Monday morning routine will not be the same without you. Thank you so much for all the time, effort and hard work you put forth in making this blogs wonderful! Best of luck to you!

  32. Monday morning was not the same, it was a day without a little bit of MAGIC to brighten the week.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge, history, enthusiasm and love of the place we all would love to call home. I hope to meet you on Main Street and shake your hand and thank you in person for all that you have done in bringing Disney into our lives when we cannot be there and feel the MAGIC.

    You will be missed.

    Bill G

  33. Jack,

    Thank you so much for the time attention and care you have put into your blogs. When I first started going to AllEars I skipped the blog section and mainly used the site for planning. Then I read one of your blogs and was hooked. You brought me back week after week and made my time away from WDW and at WDW much more interesting. I love showing family and friends things they wouldn’t otherwise notice, as I didn’t until you pointed them out to me.

    Thank you and please take care.

  34. Jack,

    It really feels as though I am saying goodbye to a dear old friend. Your blog has been a source of great joy for me over the years. I hope I do get to meet you someday.

    Thank you so much for your Blog. I hope that we will see you as a special contributor every once in a while.

    Wishing you the best,


  35. This is so sad – I just discovered your blog a couple months ago. I look forward to going back and reading all your archives. Thanks for all the detail and hard work you put into your posts!

  36. Jack-

    My wife and I were lucky enough to time a trip that allowed us to meet you at a M&G. Suffice to say, you were as much a pleasure to meet, as you are to read.

    This blog was posted while we were at WDW and we both have been so busy catching up at work, we just finally checked the most recent blog with a smile and to brighten our day, and we were crushed. Now we get to hate Monday’s all over again.

    We wish you all the best…I think everyone has stated how much you gave to everyone, and how much you will be missed.

    Thank you for enriching our experiences over the years. Is that the train whistle I hear in the background…????

    -Dan & Beth

  37. Jack,

    I have never commented on this or any other blog, however, I am compelled to write and acknowledge for the endless hours I have spent enthralled with the various topics you have covered. You have provided insight and information on all topics Disney. Your writing is the result of exahustive research but presented in a very accessible format. You have taught me to better appreciate all the small things Disney parks have to offer. Although I will miss your writing in the future, I will continue to access your archived pieces in the future. Thank you and best wishes!

  38. Jack,
    I started reading your blog several years ago after sitting next to you at Kouzzina for a mutual friend’s birthday dinner (you even helped me decide which entree to order). I caught up on your older blogs and then stayed current. I have enjoyed them all so much as they give me my weekly Disney-fix. So, thank you so much for all the time and hard work you have put in for your readers. Please know that we enjoyed them even when we didn’t leave comments. You will definitely be missed.

  39. Jack,

    I first started reading your blogs in 2009, and more than anything, it gave me the itch to go to the World. I had a daughter on the way and knew that it wasn’t the right time, but I knew that I wanted to go.

    Over the last 5 years, your blogs have helped both feed and control my urge for Disney. They have also been a Bible for me in terms of prepping for a trip. Seriously, some of the advice and historical details in these blogs have been priceless.

    Three weeks ago, with my wife, 4 year old daughter, and 2 year old son, we finally made our pilgrimage. It was wonderful, and you are one of the people I have to thank for it. I’ll admit, when we went upstairs to eat at Columbia Harbour House, I had faint hopes of seeing you at a table (for the record, it was so crowded that we had to eat downstairs. I guess I’m not the only cat that reads your blog).

    Hopefully you’ll come back, maybe you’ll write a book (I’d buy it), but either way, I’m going to miss you and your musings on everything Disney. But even if you don’t come back, I’ll just keep reading the old blogs and getting ready for my next trip.


  40. Oh Dear

    I will miss you! Your blog has been my ‘Disney Bible’, my ‘Disney Fix’ and my ‘Oh so that’s why…’

    Thank you for all of your time effort and interesting blogs. We scour the parks for Hidden Mickeys, now we’ll be looking for Jack Spence.

    Thank you so much and enjoy your well earned rest.

    Take care!

  41. Seriously Jack, I hope this is another short lived vacation, but if not, I understand.

    Your blog has brought such joy to us Disney World fans who need our “fix” when we’re not able to travel to the world. I myself am a former Cast Member who now lives very far away but I still make it down the pakrs at least every other year. Your blog posts have been my link to my favorite place in the world and I will miss your amazing pictures and attention to details. More than once I have astounded my friends and family by pointing out a detail to them in the parks that I saw from your blog. Thanks so much for all you’ve given to the Disney community and I hope to see you around the parks someday. Take care!

  42. Jack, Thank you for all of the wonderful, informative blog posts over the years. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every one of them and I often send links to them to my family and friends when they ask me questions about various aspects of Disney World. Your attention to detail is amazing and you have quite the knack for writing.

    I’m sorry to see you go.

  43. Only the best is wished upon you, Jack. You have enlightened and entertained me for years on my favorite topics. You and your articles will be missed but not forgotten.


    P.S. – We would not mind if you popped up in a video blog from time to time, if time permits of course.

  44. Jack – Thank you for your exceeding devotion to the details. We live in Tampa, visit the World very often, and the details are what we now concentrate on! The “little” things that compose the magic that is Disney. I’ve passed that on to my child, and now her child.

    You will be sorely missed.


  45. Jack, I am so sorry so to see you go! I have enjoyed reading your blogs time and time again, and often re-visit your blog posts to re-read!, Thank- you so much for all your time spent, hard work and dedication you have put into your blog over the years, your attention to detail is amazing, and your love for disney shines through in every post! Thank-you for helping me over and over plan my yearly vacation to WDW and the Best of luck to you now and always!!

  46. Dear Jack,
    Thank you for hours of informative, interesting and fun reading for so many years. Each visit to WDW was made even more special because I knew what to look for thanks to your excellent blogs. Please continue to enjoy your life and to “smell the roses” every chance you get.

  47. Say it ain’t so!

    I get what you’re doing and why, but you will be oh so missed.

    Still hoping you’ll decide to come back yet again, even if it is just for “as the mood hits” or holiday posts.

  48. I am devestated. I was late getting to last weeks blog and just read of you leaving. As there is over 200 responses already it is apparent there are so many who feel the same. There is nothing more I can add that hasn’t already been said but I will so miss your wonderful blogs that were not only so well written but written with love and devoured by all your fans . Wishing you nothing but success, joy & happiness in your future endevears. Hope to meet you again one day at the world. Hugs, Bonnie

  49. While I completely understand your decision, Jack, I’m sad that you’re leaving. I have read everyone of your blogs over the past few years and enjoyed all of them. I now look at garbage cans, light fixtures and bathroom signs through a different lens. I also loved seeing your old photos, especially the blogs showing the past and present through photos. Please know that you’ve made a difference in so many people’s enjoyment of WDW.

  50. Jack, I am sorry to see you go. I am have been going to Disney World every year of my life since I was 7 months old. I have always loved the amount of detail you put into them. I also love the way your love for Disney comes through in your words as I share that love for disney too. All the best and thank you!

  51. WOW!
    Have you seen allllll those comments above mine?

    You are well loved on this site my friend. I understand how much time it must take and you have done amazing things for us readers. Thank You for all your kind words (and sometimes critical) about the World. You will be missed!

  52. SIGH!!:(


    Like all the others, I am writing to say “Thank You” for all your hard work and dedication to this blog. I will miss your wit, honesty and attention to detail. You have been a good friend to all of us over the years and though I will be sad to see you go, I understand that you must move on (sniff).

    So good luck with your new pursuits and may you always have a “Magical Day”!!

  53. Dear Jack,

    I just want to say Thank You! I can only echo all the kind words that have already been expressed. You have become a part of our lives and we will miss you. You have a wonderful gift and we are blessed that you have shared it with us these past 8 years.

    I wish you only the best and hope that our paths might one day cross while wandering the World. 🙂

  54. Just wanted to say thank you Jack. I have really enjoyed your blogs. Good luck in the future. Know that you will be missed.


  55. Dear Jack,

    Add me to the list of your ardent admirers. I appreciated your thoroughness and desire to get the details right most of all. So sorry to see you go, but wishing you the best in everything in your life.


  56. Jack,

    I have loved reading your blogs and want to thank you for all the work you’ve done and the stories you’ve shared. I certainly will re-read some of my favorites when planning for a trip or just to relive the magic between visits.

    Thank you again and I hope to run into you somewhere in the world!

    Plymouth, MA

  57. Dear Jack,

    I am so sad! I know you will be greatly missed by all especially me. You are my favorite Disney blogger of all the bloggers. You gave me a little Disney Magic every week with my breakfast. I wish you all the best and may our paths cross one day at the World.


  58. Thank you Jack! I have read every blog during your time with AllEars, and it has been a pleasure. Best of luck with your next adventure.

  59. I have never commented on allears, although I have been reading it since 2008. I have always used your guidance and good judgement when trip planning, and you are the reason I persuaded my husband to visit Tokyo Disneyland on our honeymoon to Japan. We even got to stay at the MiraCosta thanks to your advice. I will miss reading your blogs, and wish you so much happiness for whatever venture you choose next.

  60. Thank you X 416 weeks! Thanks to your vast reportage you recreated portions of so many (past and future) Disney trips for so many years for this No. Californian who has grown to appreciate WDW as much as the mother church in Anaheim through you. Now you can visit the Parks without having to note ALL the interesting details we have all come to expect from your blogs in AllEars.Net (or can you?) I will always envy how close you live to the most Magical Place on Earth; you are truly Mickey’s nicest neighbor. Best Wishes, Gary

  61. Thanks so much for all your great articles. I learned so much about disneyworld and disneyland by reading them. You are a legend in Disney studies and your efforts will be read for years to come. All the best!

  62. Jack, I respect your decision, as a writer, to know when your writing is done. In the writing field, we more often get a piece to ‘done enough’, rather than ‘done’. Congratulations to you for finally, finally finding your way to Done. Your postings were inspiring, and you’ll be missed. Enjoy the next chapter of your life.

  63. Jack, I will really miss your columns each week. My husband and I met you at the Beach Club All Ears Meet, and you told us that you were running out of ideas to write about at that time. I’m glad we got to meet you, thank you for all the wonderfully detailed columns, and lots of luck to you in the future.

  64. Jack, I will so miss your blog. It was something I looked forward to each week. I hope that you will consider writing a book about WDW. It’s so important that we’ve all learned to “stop and smell the roses” when we visit the World. You have been an amazing teacher and tour guide. Best of luck in your future endeavors. Thank you.

  65. I am so sorry to hear that your amazing insite into WDW is leaving us. I have many times printed out your articles and pictures so I can take them with me to study before visiting the parks. I have saved many of them. The detail and beautiful pictures you take have made me love WDW for the amazing detail that they put into everything and most of which I would have missed if it hadn’t been for you. Thank you for making my WDW vacations so special. You will be missed, but you will live on in all the great stories you’ve shared with us. Thanks you.

  66. Dear Jack,
    It took a few days to get my breath back and respond to your post. Your blog will be deeply missed. When you took your last break I often commented that I was counting the days until you came back. I can certainly understand needing a break – I have often marveled at your blogs and could only imagine the time that went into them. I wish you the best in whatever you go on to do, but please remember all of us – and know how much you are missed. Perhaps you could do a surprise blog now and then? With all of the changes going on even a column on your thoughts would be interesting. I will keep an eye out for your during our visit in January.
    Miss you already.

  67. Your inexhaustible and fascinating knowledge has made me look like a superhero tour guide to my family and friends for each of our trips to Disney World! I have passionately passed on your ability to enrich the park experience with details, back-story and secrets, with great reward and response. Your contributions will be missed but likewise you deserve to take stock, relax and take note of your own advice…smell the roses! Thank you Jack.

  68. Very sad to see you go Jack! As someone who has tried many times to blog about Disney with regularity, I understand how difficult it can be to maintain the constant quality of content over and over again that you’ve done. So thanks for doing this for so long, leaving us with a great archive, and generally being one of the most genuinely interesting Disney bloggers out there.

    Hopefully you’ll find the time and inclination to do a few “guest” blogs from time to time in the future.


  69. hi Jack 🙂
    I was so sad to read of your departure, your one of my Disney inspirations.
    I’m also so happy for you, i can only imagine how much time and effort goes into one of your posts.
    I’m 28 now, and have been reading your posts for at least 5 (maybe more) years.
    I’m going back to see the mouse next year, and there is one thing i will always remember in this trip and the many more i’ll have after that- Smell the roses.

    Thank you so, so much, you will be very well remembered.

    I want to wish you the best of luck for the future! 🙂

  70. Jack,

    I can’t thank you enough for all of your contributions over the years. I have seen WDW through such different eyes because of your articles. You have pointed out so many of the details that I have missed over the years and I have often thought I wish I had a personal tour guide to point out all these details while I’m there. But your writings have enhanced that immensely. In addition, you have written many articles on things to do that I have taken advantage of like renting a pontoon boat and sailing up the Sassagoula River which we did when I brought my parents one year. I’ve also enjoyed your talks like one at Animal Kingdom which you held in the FlameTree seating area a couple years ago. I have truly been taking time to “stop and smell the roses” because of your articles. I have met you at several AllEars meets & at a Destination D event and I’m sure one day I’ll run across you in the parks. Thanks again for everything and for sharing your incredible passion of Disney with all of us. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

    Kris (& Shallon) from Michigan

  71. Jack, I know that there are a lot of comments here – I haven’t even read them all yet! But you are an absolute treasure for those of us who love to read about Disney. My favourite blog was about the Refreshment Outpost in Epcot – where there is not ride or official signs to tell a story – you just observed and surmised a story by the objects found there. You have a real gift! So have a great retirement from Allears – and don’t feel guilty for crying wolf. You’ve more than earned your time off. And yes – I will look out for you at WDW – it would be a real thrill to meet you! Take care!

  72. Jack,

    I have looked forward to and enjoyed your blog each week for the past several years. Just this past week I was with my family at wdw and was explaining all of the topiary selections throughout wdw to my wife. Your insight, trivia, and photos brought me a piece of “the world” when I couldn’t be there. I wish you the best of luck in your future ventures and hope that you somehow continue to share your disney knowledge with others.

    Best of luck!

  73. Jack,
    I am now sad. I do so love reading your blogs! Your attention to detail and all the research you put into it is extraordinary! Many of our trips I have incorporated your ideas. You are also a very good writer, making your blogs very enjoyable to read. I had always wanted to run into you sometime at WDW.
    Also, thank you for sharing pictures of Disney rooms in both of your houses; I totally loved seeing them. Maybe someday I can do something like that in my house.
    Good luck in all your future endeavors. I truly would be happy if ever you change your mind and return to I will remember to continue to stop and smell the roses!
    Thank you!

  74. Oh, I’m so very sorry to hear this. I’ve come to think of you as a long-lost Spence cousin! Your blog has become one of the first things I search for on Monday mornings. You have enriched my enjoyment of the property. Judging from the number of responses before mine, this article will be a “success.” Take care and be well. You will be missed.


  75. Thank you Jack for the many years of fantastic articles. I’m a regular visitor to allears just to read what interesting facts or adventures you had been up to.
    You’ll be missed, what am I going to read on my lunch breaks now?
    Thank you once again.
    Warmest regards
    Keri Morris
    Bedfordshire, UK

  76. I stumbled upon your blog just a few months ago and (during some downtime at work) read through many of your posts. I really enjoyed your voice and perspective. Thanks your time and effort, it will be missed!

  77. Jack
    If you judged the success of your blogs by the number of comments then the number of posts that folks have made in response to your announcement says it all I think. I too will miss your blogs but can fully understand your decision. All the best and thanks for the great reads!
    Juli UK

  78. In all my years of reading AllEars, this is my first comment. Thank you so much for putting so much of your time and energy into your blog. I have truly enjoyed it and will miss your entries. Wishing you the best in your future endeavors.
    p.s. Call me crazy, but I printed out your ENTIRE Tokyo Disney Resort series and it helped me plan and enjoy my trips. This binder still resides in my bookshelf : ) Thank you!

  79. Dear Jack,

    I am in tears. This is such a bittersweeet moment for me. I truly loved reading your articles but I also know how a person needs to go onto other adventures. Thank you for educating all of us on the pleasures found in Disney. On my trips I have looked both up and down and discovered many things due to you. Please consider writing a book in the future, I know I won’t be the only person to buy it. Best of luck!

  80. Thank you Jack for all of the memories and hours that you have put in. I may not have commented on many of your blogs, but I never read one that I didn’t like. As a matter of fact, I believe that I can safely say that I loved them all (even the hard quizzes that I had no idea what the answer was)!
    I do wish that you had done a blog on parade history. I think that would have been fascinating. Perhaps one day as a guest blog…?
    I’ll miss you and I hope the best for you!

  81. This is a sad day for your regular readers, Jack. You looked on the World with a critical but always loving eye, and in sharing your unique perspective through your blog you helped us to appreciate things we might never have noticed on our own. Thanks so much for sharing your insights over the past 8 years, and my best to you in all your future endeavors.

  82. Jack,

    Thank you for 8 great years.

    I had a habit of reading your blogs during lunch on Mondays while I was still working.
    I have continued that tradition since I retired 4 years ago.

    I am really going to miss you.
    Good luck in whatever you do.
    With your talent, not much luck is required.


  83. If 20 comments was a home run, then this is a grand slam and world series win all wrapped in one.

    Often there was no reason to comment, because there was no way to improve perfection!

    Your posts will be sorely missed, but enjoy your free time, you deserve it. Hopefully for our sakes you get bored enough to do a guest blog once a quarter or something like that! I know that would make us happy hopefully without taking away too much of your time.

    Thanks for all the great work!

  84. Can’t add much but know that my list of “must go to” features, yours was a list topper. Too bad but we need to make decisions and this seems a good one for you. Health and happiness in the future. Thank you so much for what you have given us!

  85. Hi Jack,

    I never write comments, but I just needed to let you know how much I have loved reading all your blogs. They are truly the only blogs I read on a regular basis. Your professional writing style and photography make each blog extremely enjoyable and informative. Thank you for sharing your experiences and wealth of knowledge with us for the past 8 years. Good luck in all your future endeavors!

    All the best,


  86. Jack: Thanks so much for all of your hard work. I enjoyed the ride. I hope this retirement really isn’t permanent, but best wishes if it is. Enjoy!

  87. Sorry to see you go.

    You will be missed, as I think the above 160(!)will attest to. And you said 20 was a success.

    I hope to see you one day in the parks. I’ll buy you a beer. Or a LeFou’s Brew. Or at least a Dole whip float.

  88. I am so sad! Your blogs have always been so interesting and fun to read! The details that you always remind us to take in is what I will miss the most.

    It’s funny, because I would talk so much about the things that you would write about, that my husband called you my “buddy”. After reading your blogs I would turn to him, eager to share the information, and he’d smile and say, “Ok, tell me, what did your “buddy” Jack Spence have to say today?” And when we would visit the parks I would always point out a lot of the things that I would learn through your blogs and I’d say, “My “buddy” Jack Spence said this and that…”

    So thanks “buddy” for all the wonderful articles, history and insights. You will surely be missed by this reader!

  89. Hi Jack,

    I once sent you an email a couple of years ago about working for Disney and it was great to get your feedback. I ended up as an ICP at Living with the Land and the first thing I did was check your blog to see what you had said about the ride! Thanks for all your hard work over the years 🙂

    Gabriella (from Australia!!)

  90. I am so very very sad to see this day come. My husband and I have been reading your blog for years, and thoroughly enjoyed it. While the ones on the resorts are handy, my favorites are about looking at the little things. I remember a trip to Animal Kingdom where my husband and I spent ages poking around in the Oasis looking at the theming on the different shops after reading your post about that.

    I wish you the best in your upcoming endeavors! I’ll have to console myself with reading all of your blogs starting over again at the beginning.


  91. Well, you are well beyond 20 comments here! I’m not taking the time to look through them all, but I am sure my words are very much like everyone else. We will miss. I’ve loved the insight you have provided over the years and appreciated your attention to detail. Thank you.

  92. Dear Jack,

    You will be missed. Good luck with whatever you want to do in the future. Thank you for all your works. I am sad 🙁 Definitely will stop to say hi to you if I ran into you in the parks. Thanks again

  93. Jack,

    I am so sorry to hear this. You are simply the best Disney blogger on the internet and I will miss your insights and details.

    But I hope that your retirement and time to focus on other things is everything you hope it will be. If you ever do write a book, you can count on me purchasing it.

    All the best, Wendy

  94. Hi Jack,

    I just wanted to add my own personal thank you for 8 wonderful years of your blog. It never went unnoticed how much time, effort and love you put into it each and every week. I admire your writing and photography and will genuinely miss it. I was ecstatic when you came back before but totally understood why you had to go then as you do now. I wish you all the best in everything you do and hope one day to run into you and thank you in person! Take care!


  95. Hi Jack, I can’t say anything that hasn’t already been said. I will miss your blogs very much. I think what I liked best about them was your thorough nature and very professional journalism. I read a lot and I’m highly critical of most articles that are put together by supposed professionals, so yours was always a highlight for me. I hope you don’t go off the grid completely. I’ve been watching some of the videos on YouTube and your blogs translate very well into that medium. It would surely help the problem of time and its an excuse to repeat a subject 🙂

    You can be sure you hit the “home run” more than you even thought. I wish I’d had the time to comment more. But you can be assured that I read, enjoyed and appreciated your blogs every time.

    Best wishes for your future! It would be good to see a guest appearance from you here or on YouTube. But regardless, I genuinely wish you the best of luck for whatever your next venture is (even if it’s a time out).

    Thank you sincerely for the service 🙂

  96. You will definitely be missed! I learned so much about Disney from your blogs because I did not stop and smell the roses 🙂 I have now learned to appreciate the little things Disney offers and now notice things throughout the park that I learned about through your blogs. I’m so happy your articles will be staying because I like going back and rereading them. I often forget about the little things so I need a refresher. I wish you all the best!!

  97. We are so sorry to hear of your leaving. We have truly enjoyed your blog’s every week and it will leave a empty spot each Monday that takes us back to our happy place. We have learned so much from you and it has given us so much insight as to what we are looking at in the parks not just the rides. We will always stop and smell the roses and look up and down! We have never met but each time we eat up stairs in Columbia Harbour House we think of you and wonder if some day we will see you their and be able to say hello and talk for a moment. Thank you for all your hard wonderful work. Good luck in all that your future holds. Hope to meet you in the parks one day.

  98. Just want to join everyone else her in saying how much I’ll miss your posts, Jack. Seeing a new entry in my RSS reader always brightened my day, and I’ve learned a lot from them. (And yeah, write that book, please!)

    Hope I see you around the parks someday. Take care and good luck!

  99. I echo the thoughts of all. You will be greatly missed. With the departure of Disney Mike and now you there leaves very little info to be gained on this site of the everyday happenings in the World. Feel free to edit but as someone who has read this site for over 15 years I have noticed more and more a lot “missing” from the site. Whether it be outdated menus, details about daily happenings in park, etc. I wish you the best in your endeavors and hope by some luck when I make my 1 time a year trip to maybe cross paths. one thing that I will always take from you is to stop and smell the roses, so much is there to explore at our favorite place, thanks again for SHOWING us where the roses are!!

  100. Hi Jack – It’s a sad day even as my family prepares for our next trip to The World (Thursday can’t come fast enough!). I have so enjoyed delving into the details these past several years and will greatly miss my weekly mental escape. Thank you for everything you have done and as everyone has already indicated, I’ll wait patiently and hopefully for any future guest blog posts and/or books. We’ll look for you on the bridge over Fantasyland at the Harbor House – thank you for sharing that and so many other hidden treasures!

  101. Hi Jack…. Of course this is sad news indeed, but I fully understand.
    You have covered just about everything I can think of pertaining to WDW. I have been a faithful reader of yours for all these years and needless to say, your column is my favorite on all of and has brought me great joy.
    I know it has been a labor of love for you and so I say Thank You, Jack for sharing it with us.

    Hope to See Ya’ Real Soon!

    ~ Johnny

  102. Jack,

    Your blogs will be sorely missed in our lives. Every Monday, our family would make it a point to check out your blog, always certain to find a joyful respite from the stress of our daily lives. Thank you for taking endless hours to bring so many people a magical escape into the World we all love! Your games challenged us and brought our extended family together. Your investigations of seemingly mundane details made us appreciate the true artistry of this special place on earth. We always knew where to go on the internet to find those necessary backstories for each beloved attraction. Thank you, Jack, for all the years of magical blogs! We genuinely do “stop and smell the roses” of Walt Disney World because of your fine guidance.

    ~Sarah and Chris

  103. Jack,

    Your posts were the highlight of my Monday! In what is generally a very stressful day of work, I looked forward to reading your posts during my lunch. I will certainly miss your insights and knowledge of all things Disney. I hope you recognize what a talented writer you are.

    Many thanks

  104. boy, you surely will be missed. I know you put a lot of time and work into your blog and it shows it. I love allears tv and I was hoping you were going to do more of them. I wish all of your blogs could be put into a book or video. I watch them a lot when I get down in the dumps. No one does it better, than you. Thanks for all your hard work and time. Take care of yourself. Hope to see you in Disney sometime. Will be looking for ya!. Thanks again.

  105. Sad to see you go! I’ve enjoyed your blogs they always give me something new to look for when I’m lucky enough to visit Disney World. God Bless and best of luck.

  106. Thanks for all the great articles over the years, enjoy the next chapter! Maybe you can pop in occasionally and write a guest blog!

  107. Jack, I will really miss your posts. The quality, dedication and love you’ve had for your subjects and your readers is unsurpassed anywhere! I wish you happy trails and pixie dust for wherever life takes you.

  108. Jack –

    Every Monday I looked forward to your blog – and as you said all we have to do is search your name and a subject resulting in all the happy memories of reading your posts will return to us all. I will miss my Monday ritual but myself along with my family wish you the best of luck in all of your future adventures!!

    I do hope that we see you in the parks in our future visits. And thank you so much for sharing your adventures, stories and experiences with us!!


  109. What a disappointment!! Your posts will be greatly missed. I hope you will still post something every now and then as things change in the parks and resorts.

  110. I’m reading this news while vacationing at Vero Beach. Sad, but understandable. You have given my family and myself great and interesting info or places to view and experience. You have helped us enjoy our WDW experience in an expanded way.

    Funny, I was talking about you last night to a cast member at Vero Beach about you and how much I enjoy your blogs!! I told him he had to check you out! Thank goodness for the archives!!

    When we are back at the park, we will all keep an eye out for you as I would love to shake your hand a give you a well deserved thank you!!You will be missed! Thanks for all the insight, history, and the enhancement you have given to us in enjoying all that is Disney!!

    Farewell, friend! Monday will be definaty different from here on out!!

  111. Thanks Jack for all your hard work and dedication over the years. Your blog was my favorite part of ALL Ears! I have been a Disney fan all my life and you have enriched my Disney experience and taught me a lot! Thanks again and Good Luck to you!

  112. Where do i start? Jack, I have enjoyed your blogs for years now and have learnt so much. I even got the chance to meet you at an All Ears Meet and Greet at the Art of Animation. We are going to Florida in November/December – our first trip without our daughters. I want to stroll down Main Street and look around instead of rush to the first ride. I may not even go on many rides but soak in the atmosphere, people watch and smell the roses. I hope you will do some guest blogs in the future, I hope you may be at other meet and greets (not sure when the next one is but hope it while we are there) and I hope we “bump into you” when we are there so we can say “hello”.
    All the best for the future.
    Deep and warmest regards,

  113. Hi Jack —

    Dagnabit! I just booked our DVC for August 2015 on Sunday and was looking forward to eleven (11) more months of lessons from the Doctor of Disney World Details to learn and try to remember and pay attention to everything you’ve shown us over the years. You’ve opened our eyes to so much that most people never, ever pay attention to and that many Cast Members probably don’t have a clue about. Are you sure you’re not really an Imagineer and just never bothered to tell us?

    I hope that you remain the AllEars.Net videographer of Resorts and other great stuff and that you will still appear on AllEarsNet-TV, making it a treat to have a “World According to Jack” video, such as the latest episode, every so often. Not for nothing, but, I would not have minded if you had stretched out the Landscaping series for twelve (12) weeks, as you presented so much information. I’m also confident that your readers could have supplied an endless variety of topics for you to entertain and enlighten us about; never thought I would learn how to pace a meal here. I also hope the good folks over at AllEars.Net don’t remove you from Blog Central; they could rerun your past columns in that spot. Bet there are plenty of people who would love that. As the Master of Mickey Minutiae, you have taught us to “Stop and Smell the Roses” and to savor and appreciate the details Disney works so hard to create. No other blog or book anywhere goes into the detail you show us, is there a Disney Details book in your future?.

    As someone who comments on your blogs way too much, I am going to miss your personal responses, they let me know you appreciate your readers as much as we appreciate you. I know I am not alone in hoping and wishing that you are “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” once again and that The Professor of Theme Park Particulars returns to share his love of Disney Resorts worldwide with us.

    Happy AllEars.Net Retirement (Sabbatical?). Hope to run into you in August!

    – Jeff

  114. How am I supposed to fill my Mondays now??? j/k Loved every single blog! Your attention to detail was amazing and unmatched. I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors. Thank you for all your hard work on Allears! You WILL be missed.


  115. Thank you for all the great content and blogs you’ve authored. You were the first Disney blogger I followed and still remain my favorite. Best wishes to you and may your writing live on to benefit all who find this site.

  116. Thanks you so much for your insightful and entertaining articles over the years – yours is the only blog I always read. You’ll be missed! Good luck in your future endeavors.

  117. Jack,
    I am so sad that you are leaving. I always enjoyed reading your blog and it was my favorite on this site. You will be dearly missed by by all who know your blog. Thanks so much for all of your work over the last few years.

  118. Hey Jack –

    Thank you so much for the time you’ve given us. I’m a current Disneylander who grew up a DisneyWorlder. Your blogs have been insightful, well-written and entertaining. Best of luck in your new adventures. You will be missed.

  119. Say it isn’t so, Jack :(. I have enjoyed your blogs so much, and I have learned so much from them. I always love watching your videos, and seeing your photographs of whatever details you are encouraging your readers to notice. Maybe you will decide to do some guest blogs like others have mentioned , I hope so. Wishing you all the best. Your fan, Rhonda.

  120. Jack,
    I’m at a loss for words. I understand but I am sad about this. I look forward to your weekly posts. You are like a walking Disney encyclopaedia. I hope that you will still do a guest post every now and then. (hint hint). If I see you I will definitely say HI! Best wishes, you will be greatly missed here my friend.

  121. Jack, thank you so much for all the great blogs. Will certainly miss reading your masterpieces on Monday mornings. Maybe you can come back for a guest blog?
    Anyways, thanks again, and maybe I’ll be able to meet you someday.

  122. Dear Jack, Thanks for all of your great blogs and to say you will be missed is an understatement. Every Monday I look forward to reading your latest and greatest commentary. Every trip we make I research your past information to aid in my planning. Your down to earth way of writing made it fun and very interesting. I will truly miss you! Enjoy the days ahead and I will be keeping an eye out for you in the parks.

  123. Jack, This is sad news as I too loved your weekly blogs, and will miss reading them on Mondays. You wrote about all the little details I know I have missed around the World!

    Thanks so much, and wishing you all the best!

  124. Dang it! Why is it that the good stuff associated with Disney always ends?

    I will very much miss your insightful and enjoyable blog

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and knowledge of all things Disney over these many years.

  125. Jack, I am very sad that you will be leaving AllEars. I have enjoyed your blog for years now. I understand your reasons for leaving, but I will miss my weekly dose of Jack (& Disney). You have opened my eyes to so many details about Disney that I never knew before. Thank you for all the countless hours you have put into every one of your blogs. I have read through every single one of your blogs, as well as the comments. I really appreciate that you would often respond to readers comments. That showed you cared what we thought too! Thank you again for all you have done over the years to increase our knowledge about everything Disney 🙂 You will be missed!

  126. Jack,
    It is because of your blogs that I have become a Disney nut! Your post have opened my eyes to all of the special details that make Disney so magical. I can’t thank you enough for giving that to me. I have been able to pass it on to the important people in my life. Each year our trips have been more and more special because of those little details and extras the average guest pass by. Being a teacher I have viewed you as my Disney teacher. I read my “assigned” reading and then go apply my new knowledge when I visit the park each year. Thank you, thank you, for making me see how very grand Disney is.
    Best wishes on the next chapter of your life. ~Sarah

  127. Jack-

    I will truely miss your thoughtful in depth articles. Have you thought about doing a food blog ? That may not be as time consuming. I don’t want to see you go.

  128. Oh Jack,

    Here I am, having the worst Monday of my life, and, through my tears, the only thing I could think of to cheer myself up was to read your blog. Instead, I found your farewell and I felt even more sad than I did before. Totally not your fault, just a combination of events…

    You will be so missed. May God Bless You as you have blessed me and my family.

  129. Jack,
    Thank you for all of the wonderful information you have provided over the years. I am sad to see that your blog will come to an end, but wish you all the best in all you pursue!
    Trish L

  130. Dear Jack,
    Your blogs have been the highlight of my week. I will truly miss your posts and interesting information as a brought a smile to my face on cloudy days. I do have to say the highlight of my trip in august was meeting you at the Allears meet at OKW. You are my idol. I wish you all the best in life and all your future endeavors. I hope to run into in the parks soon!
    Your Friend

  131. Jack, Thank you for all your hard work and dedication throughout the years. Your blogs have been so informative giving Disney Lovers details we would never known without your insights.

  132. Jack,
    Thanks for all you have written, shared and done!
    Whenever people ask me “Disney Questions”, I will inevitably end my answer with “…you should really check out ‘The World According to Jack’!”.

    My familiy’s vacations have been, and will forever be, enriched by your insights and I am happy that you will be able to enjoy the “Disney Experience” without the “pressure” of putting it in type and having to see it all through a lens (although you do so with effortless elegance).

    I will take solice in the hope that someday our paths will cross, because, well- after all, it IS a small world!

    Your words illuminated the magic of the kingdoms.
    Thanks again and I’ll see you in line!

  133. Hi Jack,
    I’m really sorry to see that you aren’t going to be surprising, amazing and entertaining me with your amazing blog again.
    Wishing you many happy days in your future, and maybe on one of my Disney jaunts from the UK I will indeed bump into you in one of the parks.

    Kind regards and thank you for all of your hard work in the past. It’s been excellent

  134. Jack, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your blog, and how sad I will be to not have any new entries. Best of wishes on your other endeavors. My husband and I are going on our first Disney trip together next month, and for the first time ever I’m getting the opportunity to stop and smell the roses (it’s my first trip without a big group). Thank you for your wonderful attention to details that many overlook, and that I never would have known to look for to begin with. I’ve learned more about the history of Disney from this blog than anything else I’ve read.

  135. I understand that one can’t do everything and that balance in life is important.

    I’m sorry I didn’t know that I should have commented on each entry. I wish I had.

    I don’t know if I will ever get to Disney World, but I have learned so much about it from your writing. If I ever do get there, I’ll have a great deal of knowledge to have a more enjoyable visit.

    Good luck, I will miss your contributions to the site.

  136. Jack,
    I was late to discover Walt Disney World, and spent many an hour reading your blogs. I think I’ve read every one, from the beginning. I learned so much about the history and the now of WDW. You helped me enjoy my visits and the experiences all the more. I’ll miss our Monday morning meetings over a cup of coffee!

  137. Jack,
    I am selfishly saddened to hear this news, reading your blogs allowed me to visit Disney World much more often than I could possible afford to in real life! I thank you for your years of hard work and dedication, not to mention the smiles and joy you unknowingly brought us, especially when we were able to score well on one of your quizzes!!
    I wish you all the luck and happiness that the world has to offer and look forward to running into at the parks someday! Now on to your own advice and take some time to smell the roses!
    Best Wishes!

  138. Hello Jack,

    Thank you for all the wonderful articles you have written over the years. I have always enjoyed reading them and learning new things. Best of luck to you and thank you for reminding us to “stop and smell the roses!”

    Thank you,


  139. It’s going to be really hard getting used to not checking allears every Monday to see what Jack is writing about this week. Good luck to you Jack and thanks for all the enjoyment you have brought to us over the last 8 years. I sure this was a hard choice to make but all the work you do put in has to take a toll after a while. Maybe if were lucky we will see you do a special blog every so often. Take care Ron

  140. Wow this is not good news! I do wish you the ability to lessen the stress and workload and be able to focus on other more important things. As others have said you should seriously write a book about all the blogs you have written. You actually made me see Walt Disney World in a whole new perspective. You were also the main reason I tuned into All Ears week after week. By being able to give so much behind the scenes info your writings were so much more exciting. We will miss your insight and passion. I am sure we will run into you at the parks we will be sure to say hi!
    P.S. looks like you might be breaking a record on this comment count.

  141. All the best, Jack. You’ve always brought a little bit of the World to my house when I’m unable to get my family to the parks. I’ll always be grateful.

  142. You will be missed. I looked forward to your blog each week because I knew I would learn something new! I hope you will still be making appearances on Allears TV! Enjoy your free time!

  143. Hi Jack!
    It’s a very bittersweet goodbye I say to you. Thank you for showing us the other side of Disney – kinda like “the back side of water” on the Jungle Cruise (wink wink).
    Without your expert advice, I would have never known the perfect spot or time to see the Headless Horseman make his Halloween trek down Main Street – and I thank you ever so much for that!
    Much success to you, my friend and I will always look for the details and stop and smell those magnificent magical roses!!
    Take care and good luck!

  144. Hi Jack,

    I totally see where you’re coming from. In fact, I was wondering what new topics you would be able to find.

    I hope we’ll be seeing you around in other capacities. You will be sorely missed. I have enjoyed your column very much! Thank you for all the work you have put in!!

    Take care!

  145. Jack,

    Your writing is so enjoyable and the topics you choose– poignant. You bring a depth to the Disney community that is unparalleled. Each week, I have journeyed with you across the parks, resorts and world of Disney to examine the great detail found throughout. Your pieces will last a lifetime in our hearts and be of reference quite frequently.

    Thank you for all your contributions.


  146. Jack,
    I wanted to say thank you for all your blogs, they have helped my fiancé and I plan all our Disney trips. I look forward every week to see what new tidbits or advise you will share. I wish you all the best on your next adventure and you will be missed!

    Thank you


  147. I will certainly miss your blogs! I discovered your blog about 3 years ago, and I was instantly hooked. Since then, I have read numerous books about the creation of the parks and am excited to continue learning more! Even though I have visited Disney hundreds of times, you helped me to notice the wonderful details that the Imagineers have created. I’m hoping to buy your book!

  148. Jack- What a Monday surprise! Not a happy one for all of your readers! My family has enjoyed each and every one of your articles. I am sure you will be missed by the Allears team -you are leaving a big spot to fill. Take care and enjoy your new home and hopefully you can find time for guest articles :0)!

  149. Jack, thank you for bringing a little piece of the “World” to me every Monday morning. Your delivery was always free of the cynicism and snarkiness that I sometimes find in other Disney blogs. I always appreciated your realistic but optimistic point of view.

    All the best to you! Enjoy the next chapter in your life.

  150. Jack,

    I feel that sometimes family and friends just can not get far enough away from me, whenever I start to wax on, about the history/facts about an attraction, lamp post, bench, trash receptacle, landscaping etc. I/We owe you our thanks. Thank you, for your knowledge on a multitude of subjects, that you shared with all of us. Walt Disney World is different……When we stop and smell the roses.

    Thank You.

  151. Your absence will create a large gaping hole – I soooo looked forward to what magic your blog would hold. The time spent on each blog is much appreciated – it showed through time and again. I wish you the best on your next adventure. I only get to visit the World about once a year but I’ll look for you and share a friendly “Hi Folks.” Have a Magical Day.

  152. Hi Jack, I have to say I only found your blog last year, and I enjoy reading it, and have learned so much and always looked forward to the next post. Guess I will have to go back into the archives now. I understand it does take a huge commitment and I personally appreciated everything you taught me about Disney. Good luck in your future endeavors!

  153. I have never written a comment on your blog before today. I too, like so many, am saddened to read of your departure. You cheered up my Mondays at work with such wonderful articles. I would then share the information, pictures, videos and quizzes with my wife and children. You are one of our family celebrities. I can think of no other Disney resource with such detail. Thank you for your excellence all these years. You will be missed in our household. May God bless you.

  154. Thank you Jack for countless Mondays started right with a cup of coffee and ‘The World According to Jack’

    All good things must come to an end and I wish you the best. You’ve created an amazing library of informative and educational blogs that will live on for decades.

    What would Walt Say? He’d say “well done Jack!”

  155. Hi Jack,
    Your blogs are always a home-run, no matter the number of comments. I will miss them. I love the little details that make Disney great and you did an excellent job writing about them.
    Best to you and thank you.

  156. Thanks Jack for everything you have done for the community! Immensely enjoyable and educational — totally understand — sometimes it’s time to do something else… Hopefully we will run into each other in parks and I can express my gratitude in person (or buy you a mickey bar!) take care and happy trails!!

  157. Hi Jack,
    It’s a bit sad to think we (your fans) won’t be getting a weekly Disney fix from you anymore but on behalf of all your followers, I just want to sincerely thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to the details which has resulted in a wealth of articles that we can look back on and relive the Magic with for years to come.
    Personally, I would also love it if you got around to a book one day, but I wish you the best in whatever endeavors your new free time will allow. If our paths should ever cross at The World, I’d love to shake your hand and thank you for making my Mondays a bit magical.
    Best wishes!

  158. Dear Jack,
    Thank you for sharing your love and knowledge of Disney all these years. Your insight and attention to detail in your blogs have enhanced (and once actually inspired) our family trips to Walt Disney World. I understand and support your reasons for retiring from your weekly blog and I join those who are hopeful that you will write an occasional Guest Blog for All Ears. Thank you for teaching us to “stop and smell the roses” and best wishes to you for the future.

  159. Dear Jack,

    Well I for one am very disappointed in you. I never thought that you would let down your thousands of readers in such a manner.

    You have conditioned us to start our weeks with a blog from Jack Spence. Now you have shattered our worlds…and for that it will take time to forgive..

    As Walt said “Disneyland will never be finished”

    are you?

    fondly Ernie Demos

  160. Well if the number of comments left today don’t tell what a success your blogs have been I don’t know what will. I have also enjoyed reading your blogs each Monday and you have always been so kind to respond to any comments or questions I or others have had. Although I don’t get to visit Disney World as often as I would like all the information you have shared has made each trip that much more enjoyable. I wish you the best and hope to run into you someday at the one of the parks.


  161. Your past entries will still be a great resource for years to come… I know life can be a balancing act, and you alone can tell when things are out of whack. Take time for yourself and enjoy the recharge! Thank you for the time you spent sharing with everyone of us Disney nuts!

  162. Cheers, Jack! I’ve gotten so much enjoyment from your blogs over the past few years. I can’t imagine what goes into creating them. As someone who creates a blog on my own, I know how much time and effort it takes. I also understand how getting comments is the best reward. Good luck with everything.

  163. Dear Jack,

    You have long been my favorite AllEars blogger. I’m sad to see you go, but I get why you might need to! Hopefully we’ll see you again with a guest post from time to time. Thanks for the magical memories!

  164. I am genuinely extremely sorry to see you leave the site Jack.
    Thank you so much for all of your hard work over the years, rest assured it has been extremely appreciated.
    I actually revisited some of your older blogs a few weeks ago in preparation for my first trip to Disneyland.
    Judging on the above comments a lot of us will aim to live up to your ethos when we visit the parks in future.
    I hope to see you someday while smelling the roses.
    Wishing you all the very best.

  165. Jack,
    I have read your blog for about 2 years now, but have never commented until today. I now wish I had commented before, if only to send the message that to your fans, every single one of your posts was a homerun!
    We all love hearing your unique perspective on Disney: history, trivia, details, and your personal experience working in the parks.
    Thank you for your time, dedication, and enthusiasm – your column will be greatly missed.
    Best of luck in your future endeavors!

  166. Jack, first of all, thank you: I have loved reading your column for several years (in fact, at one point I went back and read all your old articles, starting with the very first one, just to be able to say I’ve read them all!).

    I completely understand how you may have become weary of having to meet a deadline every Monday, and how balancing that with your other commitments can be difficult, but, may I suggest that you simply write an article when the mood suits you and time allows? I imagine you will still visit the parks, and although you may not think so now, ideas for new articles will undoubtedly come to mind, and if they do, everyone here will surely love to read them — even if they are sporadic instead of on a fixed schedule.

    I sincerely hope to keep reading you still for many years to come, but in case this is farewell, I wanted to convey my appreciation for your (very Disney-esque!) attention to detail and your passion for your subject. You always were my “Disney fix” in between trips, and I will miss you greatly. Best wishes, my friend! 🙂

  167. Jack, I am so sorry to see you go! You have brought a little Disney magic to me every week for years now and I thank you. Good luck in all your future endeavors — you will be be missed!

  168. Well, this is bad news on this Monday! Ya know the funny is….last week in reading your detailed blogs about landscaping….I thought to myself, ” this blog must take a lot of time to research and write out etc.”
    I guess the obvious question is, could you do a much shorter one? That would cost you much less time?!!!
    If your answer is-no…..thanks so much for all your hard work and info over the yrs. You will be terribly missed 🙁

  169. Because of you I look at the Details of the World. I’ve always LOVED Disney World. However, you opened my eyes to see a whold new World. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You.

  170. Jack,

    I will miss your blogs. There are lots of Disney World blogs out there, but very few actually take you to the parks at the lunch break and you forget that you are at work. You have a wonderful talent to achieve that feeling every time. I will miss reading your blogs. Good luck to you.

  171. I have always loved reading your blogs and am sorry to see you go….but I completely understand your reasons! For everything there is a season! 🙂 To infinity and beyond, Jack!

  172. We will MISS you GREATLY. I always look forward to your wonderful articles on the World.

    Good luck to you in your future endeavors!!!

  173. I, too, will miss your blogs. I don’t think I ever responded to any, but I surely enjoyed them and learned a lot from them. Thanks, Jack! May God bless you as you move on.

  174. Heya Jack,

    Your blogs are awesome. I am hoping that this turns out to be a hiatus instead of permanent. Thanks for everything.

  175. Jack,

    Thank you for making my Monday morning a little Magical each and every week. I appreciate every word you’ve written, picture you’ve shared, and video you’ve put together.

    I hope I get the chance to say Thank You in person soon.

  176. Jack, the best to you in the future.
    Hope you get to enjoy the new house, and everything you do.

    Thank you for the pleasure of all your contributions to Allears.
    Your blogs have been an invaluable resource for me, planning trips for my family.
    Even though we were not able to make our annual trip to WDW this year,
    you kept me feeling like I was there.
    (Our family trips started in 2007, when I discovered Allears – and my favorite contributor to read – JACK !)

    You will be missed, obviously not just by me, but so many.
    Thank you for the opportunity to say so.


  177. Thank you for eight wonderful years, Jack! I understand your decision, and it’s sad to see you go. I appreciate all of the work and time you put into the blog. You made a difference. THANK YOU!

  178. I’m so sorry to see you go, but I understand. I have thoroughly enjoyed your blogs and I have now stopped to smell the roses on my Disney trips. Every week, I always looked forward to reading your posts and I appreciate all the hard work and detail you put into each every one.

    Thank you so much for all you’ve done (written)!! It has truly been a pleasure!!

    Good Luck ~

  179. Jack, what could I say that everyone else hasn’t said already? You know how loved your articles are, and it’s always impressed me how you take time to write a personal note after receiving a comment post. You have been a huge help to me personally.

    I will continue to read your articles that I haven’t discovered yet, and I will re-read the ones I have.

    Thank you for all you’ve done and I wish you the best!

  180. Best of luck to you, Jack! I’ve enjoyed your blogs and will miss your entries. But there comes a time in ones life when a change is needed! Enjoy life!

  181. Jack,

    As I settle in to work, check my e-mails, complete some tasks, I look forward to my All Ears break with Jack.

    I was shocked to see your post this morning, even if I understand it.

    I will miss your excellent articles. Your posts were educational, funny and personal. I saw Disney through your eyes, and they are very good eyes to see through.

    Maybe I’ll start at the beginning and go through all your blog posts.

    Good luck, but mostly, Thank you!

  182. Jack,
    Thank you for your amazing efforts over the past eight years. I will miss reading your blog immensely. I was hoping you might cover more of the Fantasy Land expansion and even a blog (though biased) of a Disneyland vs. Disney World rematch. I hope your archive remains on AllEars and that you might reconsider and offer your thoughts on a quarterly basis. A little T”W”AtJ is better and no T”W”AtJ at all.
    Again; thank you, sir, and take care.

  183. Jack, thank you so much for sharing your love of Disney with all of us for so long. I will truly miss all your blogs, you have become like an old friend. Take care and have a wonderful retirement!

  184. Dear Jack,
    I will echo most of the sentiments expressed in all the other posts. You will be incredibly missed. I was lucky enough to meet you at the Epcot meet and greet March 2012 and you were just as wonderful in person! Thank you for all your hard work over the years, it was always appreciated.
    Where ever life takes you, we all wish you well, with generous sprinklings of pixie dust on all you do!!

  185. You will be missed. I hope to see you in the parks someday so I can thank you in person for all of the wonderful blogs you have written. Good Luck to you!

  186. First Mike and now you!! AllEars will not be the same. But I do understand burnout.

    Thanks for all the wonderful things you have written about and may God Bless you in any future endeavors that you might take.


  187. Every Monday morning I log into Allears and go directly to the “Where in the World” blog and “the world according” blog. These are my weekly disney fixes! First of all, thank you Jack for taking the time and sharing all the good and sometimes bad. These blogs have made me an expert planner and has increased my knowledge of the world (which I love to share). Second,you will be truley missed by everyone! Third, I hope to see you one day around the world. I will gladly stop and say Hi and buy you a cold drink! Take care and good luck in your future endeavours. Hopefully we can see a guest blog from you and special occasions!

  188. Hi Jack! This news makes me sad, but I understand. Life gets busy, and it’s often difficult to balance the day to day, especially if there’s other things we want to dedicate our time to. As a mom of 4, who works part time, I totally get that.

    If I see you in the parks or lounging at a resort, I will definitely say hi. I have enjoyed your blogs and your wealth of information, and you will be missed.

    Thank you for teaching me to slow down and smell the roses. This has allowed me to enjoy Disney so much more…

  189. I understand your decision and I support it.

    DON”T GO!

    OK I said it. I feel better now. I don’t know how I will fill the little spot of happiness you filled every week but I am sure I will get by.

    Thank you very much. It has truly been a pleasure to read your blogs!

  190. Oh, man. I truly hope you’re crying wolf again – so many changes are coming and you’re by far my favorite source when it comes to exploring these new facets.

    Regardless, burnout is no good for anyone and I wish you the best in whatever you choose. Hopefully I spot you whenever I make it to The World next.

  191. Hi Jack,

    Best of luck on the next chapter of your life. As one chapter ends a new one begins.

    I am truly sad to see you leave as I so looked forward to reading your blog every Monday morning. I have learned so many interesting facts from your blogs.

    Thank you for the last eight years!! And thank you for reminding us all to stop and take a moment to enjoy your surroundings when visiting Walt Disney World. Enjoy your next chapter.

  192. Sniff Sniff, 🙁 You will indeed be missed.
    I looked forward to your blogs, love how much you love all things Disney. Hope to run into your one day there.

  193. I’ve enjoyed your blog so very much! The great information about the details in the parks has really enhanced my visits and my time between visits. I look forward to re-reading them.

  194. Jack-
    I am one of the many who saw your blogs as a way to lessen the pain of Mondays by starting my week with a little magic. I truly appreciated the depth you went into, and your passion for all things Disney. You will be greatly missed, but I wish you well in whatever the future brings. God Bless.

  195. I am happy for you but sad to see you go. I have always enjoyed whatever you shared as well as how you presented it. You have been a terrific resource on Disney information and your blogs have been the BEST! You present things in a way that is uniquely you and I will miss that. I have discovered new restaurants and things to do because of the time and energy you put into your blog. Thank you!

  196. Best wishes to you! You will be dearly missed! Your blogs made my Monday mornings a little brighter and I always thoroughly enjoyed them. Thank you for all of your hard work over the years!

  197. So very, very sorry to see you go. 🙁 I’ve loved reading your column; it really built the excitement for us in our trips. When we finally were able (after a long hiatus) to plan our WDW trip last year, I went back and binge read all of them. Made my husband read them, too. They brought so much enjoyment to the process, and once we were at the parks, we kept noticing things, poking each other and saying, “Hey, remember that??”

    I daresay we won’t be going back for a while again (sigh), but that experience will never go away. You made our trip even more wonderful, and we’ve never even met you. 🙂 Thank you.

    Sincere best wishes in all you do from here.

  198. Thanks for all of the years of good reading.

    I know that information I picked up from your website has let to a more full experience, and interesting conversations in my family’s visits to the parks.

  199. I want to thank you on all your blogs I was glad to me you once at DTD for a meet and greet. always enjoy your writing, your fun way to look at WDW and all Disney. Yes I have slow down look up look down and I stop to smell the roses. thanks Jack, to we meet again

  200. “Walt Disney World is a giant present. Unwrap it slowly and savor every part of it.” So true and I thank you for helping people notice all those wonderful details that Disney offers. Enjoy your break from this whether permanent or temporary. Even if you don’t come back here I know your knowledge and talent will shine on somewhere else. Thank you!!

  201. I love reading your blog and I just want to say thanks for all the great stories and information. My favorite is “The History of Dinoland U.S.A and Restaurantosaurus”. I’ve always gotten a kick out is this side of Animal Kingdom, and after reading the history, I enjoyed it even more when I went recently. I also liked sounding like a Disney guru when I told my family what you “dug up” about the place 🙂
    Thanks again, and may the road rise to meet you wherever you go!

  202. Jack,

    I have taken my son to “the World” every year for the past 5 years and EVERY year I use your articles to plan our trips. Not only are you a very talented writer but you help us see “the World” through your eyes. Also, knowing there is another adult that loves Disney as much as me makes me feel better about being 36 and walking around the parks with Mickey ears on my head 🙂 best of luck to you on your future endeavors and you will most assuredly be missed. With all of our love, goodbye.

  203. This is a very sad day…i don’t know what I’m going to do without a Jack blog…i’ll be one searching through the archives. thank you so very much for all of the time you gave to this; it was an amazing run. Good luck in whatever the future holds for you…You are going to be missed.

  204. Just a short word of thanks Jack. Since I started reading you blogs many years ago my visits to WDW have been greatly enhanced. I have been able to enjoy the details that are so easily overlooked and have been able to share your insights and tips with my family and friends who in turn have seen things that they would never have discovered on their own.

    I wish you well for the future and hope that at some point you may find the time to pop back with perhaps a ‘guest’ blog or two.

    P.S. Ever thought of collating your blogs into a book? You include more details, photos and insight than pretty much all of the WDW books I’ve ever read.

  205. Hey Jack
    It is truly sad to see you go. It has been an honor and a privilage to read your blogs each week and all I have to say is thank you. I have learned so much from them and you have always been an inspiration to me. Good luck with your future endeavors. Thanks to you I will always take the time to stop and smell the roses. Thank you once again for all of your hard work and as always wherever it may be, keep up the great work.

  206. Good for you! Sad for all of us. Your blogs are/were one of my daily checks for things disney. Your blogs always gave great insight and info; our last trip had us looking at/into all sorts of things we would have missed otherwise. Best wishes in all your future endevours, and hope that we run into you on a future trip, to thank you personally. Cheers!

  207. You’re the best….we will all miss your blogs, but as you said, you have covered just about everything and I enjoyed reading them all. All the best in whatever you do. God Bless.

  208. Best of luck. You’ll be missed. Your blogs are always interesting, and informative. Perhaps a guest blog every now and then?

  209. Our family is really sad to see you go. We have truly enjoyed your columns over the years. You have always made us smile and helped us to find new treasures in our favorite place. Thank you for sharing 8 years with us.

  210. Jack,
    It has been a pleasure to read your blogs, and I am sad to see you go. I have often wondered the amount of time it must take to research and write such woderfully detailed blogs about the most magical place on Earth. Your Monday morning postings always made Mondays…well, not seem like Mondays. Glad to hear your blogs will remain so we can visit them from time to time, if for nothing else, to allow us to escape to WDW between visits. Best wishes!

  211. Your posts will truly be missed. They were like receiving care packages of Pixie Dust via the internet. Thank you for all the hard work you have done. I sincerely hope to run into you the next time I visit WDW, I would like to thank you in person for all the joy you have given my family and me. Best wishes.

  212. you sir shall be missed. Thank you for all your informative works. It was a privilege to meet you in the rose garden.

  213. Jack,
    I really enjoy reading your articles. The work you put into them really shows. They are interesting to read and very informative. They help me decide how I spend my vacation by providing details on resorts, places to eat and things to look for while at Disney. Disney’s attention to detail is superb and the finer points you show us in your blog are priceless. I also encourage you to write a book. You have a wealth of knowledge to share and I think it is appreciated more than you realize. Even if you feel you must get away from the rigors of weekly blogs an occasional entry in the guest blog will be enjoyed by many.

    And as Mickey says – see ya real soon.

  214. Thank you for all the work you have done and time you have dedicated. I can honestly say that sone of your blogs have sparked me to take a deeper look while at the parks, so kudoos to you. My favorites were any blogs on history. I wish you good luck on any future endeavors and secretly hope that one of them is a book I will be able to buy on Amazon one day.

  215. So sorry to see you go – I’ll keep my fingers crossed for guest blogs every once in awhile! Especially if you decorate more rooms in your house ala Disney. Enjoy your time!

  216. WHAT!?!?!?!

    I have so enjoyed your insights and taste of “home”. I literally saw the world through your visits. Peace to you and yours and thanks for the work.

  217. I wish you the best of luck! That being said, I will very much miss your blogs. I would always scroll down to see if you had posted a new one before I read any of the others.

  218. So sad to see you go, but your legacy remains with All Ears, and we can only be enormously grateful for all the time you gave us in writing so many wonderful articles!!! Good luck on your future endeavors, I hope to see you at the parks sometime!

  219. Jack, I have loved reading your posts every week and it is something I will miss dearly. You have a way of making your reader fall in love with Disney over and over again, and that’s a gift. I appreciate your depth of research in your posts and haven’t found the equal anywhere I’ve looked. I have hoped for a long time to someday get to meet you (but tragically my trips to Disney have been few over the last 4 years). I wish you all the best in your endeavors.

  220. Good Luck on whatever your future holds for you. You will be missed greatly. I always looked forward to your articles every week. Thank you for all of your insight on Walt Disney World!

  221. Good luck on your other endeavors. I always enjoy your blogs and hope that you will write the book or books and that All Ears will feature them.

  222. I am so sad! I so much look forward to your Monday posts; it’s a tradition I’ve come to count on to help me start each new week. I sure hope you’ll pop up as a guest blogger! Thanks for all you’ve done, Jack!

  223. Hi Jack,
    We are all going to miss you Jack. Your blogs were always so interesting. Take care and when I get back to WDW I hope I meet you once again. Your PA friend.

  224. Oh no what will I read on Monday morning 🙁 Thank you so much for all your brilliant articles I have learned so much over the years. I was lucky enough to meet you at a meet and greet last February, it was the highlite of my trip. My best to you always. P.S. Please write that book

  225. Jack,

    I found your blog 8 years ago when my wife and I were getting ready to take our two girls (now we have 4 girls) to WDW for the first time. I have been reading it ever since, and impressing others with my knowledge. I have always looked forward to every Monday morning. Thanks so much and best of luck. Perhaps you can do the occasional guest blog spot.

  226. I love reading your weekly blogs! I am going to miss your insights into the magic of Disney. I hope if you ever get the urge to write again that you will share more of your knowledge with us!!

  227. Jack, I want to wish you the best and even though I hate to read this I can certainly understand your decision. Ever since I found your blog several years ago it has been my Monday ritual to read it as soon as it was posted, kind of made Monday not such a Monday. Your weekly contributions will be greatly missed! Thank you again for all your hard work, dedication, and information you have shared with all of us!

  228. So is this your final post?

    I am sad to see you go, your blogs were so well detailed and professional in terms of both photography and writing.

    In fact, in reading your blogs I have had ideas for quizzes and other thinks that should be looked into.

    But alas, I am not you.

    I, and I hope that everyone else does, respect your decision to cease blogging and hope you enjoy your new adventures.

    Thank for all your work.

  229. You’ll be missed. Your blogs have been my favorite reads on this site. I’m hoping you’ll possibly do some guest spot blogs? Thanks for enriching my Disney knowledge.

  230. Jack, we will be very sorry to see you go. You will be missed. Your blog and its entries have been a huge enjoyment. Your message of looking at the details hasn’t been lost. I hope as someone else mentioned you’ll write a book. We’d certainly buy it.
    We’ll keep our eyes open for you when we visit the parks.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and love of Disney with everyone.

  231. I’m in tears, I’m love reading your articles, you have given us so many facts and interesting tidbits about everything Disney. I always have look forward to reading your blogs each week. I had the pleasure of meeting you a few years ago on one of my families yearly trips to the “World”. Hope I see you again, thanks again, Denise Finkle